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User interaction Design: A second discussion on design metaphor in human-computer interaction

Article Description: then the design metaphor in human-computer interaction is discussed. In the article "Human-computer Interaction design metaphor-by the Mac file replacement lead out of the topic" sent out after received a variety of feedback, I simply write a continuation of the text, is a concentrated a

Web Interaction Design: Several principles of website interaction Design

Article Description: home page needs and every subordinate pages to maintain a consistent style, navigation should be placed in the upper left corner of the screen, a highly consistent interface can give people a clear and tidy feeling. First, strive for consistency For example, the home page needs to be consistent with each of the subordinate pages, navigation should be placed in the upper left corner of the screen, a highly consistent interface can give people a clear and tidy fee

Interaction Design Considerations: the level of interaction design elements

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the level of the underlying control and the interaction design element. Today, when Jobs pointed out the directionality of the work before, he realized the hierarchical relationship that formed the final product element. In the current workflow, the specifications are well known and are being implemented in an effort to improve the efficiency of

Interaction Designer: Interaction Design Method and thinking process (1)

I am often asked: "What do you do ?""Interaction Designer .""What is interaction design ?"I am very embarrassed to explain a bunch of: "! @ # ¥ % ......."The other party is even more confused: "that .... Is it the visual design of web pages ?".........I found a picture on the Internet and found that not only me, but ma

The function of interaction design: what the interaction designers specifically do

Article Description: This chapter focuses on the functions of interactive design-what do interaction designers do specifically? This chapter focuses on the functions of interactive design-what do interaction designers do specifically? Ⅰ, first understand the basic concepts of interactive

Why should there be interaction design and interaction design to solve any problem

Article Description: before writing a similar article, want to write too many things, the result of nothing to speak clearly. So, re-write a set of introductory tutorials, "Understanding Interaction Design", "interactive design of the functional Scope", "Interactive design common methods" ... Several chapters share my

Interactive design experience: Principles of mobile application interaction Design

Article Description: design in a lot of times are inspired by the Flash, mobile application design is more flexible, how to better design an application, there is no specific methods and conventions. However, in order to better avoid the designers detours, design principles of learning is necessary, it gave designers a

Interaction design is the most important attitude: to guide users through interaction

right side, the visual focus on the direction of the arrow in the map weakened, web design is based on the principle of the page layout. Use color to attract the attention of users; Through the color hue, saturation and so on to guide the user's visual direction, highlighting we want to highlight and user attention, weakening interference factors, this is the essence of visual design. Humane and friendl

Interactive Design User research: Web Interaction Design Optimization

Article Description: simple check list for web interaction Design optimization. "Optimizing the experience of existing products" is a common description of the user experience related job responsibilities. Our products are often perfected in a fast iterative process, just as children grow up to be raised, to optimize existing features/products, and to desig

Trends in mobile application interaction Design: Innovative design of trend elements

Article Description: Mobile Application Interaction Design trends: Innovative design of trend elements. These two months in the busy product 2012 interactive design, is very touching. Remember IM group everyone in the 2012 busy at the time, product director said a word: "You see the annual fashion show, cloth

Interactive design experience Sharing: Web Drag-and-drop interaction design

Article Description: Interactive design experience Sharing: Web Drag-and-drop interaction design. Zhao Benshan and song Dandan's sketch joke:How many steps will it take to put an elephant in the fridge?It takes 3 steps to cram an elephant into the fridge: 1 to open the fridge door, 2 to load the elephant, and 3 to bring the fridge door.This is a brain-

Nokia design executives talk about interaction, design, product

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's design director, N9 's stunning design last year made him a public sight. Recently he received the interview of the Guardian, talked a lot about mobile phone interaction, about products, about Microsoft, about the next phone ... There's no end to the revolution in mobile phone interaction. "

Interactive Design principle: four-direction key interaction design of TV platform

the best. In this case, we should combine specific interaction, user goals, user habits and so on specific design, to find a more appropriate default focus-this needs to follow the strict user testing process, with specific data support to ensure that this is indeed more reasonable, otherwise this principle is not tenable. Five, "four-direction" key to complete control Remote control is different from

Interaction Design Function: What is the interaction designer doing?

I. First, let's take a look at the basic concepts of interaction design: Interaction Design is a goal-oriented design. All work content is designed around user behavior. By designing user behaviors, the interaction designer makes

iphone design: Using graphical elements and screen interaction design

In the past two years, you can imagine some of the bad application design is also settled in the elegant iphone. Through its surrounding propaganda, designers around the world use this new mobile tool to show their skill. As a result, tens of thousands of iphone apps have been created, but they are often not easy to use or intuitive. Some designers, however, spend a lot of time trying to create better interfaces (yes, these are good and creative inter

Interaction Design Dimension: Single page interaction and system level

Article Description: interaction designers are a big and small career, and it all depends on you. Interaction designers are a big and small career, and it all depends on you Product Manager and Interaction designer has been the topic of continuous, some people think that the interaction designer can be coun

Interaction Design Theory: three elements of good interactive design

Interactive design, showing a variety of presentation methods,But you can also easily create a good interactive design effect by mastering the following three tips. 1. Response Provides an operator with a response mechanism for areas that are about to produce interactive content.Reference Example: Different content has a lot of responses to the processing method,For example: The link with

Interaction Design Example: How to design the basic registration function

appear too verbose. Of course, you need to indicate how many steps to register and where you are currently.6. If the site's service objects are different, you can design different fields for various objects, reasonable guide users to choose the appropriate form for their identity registration. The most common is that some business-to-business websites distinguish between buyer registration and seller registration.7. The best way to support OpenID is,

Interactive Design Guide Series One: the interaction design in our eyes

Interactive Design (interaction, abbreviated IXD or IaD) is the design area for defining and designing the behavior of a man-made system. Artificial objects, i.e., artificial objects, such as software, mobile devices, artificial environments, services, wearable devices, and the organizational structure of the system. Interact

Mobile phone Interactive Design method: Mobile phone product interaction design principles

First, the user experience information collection Before discussing the mobile phone's interactive design method, need to have some basic understanding to the handset user's usage habit, needs to do some collection to the handset user experience information. To collect user experience information first, we need to identify two problems: one is to determine the target user group, and the other is to determine the methods and ways of collecting informa

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