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How to determine whether the team actually implements scrum-question 20 of the scrum method (I) scrum users strongly recommend

individuals. Of course, this may be a tough issue for your software organization, and I don't have a good solution. For software organizations, I suggest you focus your attention on the software you produce, the real development features, and the ability of software organizations to improve benchmarks and market value. At the project level, I suggest you simplify the complete personal check process into three questions: how can you help increase the

Scrum in five minutes-Workshop on lean and agility

product owner manages the inventory of the product (that is, the demand inventory, which is described later), that is, a list of tasks to be completed. The task list is based on the more favorable principles. The document is visible to everyone in the Organization, so that everyone can feel what the product will look like in the future.The product owner is usually a customer, but it can also be a part of an internal

PMP talk--Project organization, matrix organization, functional organization, compound organization

(1) The advantages and disadvantages of the Project organization : excellent: Project manager power, lack: the dissolution of anxiety, no promotion of power, not conducive to the accumulation of professional technology, equipment duplication, it is difficult to ensure the full use of resources.(2) The advantages and disadvantages of matrix organization : Excellent: High resource utilization, horizontal info

Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entry

The scrum framework for the basic series of Scrum basics 3 replies.Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entryPeople who have read a few scrum books must be able to very familiar the scrum framework, such as 3 roles for Scrum

Scrum process and terminology

to a single project to the entire organization. Scrum can control and organize multiple related product development and project implementation processes with more than 1 thousand developers and executors. Scrum can make every participant satisfied with their work and contributions, and make them feel that their work has reached the best level. Any hu

Three roles of the scrum team

The scrum team includes three roles, namely the product owner, the development team, and the scrum Master.The Scrum team is a self-organizing, cross-functional, complete team. Self-organizing teams decide how best to complete their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team.Cross-functional teams have all the skills they need to get the job done,

Agile development-Scrum practice

management should build a good environment for the scrum team to ensure that the team can do well and, if necessary, they will reorganize the structure and guiding principles with the scrum master. Customer: customers, system users, and operators The customer is the person who puts forward product requirements for the scrum team. She signs a contract with the

Scrum origins in the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum origins in the basic series of Scrum basics 5 replies.Scrum origins in the basic series of scrum entrySpeaking of scrum, we have to mention the father of scrum, –jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber,jeff, who created the scrum f

Scrum artifacts for the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum entry for the basic series scrum artifacts 3 repliesThe scrum artifacts consist of 3 main types: Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Product Increment Product BacklogIn scrum, the product backlog is organized and maintained primarily by the product owner [see the

Agile Software Development-Scrum

The SCRUM method was proposed by Ken schwaber and Jeff Sutherland to seek development methods that give full play to object-oriented and component technologies. It is an improvement to iterative object-oriented methods, the name is from rugby (in the game, each player should always make a global judgment on the field, and then strive to achieve the same goal through collective action-victory ). The SCRUM me

Agile development scrum from management perspective

Zicheng Every time we look at agile development, scrum is from a technical perspective. Today we try to look at this issue from a management perspective. Scrum Scrum has become the most influential software development process in recent years. From the Forrester Survey Report on Agile models, we can see some of the slave end, and Microsoft has also released a mor

Scrum Conference for the basic series of scrum entry

Scrum session 3 reply to the Scrum Basics seriesScrum meetings include sprint scheduling, daily meetings, sprint review sessions, and Sprint retrospectives. These sessions are described in the following sections, which are described in a simple template:Why, "what" when, "who", "how", that is, why this meeting, the input and output of this meeting, what time to open this meeting, who will attend, how to ope

SCRUM method)

I saw a book Agile Project Management with scrum these days, and I found some related information on the Internet. The SCRUM method is as follows: By KenSchwaber and Jeff SutherlandThe aim is to seek to give full play to the development methods of object-oriented and component technologies, which is to improve iterative object-oriented methods, the name is from rugby (in the competition, every player should

Scrum Practice in Project Management)

functionality is produces first and builtUpon. The team is responsible for developing functionality. Teams areSelf-managing, self-organizing, and cross-functional, and they areResponsible for figuring out how to return Product Backlog intoIncrement of functionality within an iteration and managing their ownWork to do so. Problem Statement Without doubt, Scrum is one of most popular agile methodologies now.It, however, is not easy to apply it to proje

What is scrum?

conflicts of interests and needs. Scrum is a way to improve communication and optimize cooperation. Scrum is a way to detect and remove barriers in product development and production. Scrum is a way to maximize productivity. Scrum applies to a single project to the entire

Three scrum Ceremonies: Sprint planning, sprint review, and scrum daily site

Scrum has three ceremonies: Sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, and scrum daily meetings Sprint Planning Meeting (sprint planning meeting) Prepare for the start of the sprint based on the product or project plan developed by the product owner. The product owner can be a customer or customer representative or agent. For product companies, the customer is the market, and the product owner plays

Scrum Development Process

) How was the progress of yesterday's work.2) Have you encountered any difficulties or obstacles.3) Today's work plan.After the meeting, the scrum master will focus on removing obstacles, and the team members will carry out the development on that day.L sprint review meeting. After the review, employees are encouraged based on their work scores.3.2.3 practical effects and development direction of the scrum

Scrum Learning Notes

1. OverviewScrum is a development framework for cross-functional teams to develop products or projects in an iterative, incremental way .It organizes development into a work cycle known as Sprint. Each of these iterations is not more than 4 weeks (the most common is two weeks), and is not intermittent in succession. Sprints are limited by the time box, and they end on a specific date and never extend, regardless of whether the work is completed or not. The duration of a sprint is usually select

Why is it difficult to implement pure scrum in China (II)-Scrum and Architecture Design

Why is it difficult to implement pure scrum in China-Scrum and Architecture Design @ Wu Qiong Adam (After the first release, some people said they did not like this method in both Chinese and English. I personally think this method is the most helpful way for everyone to understand the original scrum. Therefore, I will stick to this method, if you do not l

Agile Software Development Model scrum Handouts

ArticleDirectory Preface 1. What is agile development? Ii. Scrum Preface I have heard more or less about agile development models, including books or training related to them. Since the company is now using a scrum development process-agile development, so I want to learn and research, I also strive to make the text easy to understand, it does not make everyone tired of attending meeting

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