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Design and implementation of selenium combined with TESTNG automation framework __selenium

to test, will consume a lot of time and energy, Testers, too, have been overwhelmed by the decline in patience. In order to avoid this situation, the automatic testing of the original function is particularly important. 2. Introduction to Tools When it comes to open source automation testing tools, online talk about the wind and cloud, but other people said things are not necessarily suitable for you, we are in the combination of automated testing to

A design idea in the framework design of "Python+selenium Building automation Framework"--pom

positioning of the page, and the method encapsulated by the business operation code associated with those elements.4. Code reuse, which reduces the amount of test script code.5. Clear hierarchy, while supporting the development of multiple writing automation scripts, such as how many pages each person writes, does not affect others.6. It is recommended that both the page class and the business logic approach give a meaningful name to make it easy for

Implementation of Python+selenium+unittest GUI automation framework

Frame Design Illustration:650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" Python +selenium+unittest Automation framework illustration. jpg "alt=" wkiol1dfjxududezaahejealrlk754.jpg "/>Preparation before the framework is implemented:The 1.Python version is ins

Python+selenium Automation Framework construction get started to practical (i)-Framework Solutions

1. The entire framework directory is as follows:Constant: Store some constants, such as the URL of the test, and the elements that some PR methods need to use;Errorpicture: Used to store errors during automatic operation;Framework: Classes and methods for storing some basic;Pages: a page class for storing pageobject;Publicmethod: Used to store some PR methods;Question: Used to store some problems encountere

Use Jenkins + python + Selenium to build a Web Automation test "framework" (1)-Introduction to each part

operation interface to manipulate page elements.On the other hand, Webdriver can interact with the system bottom and send the action signal directly. such as what keys to press, where to move the mouse and so on. Visible selenium2.0 is much more powerful than 1.0.  Here is a brief talk about Webdriver:Webdriver My understanding:He's kind of an API, a specification.A variety of browser vendors refer to this specification to give the selenium the inter

Robotframework Automated test Framework-selenium Web Automation (-)-open Browser and close Browser

keep the protection mode consistent in each area under the Security tab in the browser options, either all enabled, or none enabled, as shown, otherwise prone to similar webdriverexception:message: Unexpected error launching Internet Explorer. Protected Mode settings is not the same for all zones. Enable Protected Mode must is set to the same value (enabled or disabled) for all zones error."The original is owned by the author, welcome reprint, but retain the copyright, and reproduced, need to i

Selenium + Python automation Test unittest Framework Learning (II)

1.unittest Unit Test Framework file structureUnitTest is one of the Python unit test frameworks that unittest the main file structure of the test framework:File>report>>test_case>>test_case1 .....>public>>>loginout.pyTest_case folder primarily stores test cases, and test case naming begins with Test_The public folder is a subfolder of the Test_case folder, primarily for common modules, such as login exit module

Web automation Framework Lazyui User's Manual (3)--a single XPath crawl plugin (selenium element fetch, there is no request!) )

Overview A previous blog post roughly describes the first demo based on Lazyui, which describes the design and use of this tool in detail. element Get plugin : Lazyui Elements Extractor, as a chrome plugin, used to crawl common controls on a page (either batch or single fetch), to get the XPath of the frame and three uniquely positioned controls on which the control is located , and generates Java code based on the Lazyui framework to solve the probl

Application of TESTNG test framework in Web automation test based on selenium

running test:The result of the operation is as follows: we can see the test results of the corresponding method in the console.As you can see from the summary information, a total of two test methods have been run, one of which failed, and we can see that there is an exception that locate the link element, and under the Results of running Suite column, you can see whether the test results pass the message:Method Testb Test Failed, this is due to input in the method Testb garbled linktext caused

Selenium keyword driver for UI Automation test framework

Firefoxdriver (); Driver.manage (). window (). Maximize (); Open Open Source China Web site public static void Navigate () {driver.get ("");} Click Login public static void Login_click () {driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//*[@id = ' Osc_userbar ']/a[1]"). Click (); Enter the user name public static void Input_name () {driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//*[@id = ' f_email ']"). SendKeys ("Xxxxxxa");} Enter the password public static void Input_password () {driver.findelement (

Selenium based on Python web Automation Foundation Two--Login-free, wait, and UnitTest Unit test framework

