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Selenium 2 Getting Started

End-to-end functional testing of WEB applications in multiple browsersSelenium is a well-known WEB application Testing framework for functional testing. The new version Selenium 2 combines the best features in Selenium 1 and Webdriver (Selenium

Introduction to selenium (III)-simple RC-based application

Introduction to selenium (III)-- RC-based simple applicationAuthor: torrent Read before reading: Selenium introduction (1)-General Introduction Introduction to selenium (II) -- simple applications based on core/ide In this article "completely

Introduction and installation of selenium ide

Selenium is a useful automated Web Testing Tool. Aaron used selenium a long time ago, but only used the APIS provided by Aaron to write test code. He also posted a simple code example on his blog. Recently, several bloggers have asked me questions

Reprint of Web application Automation test based on selenium Webdriver

Reprint Original Address: WEB applications, software testers need a lot of manual action to verify certain features in their daily testing work. During the development process,

Selenium-webdriver Simple Tutorial

Selenium/webdriver can be installed by Selenium-webdriver.gem package in Ruby EnvironmentGem install selenium-webdriver  supports languages and versions with Ruby 1.8.7~1.9.2,jrbuy and rubinius  Selenium-webdriver contains selenium-client, while

Selenium introduction (1)-General Introduction

Author: torrent   Selenium has been adopted by more and more companies as a lightweight Web automated testing framework, but there are almost no Chinese documents about selenium. Therefore, to make it easier for you to use selenium, special selenium

Selenium -- open-source automated testing framework

Selenium is a good automated testing framework for multiple platforms and browsers. Selenium provides two operating modes-core and remote control (RC). In addition, thoughtworks also provides Firefox's add-on -- selenium IDE and RC mode extension

Selenium grid principle

Reprinted: Selenium-grid version Selenium-grid is divided into version 1 and Version 2, in fact, its two versions are not the opposite of selenium versions 1 and 2 [that is, the release of

Selenium Webdriver Automated Testing

Selenium Family IntroductionSelenium IDE:The Selenium IDE is a plugin embedded in the Firefox browser that enables simple browser operation recording and playback functions.Selenium RC:Selenium RC is the core tool of the Selenium family, supporting

Selenium Quick Start (

Overview Our company does not have formal testers. For a module, whether the functions are completed is manually tested by developers. This often happens in the later stages of the project. The developer changes a BUG and passes the test. However,

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