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Design your own selenium-Based Automated Testing Framework-Java (1)-Why does selenium still need a testing framework?

I am not responsible for any misleading information that has been exposed to automated testing for a short time. Now that we have selenium, an open-source automated tool, why should we write another framework on our own? Selenium is an automated tool and can certainly be used in testing, but it is not tailored for testing. Of course, we do not need any

Selenium -- open-source automated testing framework

Selenium is a good automated testing framework for multiple platforms and browsers. Selenium provides two operating modes-core and remote control (RC). In addition, thoughtworks also provides Firefox's add-on -- selenium IDE and RC mode extension selenium grid for

"Robot Framework" Robot framework Learning and selenium, appnium practices

Before saying that I wrote a selenium automation framework, and then study the lower RF, I think the RF based on the keyword-driven framework is more easy to get started, of course, do some of the more cumbersome verification, it seems not too flexible, It's better to write a few lines of Python's benefits (or maybe you haven't mastered it yet), but overall, ther

Selenium + ant + testng (SAT) Framework

Architecture This framework is created using ant, testng and selenium.Through this framework, a user is able to create an automatic test case which can be run later by executing a single command. The uses of different frameworks are as follows:Selenium: this framework is needed for recording a testcase, exporting it into Java, and executing it on a browserTestng

Automated testing of complex WEB applications using a layered selenium framework

organizing it into a test Suite for performing tests. In fact, the testing of 3 search engines, because of homogeneity, can also be combined into a test, using different input parameters to specify the search engine to be tested. This is considered to be three components, just to illustrate how to organize multiple test modules in a selenium+testng environment.From top to bottom, the test scenario described in the previous paragraph can be decomposed

Robot Framework + Selenium Library + iedriver Environment building

Robot Framework + Selenium Library + iedriver Environment building2015-11-26Directory:1 Installation File Preparation2 Robot frame structure3 Environment Construction3.1 Installing Python3.2 Installing the robot Framework3.3 Installing Wxpython3.4 Installing Ride3.5 Installing Selenium2library3.6 Installing Iedriverserver1 Installation File Preparation ReturnTable 1 installation file preparation

Use Jenkins + python + Selenium to build a Web Automation test "framework" (1)-Introduction to each part

operation interface to manipulate page elements.On the other hand, Webdriver can interact with the system bottom and send the action signal directly. such as what keys to press, where to move the mouse and so on. Visible selenium2.0 is much more powerful than 1.0.  Here is a brief talk about Webdriver:Webdriver My understanding:He's kind of an API, a specification.A variety of browser vendors refer to this specification to give the selenium the inter

Design and implementation of selenium combined with TESTNG automation framework __selenium

: Allows multiple test tasks to be run concurrently and in different environments, dramatically speeding up the functional testing of Web applications. The idealized use of selenium to write test case is to perfect the test script by selenium the IDE record script, through Firebug to help locate the page element, and then through the selenium RC. The

Using grids in the Selenium test framework

Previous Test framework: Jenkins sustainable integration: log4j 2: in the test frameworkTo start with the grid, selenium grid is a framework for executing test cases with different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android

Using grids in the Selenium test framework

Previous Test framework: Jenkins sustainable integration: log4j 2: in the test frameworkTo start with the grid, selenium grid is a framework for executing test cases with different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android

Python+selenium+unittest Test Framework 1-unittest Unit Test framework and assertions

Self.assertisnone (result,msg="%s is not none"%(result))def test09 (self):#Determine if a parameter does not contain another parameterPrint"Execute test Case 09") result =‘123‘ Self.assertisnotnone (Result,msg= " %s is None "%def TearDown (self): U No post-conditions can be written Passprint ( " end ... ") # Passif __name__ = = __main__ ": Unittest.main () Ps:unittest executes the setup, executes the test case test* (the test case is executed in the name order), and finally executes the tear

Python+selenium Automation Framework construction get started to practical (i)-Framework Solutions

1. The entire framework directory is as follows:Constant: Store some constants, such as the URL of the test, and the elements that some PR methods need to use;Errorpicture: Used to store errors during automatic operation;Framework: Classes and methods for storing some basic;Pages: a page class for storing pageobject;Publicmethod: Used to store some PR methods;Question: Used to store some problems encountere

Using grids in the Selenium test framework

Reprint Please specify source: Test framework: Jenkins sustainable integration: log4j 2: in the test frameworkTo start with the grid, selenium grid is a framework for execut

Python Test series Tutorials--python+selenium automated test framework __python

Full Stack Engineer Development Manual (author: Shangpeng) The Python tutorials all solution needs Environment browser (firefox/chrome/ie. Python Selenium Selenium IDE (if using Firefox) FireBug, Firepath (if using Firefox) chromedriver, Iedriverserver, Phantomjs.exe IDE (Pycharm/sublime/eclipse.. ) 1, browsers suggest using Firefox or Chrome, do not use the latest version, to use the early two to three ver

A design idea in the framework design of "Python+selenium Building automation Framework"--pom

positioning of the page, and the method encapsulated by the business operation code associated with those elements.4. Code reuse, which reduces the amount of test script code.5. Clear hierarchy, while supporting the development of multiple writing automation scripts, such as how many pages each person writes, does not affect others.6. It is recommended that both the page class and the business logic approach give a meaningful name to make it easy for others to quickly write scripts and maintain

Python Selenium series (i): Introduction and installation of the framework

test whether it can work properly, only a few statements: # Test Selenium installation, selenium can open Chrome browser from selenium import Webdriverbrowser = Webdriver. Chrome () browser.get ("") print (Browser.title) browser.quit ()At this point, how to open the browser and automatically access the Baidu Web site, then the installation

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 08-selenium for C # pagefactory & Team Building

understand some pageobject design mode for what, here I still describe pageobject intention: PageObject mode is to encapsulate page element positioning, page wait, jump and other operations page related logic. Allows the user to write related test cases without having to care about the logic. Let's review the structure of the general Enterprise Test framework I mentioned earlier in the core object of Lesson 02-se

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 04-selenium for C # API

This part, I am ready to introduce to you selenium Webdriver Common API, learning this part of the content needs to have some simple HTML related knowledge, this article mainly involves the following content: Selenium API: element checking Selenium API: Event handling Selenium API: Other operations

Automatic framework construction of selenium + Python

SeleniumIsWebOfAutomated TestingTools, andOthersCompared with the automated tools, the main features of the tool are cross-platform and cross-browser.SupportedWindows, Linux, Mac, supporting IE, FF, Safari, opera, chrome, etc.Another feature is the support for distributedTest CasesTo distribute test cases to different test machines, which is equivalent to the distribution machine function. For the principles, architecture, and usage of selenium, refer

Java + Selenium Test framework (the wait mechanism) version Evolution II

调试十分困难。 Because the page may have a lazy load situation. Although the page has been rendered, there may be ajx lazy loading. Some elements need to wait until the AJAX call is complete before they can be displayed. At this point, you need to add a wait mechanism on the page./** * 用于等待某个元素出现,软等待 * @param by */public boolean wait(final By by){ new WebDriverWait(driver, 10).until(new ExpectedConditionFor example, you want to find an element that id= "name":if (wait("name"))) xxx;else

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