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Information security awareness publicity

Tags: Use strong SP data on work BS learning and living Information security awareness is the concept that information work established in people's minds must be secure, this is a psychological situation in which people are alert and alert to a variety of external conditions that may damage the information itself or the media in which the information is stored. How to enhance information

Safety Awareness Training

As the saying goes, consciousness is important, no matter what you do, consciousness is the key to our failure. Safety awareness, crisis awareness and so on.Security awareness, here refers to the network security awareness, refers to people in the network world, the

Awareness of information security

The consciousness of information security is the idea that the informationization work which is built up in people's mind must be safe, which is a kind of alert and alert psychological state to all kinds of external conditions which may cause harm to the information itself or the medium that the information is located in the informationization work.2 How to enhance the awareness of information

Situation Awareness-Based Network Security Event Prediction Method Analysis

refers to malicious behaviors observed outside the organization. Here we only focus on three types of malicious behaviors:Spam, Phishing, and ScanAction. This part of data mainly comes from the following databases: > SPAM: CBL, SBL, SpamCop, WPBL, and UCEPROTECT;> Phishing: SURBL, PhishTank, and hpHosts;> Scanning: Darknet scanners list, Dshield, and OpenBL;2. Security Event Data Security Event data mainly

Security Situational Awareness: some philosophical considerations

comes.We can always see some people become famous overnight, but must know that it is because of the ten-year work under the Taiwan. A clever hacker will not go out in the spotlight, he will be careful to bide his time, and when you are careless, make a deadly blow. So security personnel must be sensitive to the calm before the storm, since the passive, do not seek victory, demand unbeaten. Security postur

Dark Horse Programmer-Learning Diary (multithreading security issues and deadlock awareness)

------Java Training, Android training, iOS training, and looking forward to communicating with you! -------Reasons for security issues:When multiple code statements operate on the same shared data, one thread executes only a portion of the multiple statements, not finished, and another thread participates in the execut

MySQL Security Policy (MySQL security considerations) and mysql policy considerations

; You can also use triggers for some auxiliary functions, such as preventing malicious data tampering by hackers. 4. Postscript There are many things that data security can do. This article only lists some simple and fast implementation solutions. Every enterprise should have its own security policy specifications, and every participant should be in awe and striv

MySQL security policy (MySQL security considerations) _mysql

application first use the middle account to connect the proxy layer, and then by proxy to connect MySQL, to avoid the application layer directly connected to MySQL; The application tier enables critical logging, such as the transaction log, to facilitate subsequent reconciliation or something. 3. mysql Database layer If the front layers are not safe enough, they are almost at risk on this floor. But we can still do something. Enable the Safe-update option to avoid all table data being modif

Training projects seek cooperation. Data security and rescue training center partners

lost data. It is unknown that when a fault reaches a specific level, even more money will not be able to return to the day. In this case, our data recovery center in North Asia is expected to have gained technical and experience over the past 10 years. Provide a channel for practitioners and enthusiasts in the relevant industry. This is our latest Security Project: a rescue plan! This project is divided into two parts: Part 1: cooperate with

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Android security recommendations

Original address: security policies built into the Android system can effectively reduce the security problems of the application. So the application created by default already contains a certain level of security

How to establish an information security policy

benchmark for the final assessment and validation effort. Conduct strategic evaluations has previously communicated with management and key personnel involved in security policy execution, and this part of the work has been further validated with all stakeholders on the security policy, resulting in a revised, forma

MySQL Security policy →▉ collection and collation ▋

generally a hacker The key research object, very easy to be engaged;In the Web server layer, you can use some security modules, such as Nginx WAF module;In the application layer, security vulnerabilities such as code security auditing, security scanning, preventing XSS attacks, CSRF attacks, SQL injection, file upl

How to establish a mobile security policy on an enterprise notebook computer

protect your laptop, such as when no one is physically locked out to ensure security. The mobile security policy should also include network connection information. For example, employees should know when and where to use Bluetooth or the point-to-point network, and whether these features have been disabled. It should explain to employees the dangers of unencry

Security Policy Checks

Customer has a 3600 route suddenly speed is very slow, check the line, reboot after the discovery of iOS is gone ... Had to use Xmodem to transfer the iOS back up, start normal, and did not find hardware problems. A careful examination of the router's configuration reveals that there are two configuration directives:Snmp-server Community Public ROSnmp-server Community Private RW Ask network administrators, originally they want to use a network tester record equipment working status, the result

IP Security policy learning how to prevent ports from being pinged and closed

[Editor's note: if we find that the network is disconnected on weekdays, we will use the ping command to see what went wrong. However, many hackers are using the ping command to see which computers are suitable for BOTs .]As campus networks become more and more popular, and users have improved their awareness of network knowledge, many people download some hacking tools online or use Ping commands to scan ports and IP addresses to find bots, it has a

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