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Seagate Official free disk Backup tool instead of ghost? Everyone download Test _ Common Tools

Seagate, the world's largest manufacturer of hard drives, recently updated its disk management software, which is corresponding to disk Wizard of the Seagate hard Drive and the MaxBlast 5 of the corresponding hard drive. In fact, they are all OEM versions of True image developed by Acronis. Whether it's a true Image, Disk Wizard or MaxBlast 5, they are a very powerful disk management and

Fast backup of VMware virtual machines

Advanced configuration, click "Next", then go to the "Confirm Configuration" interface, in this interface, mainly to the previous three-step settings in the content information to confirm and set the task name:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_356965100.png "title=" 7.png "style=" Float:none; alt= "Wkiom1f8p5nqys0iaafqeripkt8995.png-wh_50"/>6. After confirming the configuration and setting the task name, c

Photo lookup, sorting, backup, Jinshan fast disk one key to get it done

I believe many people have encountered such a scenario: too many photos, no clue. Indeed, as work, life, learning more and more inseparable, to find a long time before the photos have to go through the computer folders, especially the office computer and home computer data is not synchronized, sometimes people at home, the need for photos in the office computer. Especially for people who are fond of photography and travel, photos are many and miscellaneous, and it is time-consuming and laborious

Database backup Recovery--use of fast recovery zones

Tags: IMM open backup Restore SID nbsp Des database Configuration backup file 1. Create a FRA region[Email protected] u01]$ cd/u01[Email protected] u01]$ mkdir FRA[Email protected] u01]$ chown Oracle:dba/u01/fra 2. Login Database Configuration[Email protected] ~]# su-oracle[Email protected] ~]$ export ORACLE_SID=OCP[Email protected] ~]$ Sqlplus/as SYSDBA 3. Configure FRA[Email protected]> alter system set D

Sorting Algorithm (bucket, bubble, fast), Code backup, algorithm bubble

Sorting Algorithm (bucket, bubble, fast), Code backup, algorithm bubble 1/** 2 * @ Description quick sorting, time complexity O {nlgn} 3 * @ date 6:34:49 on January 1, February 21, 2017 4 */5 @ Test 6 public void kuaisu () {7 int [] arr = getData (); 8 quicksort (0, arr. length-1, arr); 9 System. out. println (Arrays. toString (arr); 10} 11 12 public static void quicksort (int left, int right, int [] arr) {

PostgreSQL database backup and recovery (ultra-fast)

command, localhost is to restore to which database address, of course, you can write the IP address, that is to be able to remotely recover (must ensure that the database allows external access to the permission Oh ~); Postgres is the user who is recovering to which database DatabaseName is the database to which to restore. All of the above is for Windows, if it is under Linux, will it work? Still works on Linux. One notable thing is that if you go directly to the PostgreSQL installation dire

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