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Windows-> port description and how to enable port closure [print this page]

View the complete version: [-- Port details and how to enable and disable ports --] I went to trustnet-platinum Network Management-Internet-Software Development-> Windows-> port explanation and how to enable port

Common Port Control detailed

Original address: Port: 0Service: ReservedDescription: Typically used to analyze the operating system. This method works because in some systems "0" is an invalid end, you will have different results

Create secure Windows 2003 Server _ security settings

Windows Server 2003 is one of the most common server operating systems. While it provides a powerful network service and is simple to use, its security has been plagued by a number of network administrators, how to take full advantage of the

Server security Settings _ System port Security Configuration _win Server

Third, System port security Configuration Here is a brief introduction to some of the basics of ports, mainly to facilitate our next security configuration to lay the groundwork, if You have a deeper understanding of the port and you can skip this

One key shutdown server dangerous port BAT file Security article [Port Introduction]_win Server

By default, Windows opens many service ports on your computer that hackers often use to implement intrusions, so mastering port knowledge is a necessary skill for safe Internet access. I. Common ports and their classification Computers on the

How to find the opened port and how to close the port

How to find the opened port and how to close the port The computer "Port" is an English port translation, which can be considered as an exit for communication between the computer and the outside world. The ports in the hardware field are also

Establish a secure wu-ftpd Server

Set up a secure wu-ftpd server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In Linux, we can use ftp service programs such as wu-FTP, tftp-server, proftpd, and vsftp to build an FTP

One-click server dangerous port disabling BAT file security [port Introduction]

By default, Windows opens many service ports on your computer. Hackers often use these ports to intrude. Therefore, mastering port knowledge is essential for secure Internet access. I. Common ports and their classification Computers need to use

SQLServer2008 Port and Firewall settings

One, Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 Database settings1. Start the + program =>microsoft SQL Server 2008r2=> Configuration tool =>sql Server Configuration Manager2. SQL Server Network Configuration =>sqlexpress Protocol =>TCP/IP protocol, set to Enabled.

"Go" actual combat SSH Port forwarding

This article turns from:, as for what use, understand understand!Actual Combat SSH Port forwardingThrough the introduction of this article, readers can learn how to apply the SSH

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