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Web site How to serve the search engine for search engine service is to serve themselves

There are a lot of webmaster in the process of optimizing the site is very afraid of search engine, feeling search engine is king Lao Tze, all day is hiding far away, beware of search engines. In fact, the search engine is also a part-time job,

Research and Design of Meta Search Engine

Research and Design of Meta Search Engine Institute of Computing Technology Li Summary: This paper briefly introduces the knowledge of meta-search engine, and puts forward a design concept of a meta-search engine system. The

Research and Design of meta-search engine (Institute of computing technology, Li Rui)

Bytes Institute of Computing Technology Li Summary: This paper briefly introduces the knowledge of meta-search engine, and puts forward a design concept of a meta-search engine system. The system uses a feedback mechanism to

Analysis of SEO: Search engine on the site SEO quality criteria

Search engine optimization has always been the webmaster's most enthusiastic topic, and similar related sites are emerging. See this variety of tutorials and the overwhelming Internet. However, each site's optimization has a program of their own,

SEO Practices (3) make the site user-friendly for search engines

The two previous articles in the series mentioned the preparation of SEO data, and how to make the site for search engine friendly, difficult to avoid involves a lot of technical aspects of content. This article can finally enter a slightly lighter

Analysis of Baidu launch site search the real intention

August 16 to August 25, Baidu Webmaster platform launched an activity: 3,000 site search authority to preempt, in fact, the site search function very early on the launch of Google, I remember that Google seems to be unlimited, Baidu also launched

China search quietly online: Vertical search evolved into a shopping guide site

March 1 Chinese search suddenly online, its predecessor is said to be Instant Search and Pangu search element, that is to say, the two search engines have been quietly merged. Similar to the video industry, search engines have ushered in mergers and

The user's aesthetic to create easy to conquer the search engine site

In the eyes of the search engine, what kind of site is a good site? Original content, high-quality outside the chain, good site structure, clear site chain, concise and efficient code and fast response speed, these are undoubtedly search engines in

From five aspects to let search engine spider love your site

If the search engine does not have a good tour of the content of our site, then we even invest in the site of how much energy is naught. The best way to avoid this is to be able to fully plan the structure of our entire site. First, we begin to

Help search engines with site maps

The goal of building a website is to increase visibility and increase user traffic. Search engine optimization is a way to increase web traffic. Another way is to use a site map that allows you to specify which pages a search engine collects or

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