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What should I do if I cannot delete software on iPhone 7? What should I do if I cannot delete software on iPhone 7? Solution

First, confirm that this is not some software that comes with the iPhone. Although most of the built-in software can be deleted, there are still a small part that cannot be deleted.If none of the software has a cross sign, it is likely that the [delete software] under [acces

The source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked recently. Hundreds of millions of iOS devices may face security threats !, IPhone IOS

also offered a reward of $0.2 million to encourage developers to discover and report iBoot system vulnerabilities, this shows the importance of iBoot. Although Apple quickly asked GitHub to delete code hanging on its website, there are certainly not a few backups on the network. Many security experts have confirmed that the leaked code belongs to the old iOS 9 system. The iBoot source code of iOS 9 is slightly different from the iBoot source code of

Security Vulnerabilities highlighted by hackers targeting the iPhone

Apple's iPhone is officially available at, September 10, June 29. To buy it, some Americans even waited in a queue for "camping. As soon as the iPhone was sold, it was targeted by security personnel (including hackers, of course). In less than 72 hours of its release, security personnel reported that, they have discove

Unveiling IOS software development secrets: iPhone & iPad enterprise applications and Game Development (China-pub)

Master the core technologies of iPhone and iPad development, Let ordinary developers create wealth myth! Unveiling IOS software development secrets: iPhone iPad enterprise applications and Game Development (China-pub) Basic Information Author:Min bin Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN:9787121133022 Mounting time: 2011-6-2 Published on: February 1, May 2011 Ht

Apple iphone Security Tips tutorial (IOS 7)

What if I lose my iphone? Two friends have lost their mobile phone recently and asked me such a question. Loss of mobile phone is not a good thing, but is not the most unfortunate, the most unfortunate is that the phone has not done any anti-theft measures, and the iphone itself is basically very powerful anti-theft management functions, why not set up in advance? If you can seriously take a little time to

What should I do if the iPhone 6 plus software is crash? How to restore the flash of Apple 6 plus software

We can use the itools tool to crash the Apple mobile app.Download the latest version of iTools1. Now we have installed the iTools software on the computer. Then we will award the iPhone 6 for connecting to the computer, and then click the "application" column in itools.2. On the open itools interface, you will see a "repair and crash" button, as shown in the figure.3. Click repair and th

Apple released the iPhone 2.0 software and SDK

Apple today announced its iPhone 2.0 software, which is expected to be officially launched in June this year. At the same time, Apple announced that it would immediately provide a test version of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers, it also announced that the iPhone supports Microsoft Exchange

Security vendors warn iPhone users that the Safari dialing function should be used with caution.

SPI Labs security researchers warned iPhone users not to use a special feature to use the iPhone's Safari browser to call phone numbers over the Web. This feature is intended to provide iPhone users with an easy way to dial phone numbers displayed on Web pages, but it may be abused, according to SPI. A flaw in this feature allows hackers to trick users into mak

How does the iphone prevent photos from being lost? Apple mobile data Security 7 big strokes

First, remove your sensitive photos from the photo stream. After you remove the photo from your iphone or ipad device, you must also remove it from the photo stream. According to the Apple Cloud service, a user's album stored on the device side will be backed up in the photo stream at the same time. Apple users can enter the "Photo-photo album-Photo Stream" at the terminal, delete the sensitive photos, then select the Trash box icon and c

How to use Capture software Wireshark on Windows systems to intercept network communication data such as the iphone

Http:// we will introduce a method of how to use the famous grab kit software Wireshark on Windows operating system to intercept the network communication data of iphone, ipad and other iOS devices or Android devices.App apps that are developed on iphone iOS or Android will basically need to use network communication to tra

10 steps for successful iphone software development

A year ago, Stanford and Apple jointly launched a development course based on the iPhone platform. The PPT of this course was shared online, and the response was very good. This semester, Stanford recorded the course and put it on iTunes University for download. Currently, this course ranks first in iTunes downloads, reaching 1 million downloads. This is a lecture on "10 steps for successful iphone

8 iphone anti-theft cheats for mobile phone and data security escort

criminal investigation of the acquaintance of it accurate positioning, so that the odds are very large, found there is enough evidence to maintain our own rights and interests.    VII. recommended mobile phone installation Backup toolAlways back up important information, such as the phone number you store, to avoid losing your phone and causing more trouble. Mobile phone inside try not to save more private things, if not to save please use encryption softwa

iOS: How to run your own software on a real iphone

To run your own software on a real iphone, you first need to be a member of the Apple developer program. Second, you need to set up the program ID and authentication book, after which you will be able to run your program on your designated iphone. Below I will show you how to set up your program ID and authentication book to let your program run on the

Download and install software for iphone with Apple Helper

Tool Preparation Apple phone one, fast with the Apple Helper, Internet access to a computer, one of the data line (Apple charging line can be) Specific steps 1. Baidu to download a "Fast with Apple Assistant" installed in your computer. 2. Then connect the iphone to the computer via the prepared data cable, and then turn on the Fast Apple Helper, waiting for the iphone to show up with an Apple assista

Build your own iPhone Installer software source

Build for yourselfIPhone Installer software sourceThis document describes how to install a third-party software developed using the open-source SDK on the Jailbreak iPhone. Almost allIPhoneOr iPod Touch is installed.InstallerProgram, a bit similar to the apt tool on linux, you can directly accessSoftware SourceDownload and install third-party

Apple iPhone lock screen Security Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2013-03-01 Affected Systems:Apple iPhone 3GSDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57967 IPhone is a 4-Band GSM mobile phone that supports EDGE and 802.11b/g wireless Internet access (iPhone 3g/3Gs/4 supports WCDMA Internet access, iPh

iphone lock screen is not locked personal information, iOS security is really high?

I heard that your iOS security is high? Network security pass members use experiments to discover your vulnerabilities.The first stepCheck the version number of the current systemStep TwoMake a phone call to your target iphoneStep ThreeSelect the information, then click CustomizeFourth StepRandomly choose three expression, note must be threeFifth StepLong press the home key to wake Siri and tell Siri to ope

Preliminary Design of the iPad software: it is not just a large iPhone (1)

Editor's note: Apple is a magic Company, and every product of it can make a lot of waves in the market, as did the iPad officially launched last week. For developers, the launch of iPad is a new opportunity after iPhone software development. But what are the differences between the software development of iPad and iPhone

Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Security Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2013-01-31 Affected Systems:Apple iPhone 4.xApple iPhone 3.xApple iOS 3.xApple iOS 2.xApple TV 5.xApple TV 4.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57597CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-0974Apple iOS is an operating system developed by Apple. The StoreKit of Apple iOS does not correctly disable JS in Mobile Safari preferences,

iphone Password management software recommendations

A password is something that makes us feel secure in our account. The password is very important to us. For a secure password, must be long, but the use of the same password is certainly not safe, but these long and difficult to remember the password will make us feel difficult to remember.In the PC and Mac browser generally have the ability to remember the password automatically, but on the mobile device is not so lucky, you need to enter their own password every time you login, it will cause t

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