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Let's Encrypt to the website plus HTTPS full guide Certbot

[Service]Type=oneshot ExecStart=/usr/bin/letsencrypt renew ExecStartPost=/bin/systemctl reload nginx.service Then add a systemd timer to trigger this service:$ sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/letsencrypt.timer[Unit]Description=Monthly renewal of Let‘s Encrypt‘s certificates[Timer]OnCalendar=daily Persistent=true[Install] To enable the service, turn on the timer:$ sudo systemctl enable letsencrypt.service$ sudo systemctl start letsencrypt.timerIn other Linux distributions,

Spring Security Primer (1-3) Spring Security oauth2.0 Guide

EntryThis is the user's Guide to support OAuth2.0. For OAuth1.0, everything is different, so look at its user guide.This user guide is divided into two sections, the first part is the OAuth2.0 provider (OAuth 2.0 Provider), and the second part is the client of OAuth2.0 (OAuth 2.0 client)OAUTH2.0 provides endThe purpose of the OAuth2.0 provider is to expose protected resources. Establish a list of clients th

The 15th chapter of the "White hat Talk web security" study Note Web server configuration security

15th. Web server configuration Security 15.1 ApacheSafetyIt is important to use the "least privilege Principle" when installing Web Server on a Linux deployment . Try not to use root deployment. 15.2 NginxSafetyNginx Security Configuration Guide Technical manual PDF DownloadFree in name and password are www.linuxidc.comspecific down

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide One. Security vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities on Web servers can be considered in the following ways: 1. Secret files, directories, or important data that you do not have access to on a Web server. 2. When sending information to the server from a remote user, especially when something like a credit card, it is illegally int

Web server Security Full Guide _ Server

vulnerabilities, are constantly updated in the version upgrade process, this is not listed. Three. Consider security from a CGI programming perspective. 1. It is safer to use a compiled language than to interpret the language, and the CGI program should be placed under Cgi-bin independent of the HTML repository, in order to prevent some illegal visitors from obtaining the original code of an interpreted language from the browser and looking for a l

Web Server Security Guide

created. IIS3.0 also has some security bugs, mainly cgi-bin under the right to be covered. In addition, many Web servers themselves have some security vulnerabilities, are constantly updated in the version upgrade process, this is not listed. Third, from the CGI programming perspective to consider security. 1. It is safer to use a compiled language than to inter

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 2

, Table. getn (mytable) Do Print (mytable [Index]) End Table. Sort (mytable) This simple function traverses the entire table and rearrange it from small to large. 6.2. Table. insert (mytable, positon, value) Table. the insert function inserts a new value in Table China. The location parameter is optional. If no value is set, a new value is added to the end of table A. If this value is specified, it is inserted to the specified position. Table. insert (mttable, 25, "hello ") 6.3.

CSS-CSS Authoritative Guide Study notes 3

Chapter III Structure and CASCADE1. When determining which values should be applied to an element, the user agent not only takes into account the inheritance, but also considers the specificity of the declaration, and also the origin of the declaration itself, which is called Cascading. 、2, Particularity. If an element has two or more conflicting attribute declarations, the Highest-specificity declaration wins. For the value of the attribute of each ID given in the selector, add 0,1,0,0;

Oracle Study note:users and Basic Security

;Assigning Database System Privileges1Sql> SelectDESTINCT privilege fromDba_sys_privs;2Sql> Grant CreateSession to user_name#minimally AUserNeedsCREATESESSION toBe able toConnect toTheDatabase.3Sql> RevokeCteateTable from user_name; # toTake awayPrivileges.4Sql> Grant Create Table to user_name withAdminoption; #allows You to GrantA system privilege toAUser andalso give thatUserThe ability toAdminister a privilege. You can does this withThe withADMINOPTIONClause.Assigning Database Object Priv

20145336 Zhang Ziyang "Information Security system design basics" 6th Week study Summary

after the completion of Y86 in the pipe folder input./PSIM-T-G. /y86-code/asum.yoEnter Y86-code, Generate Asuml.yoI try to knock the code out of the book, and then enter the following commandmake cleanmake 251pp.yoYou can then view the  Code Managed Links: progress Bar lines of code (new /Cumulative) Blog volume ( new/cumulative) Learning time (new/cumulative) Important growth Goal 5000 row

