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Sometimes the idle boredom will ask oneself a question, if from now on, the internet already does not exist ... I dare not think, because at that time everyone's world is gray, I believe that this is the majority of the voice of the people, and now

JDBC 4.0 enhancements in Java SE 6

Java platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) version 6 (code name Mustang) is now available in the second beta version and is planned to be delivered in May. Java SE 6 includes several Java database connectivity (JDBC) APIs . These enhancements will be

Enhanced JDBC 4.0 in Java SE 6

Abstract: Java SE 6 includes some enhancements to Java Database Interconnection (JDBC) APIs. The versions of these enhancements will be set to JDBC version 4.0. The purpose of the new JDBC features is to provide a simpler design and a better

Java SE 8: Standard library Enhancements

Lambda expressions are a core feature of Java SE 8, and most of the improvements are spread around lambda expressions. (The jigsaw project has been postponed to Java SE 9.) The contents of the lambda expression are described in the previous article.

Evolution of Java I/O models and java Evolution

Evolution of Java I/O models and java Evolution What is synchronization? What is asynchronous? What is the difference between blocking and non-blocking? This article first introduces five common I/O models from the Unix I/O model. Then we will

Java SE 6.0 new feature Experience

Mustang (also known as Java SE 6) is now entering its second Test phase. The author of this article will discuss with you further the many new features provided in this new release (from console I/O and access control methods to system tray APIs and

JDK (SE, EE, ME) + JRE + (PATH + java_home + class_path) installation configuration in detail "original"

I am a Java introduction has a period of time programmer, but as a training institutions out, inevitably a lot of things only know the picture gourd, in fact, the real JDK is what has not been studied. Just know that we have installed to do Java

JDK (SE, EE, ME) + JRE + (PATH + JAVA_HOME + CLASS_PATH) Installation configuration explanation [original], jreclass_path

JDK (SE, EE, ME) + JRE + (PATH + JAVA_HOME + CLASS_PATH) Installation configuration explanation [original], jreclass_path I have been a Java programmer for a while, but as a training institution, it is inevitable that many things only know how to

The first important update of Java SE after December

  Java 7 was available for download in July 28, the first release of the Java platform after Oracle acquired Sun. This version contains several language changes, although small but popular, as well as new file APIs and the Fork/Join framework, and

I/O completion Ports

I/O completion PortsI/O completion ports provide an efficient threading model for processing multiple asynchronous I/O requests on a multiproc Essor system.When a process creates an I/O completion port, the system creates an associated queue object

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