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gartner:2015 Siem (Security information and event management) market analysis

July 20, 2015, Gartner released the 2015 annual Siem Market Analysis Report (MQ).650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 11.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1wvngns6n5oaae8wbqprq4610.jpg "/>Compare 2014:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Gartner_siem_2014.png "alt=" Wkiom1oulrgs8jgeaad_xifvuj0205.jpg "/>As you can see, Splunk h

Gartner: FAQs about Siem deployment failure

In August 21, 2014, Gartner released a new Siem Report: Overcoming common causes for Siem deployment failures. The author is Oliver, a newcomer who has just jumped from HP to Gartner. He is currently in a team with Mark niclett. The report provides six common causes for the current Siem deployment failure:The plan is not weekly, the scope is unclear, the expectat

The difference and connection between SIEM, SOC and MSS

SIEM,Soc,Mssthe difference and connection of the threePrefaceSiem and Soc are not a new term in China, but in the domestic security circle after the struggle of ten grieving,Siem has matured, but the SOC is still in a position of a chicken, I think the main reason is that SOC is restricted by domestic system, policy, relevant log standards, application environment and traditional cognition, so it appears in

Understanding and selecting a Siem/lm: Correlation and alerting

Continuing our discussion of core Siem and log management technology, we now move into event correlation. this capability was the Holy Grail that drove most investigation in early Siem products, and probably the security technology creating the most consistent disappointment amongst its users. but ultimately the ability to make sense of the wide variety of data streams, and use them to figure out what is un

Splunk the Gartner SIEM leader Magic Quadrant for four consecutive years

SAN francisco–august 15, 2016– Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational Intelligence, today Announ CED It has been named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Security information and Event Management (SIEM) * for The fourth straight year. Splunk is positioned as has the furthest completeness of vision in the leaders quadrant. Gartner evaluated the Splunk security portfolio, including Splunk Ent

"Open Source safe operation Dimensional plane Ossim best practices"

Architecture and Principle 21.1 Ossim Overview 21.1.1 from SIM to Ossim 31.1.2 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) 41.1.3 Ossim's past Life 51.2 Ossim Architecture and Composition 111.2.1 Relationship of main modules 121.2.2 Security Plug-in (Plugins) 141.2.3 the difference between collection and monitoring plug-ins 151.2.4 Detector (Detector) 181.2.5 Agent (agents) 181.2.6 decoding of alarm formats 191.2.7 Ossim Agent 20The difference b

SANS:2015 Annual safety Analysis and Security Intelligence Research Report

"What is the biggest hurdle in discovering and tracking attacks", the top three factors are: Lack of people and skills/resources Lack of centralized reporting and remediation of control measures Inability to understand and identify normal behavior On the lack of talent, the report says, finding these skill sets in today's marketplace is difficult due-incredibly high demand for top talent th At understands SIEM and correlation, f

FORRESTER:2018 Annual security Analysis Platform Vendor assessment (Forrester Wave)

On September 21, 2018, Forrester formally released a vendor assessment report for the 2018 Security Analytics platform (Platform Wave), an assessment similar to Gartner's MQ.The SAP market segment was presented by Forrester in 2016 and was first given a Forrester Wave assessment in 2017 (see the FORRESTER:2017 Annual Security Analytics Platform Vendor assessment (Forrester Wave)). The definitions for SAP and SA have been explained in the previous article and are not described here.In the 2017 re

Standardization of security incidents

Standardization of security incidentsThe general log system can not do the standardization of the log, and in the Ossim system not only need a unified format, but also to special properties, we look at a few typical fields and descriptions:L ALARM Alarm NameL Event ID Security incident numberL Sensor ID: Number of sensors emitting eventsL Source Ip:src_ip Security event Origin IP addressL Source Port:src_port Security event Origin portL type types are classified into two categories, detector, an

What kind of monitoring tool is the most beloved of the Ops people?

