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Java selenium smart waiting for page loading to complete sample code, selenium sample code

Java selenium smart waiting for page loading to complete sample code, selenium sample code Java selenium smart wait for page loading to complete When Using selenium to operate an element on a page, you must wait until the page is

[Selenium+java] Execute JavaScript based code using Selenium Webdriver

Original URL: JavaScript based code using Selenium WebdriverIn Selenium Webdriver, locators like XPath, CSS, etc. is used to identify and perform operations on a Web page.In the case, these locators does not work with you can use Javascriptexecuto

Selenium+eclipse Construction and writing of the first Test code 2 (webdriver)

The first thing to do is: 1, ECLIPSE+JDK 2, Selenium-ide ( 3. Firefox 4, Selenium-java-2.53.1.jar (as if not necessary) 5, Selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar Selenium-ide using methods, selenium code

selenium-website Demo Learning-test design-optimized Automation code

Look at Selenium's website documentation, there are some small points in the automation use case design is very reliable. Learn a lot and can be used to optimize your code.1. Test Type:Testing Static ContentTesting LinksFunction TestsTesting Dynamic ElementsAjax TestsAssert vs. VerifyThe difference between assert and verify: If the assert is wrong, the subsequent content will be stopped, verify if wrong, it will be recorded and then proceed with the s

Python Selenium Cookie Bypass Verification Code Implementation Login Sample Code _

This article mainly describes the Python Selenium Cookie Bypass Verification Code Implementation login sample code, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Previously, the method of using cookies to bypass verification codes for login was described. This is not redundant and will add analysis and another way to implement login. 1. Introduction o

Automatic Test Based on selenium 2 (source code)

Automatic Test Based on selenium 2 Press: Machinery Industry Press Subtitle: from entry to proficiency Publishing year: Page: 210 Pricing: 39.80 Frame loading: Flat Loading ISBN: 9787111467830 Introduction This book shows developers and testers how to use selenium for Web automation testing. This book introduces selenium, the main character of automated

Python + Selenium + PIL + Tesseract automatic identification verification code for one-click Login, piltesseract

Python + Selenium + PIL + Tesseract automatic identification verification code for one-click Login, piltesseract This article introduces Python + Selenium + PIL + Tesseract automatic identification verification code for one-click Login and share it with you as follows: Python 1, 2.7 IDE Pycharm 5.0.3 Firefox: 47

Python Selenium crawls content and stores it to the implementation code of the MySQL database, pythonselenium

Python Selenium crawls content and stores it to the implementation code of the MySQL database, pythonselenium I used an article to describe how to crawl the CSDN blog abstract. Generally, after using Selenium crawlers to crawl data, they need to be stored in TXT text, but this is difficult to process and analyze data. This article mainly describes crawling my per

JMeter Selenium Automation code for pressure measurement

Original reprint: Http:// preparation: selenium-server-standalone-2.* the file.  The jar is copied to the JMETER Class Library installation directory%jmeter_home%/lib/, and you do not need to start selenium server. Jmeter JUnit Sampler Package The selenium test case into a. jar file and copy it to the%jmete

WebDriver for selenium source code analysis

Recently, I took a closer look at selenium's source code, because it mainly uses Webdriver, So I focused on the working principle of WebDriver. In the previous blog, I explained that Webdriver is different from the JS injection Implementation of selenium, and the browser native support is used directly to operate the browser. For different platforms, different browsers must depend on the native of a specifi

Python+selenium Identification Code and login

Python version: 3.4.3Code base required: Pil,selenium,tesseractFirst on the code:#coding: Utf-8Import subprocessFrom PIL import ImageFrom PIL import ImageopsFrom selenium import WebdriverImport Time,os,sysdef cleanimage (ImagePath):Image = (ImagePath) #打开图片Image = Image.point (lambda x:0 if xBorderimage = Imageops.expand (image,border=20,fill= ' white

Automated testing first quarter-selenium + python (Environment Building and Basic code interpretation)

# coding = Utf-8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% prevent garbled (can be added without adding)The From selenium import Webdriver%%%%%%%%%%%%%% uses the Webdriver function in selenium, so the Webdriver is directed inBrowser = Webdriver. The Firefox ()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%browser name is arbitrarily defined and used to manipulate functions. To control Firefox, you can switch to a different browser.Browser.get ("

Automated test--selenium Verification Code input problem under Python

has been studying scrapy data capture, in the study of Ajax data capture happened to study the selenium, is really practical, but only to do scrapy under the data crawl, not suitable, one is the loss of performance, has to open a browser, and the second is for the crawler, Analyzing AJAX Requests is a matter of fact. All right, that's far. I've got some ideas for automated testing today.There are many automated test libraries under Python,

"Automated test" successfully signed in using Java+selenium to complete verification code

This is my first time to send a blog, if there is a problem, please advise!This time is to help solve, if in peacetime automation encountered a verification code fill in the case, how we successfully login. Ideas: First we copy the verification code and save it as a picture, and then use TESSERACT-OCR this optical software to identify the TXT file, and then we just read the contents of the TXT

Java Selenium Smart Wait page load complete sample code _ Practical Tips

Java Selenium Smart Wait page load complete We often encounter the use of selenium to manipulate an element on the page, you need to wait for the page to be completed after loading to operate. Otherwise, the element on the page does not exist, and an exception is thrown. or encounter Ajax asynchronous loading, we need to wait for the element load to complete before the operation The

Java Selenium tess4j identification verification code simulation landing.

Use the tess4j reason is the verification code picture address by the JS dynamic click on the link state generation, and time stamps, resulting in the conventional crawler to obtain the image address download method of verification Code and Web page display, so think of the use of screenshots to intercept the verification code picture, using TESS4J to identify, T

Sample Code for multi-window processing in selenium python browser, seleniumpython

Sample Code for multi-window processing in selenium python browser, seleniumpython This article focuses on the multi-window processing of selenium python browsers and shares the operation instance Code as follows: #! /Usr/bin/python #-*-coding: UTF-8-*-_ author _ = 'zuoanvip '# during the test, multiple browser windows

Java Selenium Action pop-up window sample code _java

How to handle pop-up windows in selenium Reading Table of Contents Principle To test the HTML of a page Java Code Principle In the code, through set To get a handle to all pop-up browsers, and then iterate through it using the Swithcto.window (Newwindow_handle) method. You can navigate to a new window To test the HTML of a page

Jscover+webdriver/selenium get JS Code Coverage

When we look at the introduction and use of Jscover (Http://, we are often attracted by the graphical interface. This method is more suitable for manual operation, click and input can be.But this often interface and the real interface is quite different, because the real page in the jscover inside the browser loading box. This makes the original selenium code poss

PHPUnit 3 Set into selenium components and code analysis

PHPUnit 3.0 new Features PHPUnit 3.0 introduces a series of new features to make it easier for users to debug and makes the 3 version richer than any previous version. Pseudo Object debugging How can you test that the method inside an object is run correctly when it is invoked by another method? How can you ignore external resources and debug alone? Pseudo objects and local tests can solve these problems for you. Part provides answers to these and other questions. Integration of

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