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Use of Seek and tell--Get File Content size (bytes)

/*gets the size of the data accessed in the file (in bytes) The two member functions of ELLG () and TELLP () do not pass in parameters, returning a value of type Pos_type (according to the ansi-c++ Standard), which is an integer representing the

Maximum independent set of trees

Select a node as root, use D (i) to indicate the maximum independent set size of the subtree with I as the root node, and node I have only two decisions: Select or not. If I is selected, the son of I is not selectable, and if I is not selected, then

POJ 3281 Dining

It's been inscribed for a day, and now it's over ...At first, I thought of the maximum match of two, each combination of the edge, calculated the most. It is wrong to think carefully, because there is no consideration for a cow to choose only one

File system basic Operation Class _php tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Error_reporting (2047); /* * Class IO (Snakevil completed 03.25.04) (v1.0.0.0) * * [Description] * This class is used for processing the file system. * * [function] * * * * * LIST_DIR ($dir _path); * Reads the

File system basic Operation Class _php skill

Copy Code code as follows: Error_reporting (2047); /* * Class IO (snakevil complete 03.25.04) (v1.0.0.0) * * [Description] * This class is used for processing file systems. * * [function] * * * * * * * * * LIST_DIR ($dir _path); *

The principle and self-realization of STL next_permutation algorithm

GoalThe Next_permutation function in STL and the prev_permutation two function provide a function for a specific arrangement p, and then a permutation p+1 and the previous arrangement P-1.Here we take next_permutation as an example to analyze the

Shell script creates test data for a specified size file _linux shell

When we are testing or commissioning, sometimes you need to generate a file of size, for example, when testing the storage system, you need to reduce the amount of disk space 5G, the easiest way is to copy a 5G file over, but where to get the size

Linux Tips--Generate files of a specified size with DD

when we are testing or debugging, sometimes we will need to generate a size file, such as testing the storage system, you need to reduce the amount of disk space to 5G, the simplest way is to copy a 5G file, but from where to get files of such size,

To seek $b relative to the $a relative path of the PHP code _php tips

The topic of the PHP interview question:$a = '/a/b/c/d/e.php '; $b = '/a/b/12/34/c.php '; Calculate the relative path of the $b relative to the $a should be ... /.. /c/dThe answer to the PHP interview question: Copy Code code as follows:

SQL Server performance optimization Overview

I hope to make a comprehensive summary of my recent work needs.SQL ServerPrecautions for database performance optimization: I searched the internet and found manyArticleSome of them list hundreds of entries, but you can see that there are a lot of

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