Notoginseng - " " the to generate an HTML-based test report: + 1 Defining a path to a file A 2 Opening a file in a written manner the 3 Calling the Htmltestrunner method to generate a test report + 4 running a test collection - 5 closing Files $ " " $report_file=". \\20170423_report.html" -fp = open (Report_file,"WB") -Runner = Htmltestrunner.htmltestrunner (stream=fp,title="Search", description="Test Search Results") the (Suite) -Fp.close ()Sel

Selenium + Python automation Test unittest Framework Learning (iii) Webdriver element positioning (i)

)For example, frame a nested this frame B, you now need to position the text box in frame BSwitch_to_frame (id == b) find_element_by_id ("textboxid")After you have positioned the popup frame, you need to jump out of the frame to locate the elements on the original page.Driver.switch_to_frame ("layui-layer-iframe1") #定位框架 ... driver.switch_to_ Default_content () jump out of frame Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("html/body")Seleniu

Robot Framework Selenium (rfs:web Automation test artifact)

.6. Test Execution Report and log is HTML format, easy to read.The 7.Robot framework is not an automated test tool like QTP. It is an automated testing framework, or an automated test platform.8. Provides a listening interface for test execution events, and can customize scripts in the interface. For example, a script in the "Start_test" interface will be executed before a use case executes, and the script

Selenium + Python automation Test unittest Framework Learning (iii) WEBDRIVER element operations (ii)

selenium.webdriver.common.action_chains Import actionchainsright = driver.find_element_by_id ("id") actionchains (driver). Context_clcik ("right"). Perform () #鼠标右键left = driver.find_element_by_id ("id") Actionchains (driver). Click_and_hold("left"). Perform () #鼠标左键double = driver.find_element_by_id ("id") Actionchains (driver). Double_clcik("Double"). Perform () #鼠标双击move = driver.find_element_by_id ("id") Actionchains (driver). Move_to_element("move").

Java + Selenium + TestNG + Maven framework for Web Automation

target folder like:.. \target\cpstestdemo-0.0.1.jar6. Execute. Jar without Eclipse7. LogUsing log4j2 to log console log outputXML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>ConfigurationStatus= "WARN"> appenders> Consolename= "Console"Target= "System_out"> Patternlayoutpattern= "%d{yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss. SSS} [%-5level]%logger{-3}:%l-%msg%n " /> Console> Rollingfilename= "Rollingfile"FileName= "Log/console.log"Filepattern= "log/$${date:yyyy-mm-dd}/console-%d{mm-dd-yyyy}-

Web page Automation tutorial based on Python+selenium+chrome

Web page Automation tutorial based on Python+selenium+chromePython version: Python2.7Selenium version: SELENIUM3Chrome version:Browser driver (chromedriver) version:Installation of PythonPython download Link: the Python installation is complete ctrl+r enter cmd into the command line interface, enter Python and press ENTER, if Python v

Reprint of Web application Automation test based on selenium Webdriver

software processes, many organizations tend to use agile development theory, and automated testing is a must. The so-called automated testing is the implementation of automated testing tools or a programming language to write programs, control the various modules in the software under test, simulate manual test steps, complete the test. Test automation has many advantages, such as frequent regression testing, rapid feedback to developers, virtually u

"ui Test Automation selenium" Rollup

can not be done to do performance.The atmosphere of the new job is also like, the work itself is not a challenge, because the product part with Python development, so, a dangerous a bit.have been groping whether the current products can be automated, for themselves is a challenge and improve. Give up the long-unused Java, change Python. The previous series was only a primer, and then went on to grope.The following will be implemented with Selenium +

Web automation testing tool selenium 1.0 officially released: chrome support + User Guide

SeleniumIt is an open-source Web automation testing tool. It has recently released version 1.0, marking the formal Addition of a new member in the Web automation testing field. In its new version, apart from fixing a number of bugs, the most eye-catchingThe goal is to add support for Google Chrome in selenium RC and provide a complete user guide on the official w

"Python3 Automation Interface +selenium" starts October 13! (2 months 2000, package Church)

the coach, finish learning can build a BMW?The teacher teaches how to use the framework, rather than framing it, can be packaged two times on the original frame, modified instead of building a carCan you learn the basics of 7.python 0?0 Basic can also learn, the course to the grammar will be explained, the basic tutorial can give before the video lectures, self-tuition, do not understand can be asked at an

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