? Where did it go? There are two products available to meet this requirement, currently on the market siem products are mainly hp Arcsight (background hang oracle Library", IBM Security QRadar SIEM and ossim USM siem solution, in open source software ossim to be the best choice. ossim just integrate some open source tools into a si

What kind of monitoring tool is the most beloved of the Ops people?

management, distributed deployment, vulnerability scanning, risk assessment, policy management, real-time traffic monitoring, anomaly traffic analysis, attack detection alarm, correlation analysis, and style= "font-family: ' Arial '; Risk calculation, security incident warning, event aggregation, log collection and analysis, knowledge base, timeline analysis, unified report output, multi-user rights management functions, is this integrated open source tool in the end? Where did it go? There a

SANS:2016 Annual Safety Analysis Research Report

, identity data, database logs, sandbox logs, cloud security logs, Big Data system logs, and more.2. Threat intelligence collection and integrationThe preferred use of Siem to gather intelligence and correlate intelligence with various data. The second is to use their own development system to do.3. Automation of the security analysis processThink that fully automated only 3.6%, almost automatic has 53.7%, there is no automated 22.1%, there are 10.5%

Apache real-time log analysis tool: ARTLAS usage details

Supported output mode Zabbix Version 2.4 and 3.0 Syslog SIEM Telegram Supported Web servers Apache Apache Vhost Nginx Nginx Vhost Installation Cloning engineering git clone dependent libraries Pip Install-r dependencies.txt Python version 2.7.11 (lastet)Install screen sudo apt-get install screen #Debian likeSbopkg-i Screen # Slackware 14.*Yum Install screen # Centos/rhelDNF Install Scree

Mekong River Cruise

Source: Q: We are looking for some choices in a 7 day cruise from Seim Reap to Saigon. not a whole lot of info on the net, so any advice experiences wocould be helpful in our planning. a: Easy. Http:// Thanks, dogster, I did find this cruise line. It seems to me that there shocould be others. Did you travel with this company? A: Yup, I 've been on this three times. once HCMC to

What kind of monitoring tool is the most beloved of the Ops people?

to meet such requirements, currently on the market, Siem products are mainly hp Arcsight (background hanging Oracle Library), IBM Security QRadar Siem and AlienVault Ossim USM, The problem now is that business Siem Solutions are not missing, and Ossim is the best option in open source software.A lot of people just superficial think that Ossim just integrates som

RSA 2012 Series (1) nitrosecurity on situational Awareness

At RSA2012, McAfee, one of the conference's main sponsors, naturally has many opportunities to speak, and they have a statement about situational awareness (SA) that is actually talking about a newly acquired nitrosecurity thing. Their situational perception is basically a sense with Gartner's Si, which is context-aware (contextual awareness). In addition, the new model of risk calculation proposed by nitrosecurity is also worth learning, and it is a set of scoring mechanism in general. Of cour

Large data analysis in the security field

some possible research directions. We made a summary of some of the key points in the report. The development of large data analysis Data-driven information security data can support bank fraud detection and anomaly based intrusion monitoring systems (IDSS). Although for forensics and intrusion detection, analysis of logs, network flows, and system events has been a problem for the information security community for more than more than 10 years, but for several reasons traditional technology

RSA 2012 Series (3) Build SOC best practices sharing

At the RSA2012 conference, there was a technical seminar on the establishment of the SOC (Security Operations Center), the speaker was a former BT man, who is now working in party A. His speech is based on three aspects of the technology, process and organization needed to build a SOC, and focuses on the selection of self-built and outsourced Soc. The outline outlines are as follows: 1 Soc Planning Considerations: A comprehensive review of existing processes, site selection, resource input pla

Latest news: New Trojan viruses steal user information on recruitment websites

A new Trojan Horse virus was found on a foreign online recruitment website. It successfully attacked the recruitment website and obtained a large amount of personal user data. The researchers learned from Symantec and SecureWorks that the new Trojan virus was named infostealer. monstres in an attempt to obtain personal information from the online recruitment website It is not a Trojan of any previous version, but a new variant. It is als

Seven types of business model of cloud computing subdivision

company including's and Coghead. 5. Management Service Provider (MSP) Management services are one of the oldest forms of cloud computing, and management services are an application that is intended for it vendors rather than end users, such as virus scanning services for e-mail or application software monitoring services. The management security services provided by SecureWorks, IBM and Verizon are classified as such, and P

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