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Two audio recording methods for Android

Two audio recording methods for Android In mobile APP development, every time an APP is designed for multimedia development, many programmers will suffer, and the project development progress will slow down And the APP testing will increase. Multimedia Development in Android

Android uses AudioRecord recording-related and audio file Encapsulation

MediaRecord can be used for recording in Android, which is easy to operate. However, it is not professional enough to Process audio. If you want to process audio in real time or encapsulate the audio You can use AudioRecord for recording. Here is a piece of code.

IPhone audio 101 (Part 2): conversion and recording

-Endian integer 16-bit variant of linear PCM), and iPhone preferred file format (reminder: Core audio file format, that is, CAFF ), you can enter the following command line: Afconvert-D lei16-F 'caff' output_file.caf Note: I didn't point out the extension of this input file, because afconvert can intelligently detect the audio file type and convert it accordingly, the

How to call the recording function and play audio in the WeChat applet

-left: 30rpx; margin-right: 30rpx ;}. sound-style {position: absolute; width: 74rpx; height: 150rpx; margin-top: 45rpx; margin-left: 83rpx ;}. board {overflow: hidden; border-bottom: 2rpx solid # 26A5FF;}/* column layout */. cell {display: flex; margin: 20rpx ;}. cell-hd {margin-left: 10rpx; color: #885A38 ;}. cell. cell-bd {flex: 1; position: relative;}/** show only one row */. date {font-size: 30rpx; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden ;} 3. index. js // Index. js //

OC Development Note 3 frequency acquisition and audio-visual display when recording

memory is 2048*1526*4 bytes, which is equivalent to 12MB of RAM, which needs to be re-erased and redistributed each time the layer is redrawn. Software drawings are expensive, and unless absolutely necessary, you should avoid redrawing your view. The secret to improving your drawing performance is to avoid drawing//vector graphics Cashapelayer Although it is efficient but the number of simultaneous layers on the screen is approximately hundreds of-(v

Android uses audiorecord recording-related and audio file Encapsulation

Mediarecord can be used for recording in Android, which is easy to operate. However, it is not professional enough to Process audio. If you want to process audio in real time or encapsulate the audio You can use audiorecord for recording. Here is a piece of code.

Audio playback after iOS recording is small, audiosessioninitialize Failed,audioqueuestart failed (-50)

Method 1:UInt32 Audioroute = Kaudiosessionoverrideaudioroute_speaker; Audiosessionsetproperty (Kaudiosessionproperty_overrideaudioroute, sizeof (Audioroute), audioroute);Method 2:[[Avaudiosession sharedinstance] Setcategory:avaudiosessioncategoryplayback Error:nil];Solution for Audiosessioninitialize Fail (dispatch_once_t) Solution Audioqueuestart failed (-50) The audiosessioninitialize can be executed multiple times, but Audiosessioninterruptionlistener can only be set once, which m

Android app calls Mediarecorder to implement recording function "Turn"

This article was reproduced from: article mainly describes the Android app call Mediarecorder implementation of the recording function instance, Mediarecorder is very powerful, not only can be used to record audio can also record video, the need for friends can refer to the nextMediarecorderAndroid Mediarecorder contains

How to make a language recording in Ubuntu qml app

) Anchors.horizontalCenter:parent.horizontalCenter (2) (2) Button {Id:record Text: "Record Audio" enabled:!audio.recording onclicked: {Audio. Record (); }} button {Id:stop text: "Stop" onclicked: { Audio.stop (); Player.stop (); }} button {Id:play text: "Play

Android Advanced Audio App

buffer size parameter should be a multiple of the minimum buffer, depending on the specific requirements, sometimes factors such as network latency can also affect the buffer size.You should avoid using an empty buffer at all times, because it can cause playback to fail.The last parameter determines whether to send only one audio data (mode_static) or a continuous send data stream (Mode_stream). The first case involves sending the entire

Read the book "App Store win-win Art: money secret developed by Apple"

Document directory Hero's invention syndrome After receiving the book "App Store wins: money secret developed by Apple" sent by CSDN, we probably read most of the content. There are still many gains.Title The full name of this book is: The quality of the book is not mentioned in paper, it is good, the game cases inside are all printed in color, up to the price of this book. But the book width is a lit

Adds more powerful audio/video processing functions (FFmpeg In Practice) to the app)

For those who do not know about ffmpeg, go to the common basic commands of FFmpeg and read one or two to see if its function can make your app more fun and powerful. It can synthesize audio and video, play audio and video of all types of encoding, intercept a certain segment, and merge multiple images into one video and audio

. Net language APP development platform-Smobiler learning logs: how to upload offline audio files

. Net language APP development platform-Smobiler learning logs: how to upload offline audio files Smobiler is a development platform that uses the. Net language to develop apps in the VS environment. It may be more convenient than Xamarin. 1. Target Style The following operations are required to achieve the effect:1. Drag an OfflineVoiceRecorderButton control from "scycler Components" on the toolbar to the

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