20145311 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" 13th Week Study Summary

lines of code (new/cumulative) Blog Volume ( new/cumulative) Learning time (new /cumulative) Goal 5000 rows 30 Articles 400 hours First week 100/100 1/2 10/10 Second week 150/200 2/4 8/18 Third week 200/250 1/5 5/23 Week Five 50/300 1/6 9/32 Week Six 20/320 1/7 8/40 Seventh Week

20145301 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" 6th Week Study Summary

| various information representation methods| Fifth week |250/850|1/5|25/80| compilation and disassembly# # References-[Learning Guide for in-depth understanding of computer system V2] ([])-[Introduction to Linux Basics (new version)] ([])-[Teaching of information security system design basics] ([

2018-2019 20165235 "Fundamentals of Information Security system Design" Third week study summary

summary of the wrong quiz Wrong question 1 and reason, understand the situation Wrong question 2 and reason, understand the situation ... Other (sentiment, thinking, etc., optional)XxxXxxLearning progress Bar lines of code (new/cumulative) Blog Volume (Add/accumulate) Learning Time (new/cumulative) Important Growth Goal 5000 rows 30 Articles 400 hours First week 200/200 2/

20145311 "Information Security system design Fundamentals" Sixth Week study summary

like there's no codeOther (sentiment, thinking, etc., optional) This week's study is mainly about how the processor executes the program, the assembly language into the machine code after the implementation of the machine code, the books on the table is good-looking, combined with a few examples to understand the basic understanding, learning the Y86 instruction set architecture, At the same time to learn some of the previous semester HDL (H

20145317 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" NO. 0 Week study Summary

20145317 Peng Yao "Information Security system design basics" NO. 0 Week study SummaryFeelings:The relationship between the student and the teacher: fitness instructor and fitness trainee. Students want to build a good body but do not know the path and method, so to find the coach, the coach needs to do is to guide the students to correct exercise posture and exe

20145311 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" 14th Week Study Summary

important abstraction of the computer, which abstracts the physical storage space in the computer.Of course, this can also lead to some errors, such as the above mentioned in the C language of some errors, after understanding this knowledge can be better to help us to avoid some of the errors caused by storageLearning progress Bar lines of code (new/cumulative) Blog Volume ( new/cumulative) Learning time (new /cumulative) Goal 5000 rows 30 A

Information Security system design basics first week study summary

code to compile the installationTo install the Deb package from a local disk using dpkg:First use the Apt-get plus-d parameter only download not installed, download the Emacs Editor's Deb package, after the download is complete,We can view the contents of the/var/cache/apt/archives/directory, we will copy the first deb to the home directory and use dpkg to installTo view the installation directory for installed packages:Using Dpkg-l to view the Deb p

20145317 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" 13th Week Study Summary

blocked, waiting for a condition that will never be true. Programmers use P and V incorrectly so that two of the semaphore's forbidden areas overlap. Overlapping forbidden areas cause a set of states called deadlock zones. Deadlocks are unpredictable. This week's code hostingResources "In-depth understanding of computer system V2" Learning Guide 2016-2017-1 the teaching process of the basic design of information

20135219 Hong--The basic design of information security system third week study summary

floating-point arithmeticP70:ieee floating point standard, float/double typep74: Integers and floating-point numbers represent the same number of relationshipsP78: Integer and floating-point conversion rulesP80: Homework can choose to do, coordination of each problem up to two groups to do, one star topic a person plus a point, two stars plus two points, Samsung plus

Information Security system design basics first week study summary

Information Security system design basics first week study summaryI. Introduction to the History of experiments1. Knowledge points1) Operating system: Connect hardware and applications as a bridge between the computer tables, including system calls and cores.2) Linux: Developed by the first, the original purpose isCompared to Windows, the main advantages (and some people's serious disadvantage) are-mostly o

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