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Scrum master also (2)-slave master

As Uncle Bob mentioned above, he said that the scrum master has become a 'Project Manager'. I prefer to call it a scrum manager, at least with scrum. What is the difference between a scrum master and a project manager? when talkin

CentOS system Amoeba+mysql Master-Slave read/write separation configuration suitable for novice dummies tutorial! -----for reference only!

long lesson.Close Amoeba:#/usr/local/amoeba/bin/shutdownBackground boot and save the output log to/var/log/amoeba.log#/usr/local/amoeba/bin/launcher >/var/log/amoeba.log 2>1 Eight, landing test:1, because there is no MySQL installed on the 30 machine, so find a machine equipped with MySQL to testmysql-uamoeba-p123456-h192.168.0.251-p8066//Specifies that the port-p is uppercase, not = same as other. Be sure to pay attention to casing 2. Successful landing, please test freely.Test method: (1) Am

How to recruit a good scrum Master (reprint)

How to identify a good scrum master is a problem for many people. Here I have the privilege to share with you an article by Uncle Mike that helps you identify who is a good scrum Master. In an interview, it's not just a checklist to identify what the candidate needs to know and what to do, so it's not a simple job to i

Learning notes: How to become a good scrum master

Let's take a look at the basic flow of agile development: Seeing an article about the difference between good master and effective master, the article mentions that good master is not necessarily a valid master, and that effective master requires higher requirements. Here

What kind of scrum Master do you want to recruit?

Have you ever noticed any recent ads to recruit Scrum master? Some recruitment advertisements make PMP certification a necessary condition for applying, and some recruitment conditions indicate that if you can complete a project within a specified amount of time or meet the needs of a particular customer, you can provide additional bonuses. Some recruitment conditions require candidates to complete the enti

Who is suitable for scrum master?

Author: Chen Yong Source: I have encountered this problem when many enterprises are agile. Because the scrum master is a product of Western culture, it is difficult to find a person in China who is very suitable for this position, it is also difficult to give a unified answer. However, these enterprises have their own solutions. These methods and advantages and disadvantages incl

What does a scrum master do?

The original issue is from: Furthermore, here is a test for a scrum master: you can check the documentation to identify whether you are a good scrum master or not. Bytes -------------

Can a traditional project manager serve as a scrum master?

psychologically prepared, but the organization may not be ready to accept such an agile environment. In addition, it depends on the readiness of the team. The team has been working in the traditional waterfall for the past 10-20 years, can they switch to the agile way of scrum all of a sudden?The project manager must have an open mind and accept the fact that "change is unavoidable" and adapt to change. The project manager must also learn to let go a

Scrum Master and data management

Scrum Master If you only measure data from a single or surface , assess the status of Team agile execution , tend to import teams less efficiently , less quality on the road. " Data Management ", This sounds tall on the noun , however as long as the execution of a slight careless , is often a blow to team morale and product development efficiency and quality. For example Span style= "Color:black"

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