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SQL Standard Based hive Authorization (SQL standards-based hive authorization)

Label:Description: This document is translated/collated in Hive Official document Sqlstandardbasedhiveauthorization-objectprivilegecommands.status of

Ladder for SQL Server security Level 1: SQL Server Security overview

Tags: feature inventory connection Vulnerability Tool Explorer benefits Rename ProductsLadder for SQL Server security Level 1: SQL Server Security overviewDon kiely,2014/06/04The seriesThis article is part of the "Stairway series: Steps for SQL

Ladder for SQL Server security Level 1: SQL Server Security overview

Tags: show change useful stage Auth tab ros. SQL descriptionby Don Kiely, 2014/06/04reprinted from: seriesThis article was part of the stairway Series:stairway to SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 Security Overview _mssql

In keeping your servers and data secure from the current complex attacks, SQL Server has everything you need. But before you can effectively use these security features, you need to understand the threats you face and some basic security concepts. Th

Asp. NET Application security Model| Security | Procedures Microsoft Corporation In this section A powerful application relies on the successful interaction of many elements and technologies. The components of each solution provide security features that are designed

Asp. NET application security Scheme (ii)-Authorization| Security | Procedure Summary: This article the concept of application authorization, introduced various authorization modes and compared them, expounded the mechanism of choosing authorization mode. Keywords: licensing authorizatio

Third SQL Server security principals and securable objects

Label:This article is the third of the SQL Server Security series, please refer to the original text for more information. In general, you implement the security of users and objects on SQL Server by assigning the principal permissions to

SQL Server database Security Planning full Introduction

server| Security | introduction | planning | data | database | Database security in the process of improving the security mechanism implemented by the SQL Server 7.0 series, Microsoft has built a flexible and powerful security management mechanism th

Database-Authorization and recovery security

Tags: Database authorization recycle security shareComputer system securityEstablish and implement various security measures for computer system to protect the hardware, software and data in computer system, prevent it from being damaged by

Profiling SQL Server2005 SQLCLR code security

The feed runs within SQL Server 2005. NET Framework code is an exciting thing or a threat? This series of articles will explore the security aspects of such SQLCLR code in a comprehensive way that developers and DBAs can learn from. First, the introd

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