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Introduction to new features of Photoshop CS6 skin color selection Tool

, you should always select it. In the selection Preview menu, we can preview the selection effect on the original photo in a different way. For example, if you select Quick Mask, the areas that are excluded on the original slice are displayed in red (Quick mask). By adjusting the "color tolerance", we can enlarge or shrink the software's judgment on similar colors. The larger the number, the mo

Photoshop CS6 Learning (2) Selection of objects

for another airliner, select and set the parameters of the magnetic lasso tool:4. Create a closed selection that contains the entire aircraft:5. Press CTRL + C to copy the selected aircraft image. Copy it to the green leaf layer. Now Photoshop automatically places the object in a new layer. Press the CTRL+T key and the plane will be surrounded by a transform box with control Bing. By dragging the handle to

Photoshop CS6 Basics: How to move images within a selection

1. Create a rectangular selection in the image. As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 Rectangle Marquee tool to make a rectangular selection. 2. Select "Move Tool" in the Toolbox 。 3. Move the cursor to the selection, t

Photoshop CS6 Self-Study (a) understanding

importance Menu bar Execute the corresponding menu command High Title bar Displays information such as the file's name, format, window scale, and color mode In Document window Display an open image In Toolbox Most tools for assembling Photoshop CS6 High Options Bar

Photoshop CS6 GPU FAQ

This document provides a quick reference guide to the usage of graphics cards in Photoshop. Some features require a compatible video card to be used. These features do not work if the video card or its drivers are defective or unsupported. Other features use the graphics card for acceleration, and if the video card or driver is defective, these features will run slower. Mercury Graphics Engine The Mercury Graphics Engine (MGE) represents the ability

IT Ninja Turtles: Photoshop Analysis 5 quick selection tools for beginners, and Ninja Turtles

IT Ninja Turtles: Photoshop Analysis 5 quick selection tools for beginners, and Ninja Turtles I. Magic wand tools This is the easiest way to create a selection, but it is effective only when the background color is solid. Therefore, when the background of the selected object

It Ninja Turtles: Photoshop Analysis 5 quick selection tools for beginners

part with obvious contour edges. You can also move and adjust the edge slider to smooth, remove, or harden the edge. After completing the preceding operations, click OK to save the changes. In addition, you can copy the selected area and paste it into a new background. V. color channel It is relatively easy to use the channel tool when selecting complex objects such as hair. First, click the channel panel. Click on each layer to find the layer with the greatest difference in co

Photoshop CS6 compelling usage experience

A new design interface Photoshop CS6 uses a completely redesigned dark interface, which is said to bring a "more compelling use experience." If you prefer the original light gray interface, you can also set it through the "Preferences-> Interface". At the same time, careful observation will find that before those familiar "pen", "layer" and other tools are still

Photoshop CS6 Chinese version installation method and activation method

Interface Photoshop CS6 Software Interface Photoshop CS6 activation method Activation method Please refer to: Adobe CS6 Universal Activation method Photoshop CS6 New Features Cont

Photoshop CS6 Installation Tutorial

Although Adobe has announced the abandonment of the CS series, it will continue to sell the CS6 package software in the future, although only a digital version will be available. Photoshop users are expected to continue using the CS series for a long time, and Photoshop CS6 has a new Adobe Mercury graphics engine, grou

Tutorial on using the Photoshop CS6 ruler tool

1. Open an image file. As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 to open the file. 2. Click the Ruler tool in the Toolbox 。 As shown in the following illustration: If necessary, read the Photoshop CS6 Toolbox. Select the Image menu, move the cu

Dual graphics user Photoshop CS6 picture cannot display guide

Troubleshoot dual graphics users Photoshop CS6 cannot display pictures Now many notebooks are using dual graphics cards (i3, i5 built-in graphics + Independent graphics), so you can switch graphics cards according to different environments, such as playing games with independent graphics, on the Internet with built-in integrated graphics, you can point to save electricity. Dual graphics users using

Photoshop CS6 shortcut

1. toolbox Mobile tool [v]Rectangular and elliptical box selection tool [m]Loose, polygon, and magnetic loose [l]Quick selection tool and magic wand tool [w]Crop, perspective crop, slice, and slice selection tools [c]Straw, color sampling device, ruler, comments, 123 countin

Go: Photoshop cs6 shortcut Commands Daquan

text by 10 dots pixels "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Shift" + ">" Reduce line spacing by 2 dots pixels "Alt" + "↓" Increase the line spacing by 2 dots pixels "Alt" + "↑" Reduce baseline displacement by 2 dots pixel "Shift" + "Alt" + "↓" Increase the baseline displacement by 2 dots pixel "Shift" + "Alt" + "↑" Decrease kerning or tracking 20/1000ems "Alt" + "←" Increase kerning or kerning 20/1000ems "Alt" + "→" Decrease kerning or tracking 100/1000ems "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "←" Window Action "Alt+f5" Brush "F5" Co

Common basic settings for Photoshop CS6

While some general settings for Photoshop are typically tuning preferences, others are features and toolbox tools, let's adjust preference settings. There are general, interface, file processing, cursors, transparency and gamut, units, and rulers above. Guides, grids and slices, plug-ins, text, 3D these settings. Looks like a lot of it, you can go to the preferences to see, you set the effect of the differe

Photoshop CS6 new features-remix tool The great diversion of the universe

A few days ago also with you to share Photoshop CS6 Trial version of the download, I believe you like to experience a new version of Friends, should also download to play, and still watching friends, now follow prunes to see, the Photoshop CS6 more of those new features, and how to operate, Today we are going to introd

Photoshop CS6 Interface Setup Tutorial

between different image files. Read the Photoshop CS6 How to change the document window open. Display tooltip: Move the cursor over the tool button and pause for a moment to show the button's message. Enable floating document window docking: Select to display the document window individually in the window by dragging the Tab tab. Enable text projection: Select this to turn on the text's projection effe

Photoshop cs6 Common shortcut keys

1. Toolbox(Multiple tools share a shortcut key, you can press "Shift" plus this shortcut)Rectangle, Elliptical Marquee tool "M"Crop Tool "C"Move Tool "V"Lasso, polygonal lasso, magnetic lasso "L"Magic Wand Tool "W"Airbrush Tool "J"Brush Tool "B"Like a leather stamp, a pattern stamp "S"History Brush Tool "Y"Like the skin rub tool "E"Pencil, line tool "N"Blur, sharpen, smudge tool "R"Dodge, deepen, sponge tool "O"Pen, free pen, magnetic pen "P"Add Ancho

Photoshop CS6 new function-iris Blur simulate the effect of shallow depth of lens

In a previous look, several Adobe Photoshop CS6 new features, followed by another Photoshop CS6 new feature, that is Iris Blur, and what is it? In short, it is designed to simulate the depth of the effect, In this way, you can simulate the effect of shallow depth of the image according to your personal preference, let

Photoshop CS6 Stroke Function detailed

This article mainly explores the similarities and differences between the enhanced shape stroke features and traditional layer style strokes in Photoshop CS6. By contrast we can see the difference more clearly, more importantly, deepen our understanding of the tools, we can better play creativity and improve efficiency. In PS

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