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Selenium 2 Getting Started

End-to-end functional testing of WEB applications in multiple browsersSelenium is a well-known WEB application Testing framework for functional testing. The new version Selenium 2 combines the best features in Selenium 1 and Webdriver (Selenium

Reprint of Web application Automation test based on selenium Webdriver

Reprint Original Address: WEB applications, software testers need a lot of manual action to verify certain features in their daily testing work. During the development process,

Selenium-webdriver Simple Tutorial

Selenium/webdriver can be installed by Selenium-webdriver.gem package in Ruby EnvironmentGem install selenium-webdriver  supports languages and versions with Ruby 1.8.7~1.9.2,jrbuy and rubinius  Selenium-webdriver contains selenium-client, while

Selenium introduction (1)-General Introduction

Author: torrent   Selenium has been adopted by more and more companies as a lightweight Web automated testing framework, but there are almost no Chinese documents about selenium. Therefore, to make it easier for you to use selenium, special selenium

Comparison of selenium and Webdriver

Tracing traceability, webdriver and Selenium are two independent projects, and the implementation mechanism is different. Why would the Selenium team merge the two in Selenium 2? What advantage does Webdriver have over Selenium? How do we choose to

The open source application architecture? Selenium Webdriver (Upper)

Not long ago, Infoq recommended a few new books on software architecture, which attracted a wide range of interest from domestic readers. One of these is the Open source application architecture (the Architecture of Open source applications), which

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 04-selenium for C # API

This part, I am ready to introduce to you selenium Webdriver Common API, learning this part of the content needs to have some simple HTML related knowledge, this article mainly involves the following content: Selenium API: element checking

Python crawler accumulation (1) -------- use of selenium + python + PhantomJS and phantomjspython Crawler

Python crawler accumulation (1) -------- use of selenium + python + PhantomJS and phantomjspython Crawler Recently, as per the company's requirements, when I found that I did not find the js package address, I used selenium to crawl information.

Selenium detailed introduction to the Java Selenium Tutorial _java

Selenium is the most extensive web UI Automation testing framework currently in use. This series of articles will go into the brief to explain the usage of selenium. Reading Table of Contents The name of the selenium Selenium means selenium (a

Python crawler accumulation (i)--------the use of SELENIUM+PYTHON+PHANTOMJS

Recently, as requested by the company, crawl related sites, found no JS package address, I use selenium to crawl information, related actual links: Python crawler combat (a)--------China crop germplasm Information NetworkI. Introduction of Selenium  

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