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Selenium first Lesson (Selenium+java+testng+maven)

Selenium Introduction and environment constructionFirst, Brief introduction1.selenium:seleniumis one forWebTools for application testing. SeleniumThe test runs directly in the browser, just as the real user is doing. Supported browsers includeIE,Mozilla Firefox,Chromeand so on. Supports automatic recording actions and automatic generation,Net,Java,Pythontest scripts in different languages. SeleniumTestScriptcan be inWindows,Linuxand theMacintosHrunnin

Cainiao automated testing (8) -- selenium 2.0 Environment Building (based on maven)

/POM/4.0.0" Xmlns: xsi = "Http://" Xsi: schemalocation = "Http://" > Modelversion > 4.0.0 Modelversion > Groupid > Mysel20proj Groupid > Artifactid > Mysel20proj Artifactid > Version > 1.0 Version > Packaging > Jar Packaging > Name > Mysel20proj Name > URL > Http:// URL > Propertie

SELENIUM+IDEA+MAVEN+TESTNG Environment Construction

variable m2_home, point to the extracted Maven directory, such as C:\Program files\java\apache-maven-3.3.3, and add%m2_home%\bin to the PATH variable.4. Copy the settings.xml files in the attachment to the following two paths:A. C:\Users\User_Name\.m2B. path\to\apache-maven-3.3.3\conf5. Open a cmd, execute mvn–v, and display the

Self_java + Selenium + Maven Environment setup Steps

Transferred from: use Java+selenium webdriver to build the environment, which is also divided into two parts: Installing Java and IntelliJ idea Files introduced by Maven using the specified selenium pom.xml Mavenis a tool for project building that conveniently manages the life cycle of a project. At the sa

Automated Test Learning (eight) Selenium 2.0 environment based on MAVEN

Before I said a kind of square test to build selenium RC environment, that article is based on the Selenium RC 1.0 way, the current official website has not provided 1.0 download, I provide the download link is csdn on. In fact, if you are familiar with MAVEN, selenium RC will become easy and easy, of course, my opera

Java+testng+maven+selenium Web Automation test Script Environment Building

the source code you just downloaded.Detailed Engineering Structure:One of the simplest standard MAVEN projects, where the source code is placed under the Src/main/java directory, the test code is placed in the Src/test/java directory;MAVEN also created a pom.xml that manages the jar packages that the project relies on for you.The upper Isn't it convenient?4. Check if the environment is ready to completeIn

Automated testing "Maven+eclipse+selenium+java environment building and testing"

First, download the necessary documents1. EclipseEclipse official website2. JDKJDK website3. Selenium IDE, selenium Server, selenium Client Drivers (Java), etc.Selenium Note: A proxy server is required to download I'm using a missus cat.4. MAVEN installation, configuration, etc.Second, installation1, Eclipse decompress

Java + Selenium + TestNG + Maven framework for Web Automation

target folder like:.. \target\cpstestdemo-0.0.1.jar6. Execute. Jar without Eclipse7. LogUsing log4j2 to log console log outputXML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>ConfigurationStatus= "WARN"> appenders> Consolename= "Console"Target= "System_out"> Patternlayoutpattern= "%d{yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss. SSS} [%-5level]%logger{-3}:%l-%msg%n " /> Console> Rollingfilename= "Rollingfile"FileName= "Log/console.log"Filepattern= "log/$${date:yyyy-mm-dd}/console-%d{mm-dd-yyyy}-

Selenium Java MAVEN automation Test (ii) page element acquisition and manipulation

the action to get the page element, click the button, and enter the form.the Selenium offers 8 positioning methods: Id Name Class name Tag name Link text Partial link text Xpath CSS Selector here are the 8 ways to locate in the code: Findelement ( ()) Findelement ( ()) Findelement (By.classname ()) Findelement (By.tagname ()) Findelement (By.linktext ()) Findelement (B

Maven manually add the Selenium JAR package to the local repository

When you create a MAVEN project in IntelliJ, adding a selenium dependency package does not download the remote dependency package error, you need to manually add the jar package to the local warehouseRecommend a few good Maven common warehouse URLs:

Selenium 2 Getting Started

encounter a security problem tip: "Protected Mode must be set to the same value (enabled or disabled) for all zones". To solve this problem, you need to set specific features, as shown in Listing 8.Listing 8. Setting security features for Internet ExplorerDesiredcapabilities capability=desiredcapabilities.internetexplorer (); Capability.setcapability ( internetexplorerdriver.introduce_flakiness_by_ ignoring_security_domains, true); Webdriver Webdriver = new Internetexplorerdriv

Selenium resource list

also supports Script Development in multiple programming languages, including C #, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Refer: Http:// Selenium online documentation: Http:// WebDriver and selenium2.0: Http:// Selenium2.0 is still under development and improvement. You can view the progress on the Google Code open-source Website: Http://

Selenium private kitchen Series 8-fun selenium server [oo]

This article mainly introduces the working principle of selenium server.Interaction ModeStart. In the first selenium RC test case, we started selenium server with the command "Java-jar selenium-server.jar". In fact, when we started selenium server, you can also add parameter

[Go] selenium Private food series 1 -- Introduction to Selenium

1. What is selenium? Selenium is a powerful open-source Web function testing tool series of throughtworks. This series now mainly includes the following four: 1. Selenium core: supports DHTML test cases (similar to data-driven tests). It is the engine of selenium IDE and selenium

MAVEN Learning notes-Converting a common Java project into a MAVEN project (3)

Converting a common Java project into a MAVEN project is not a very big task, it only takes the following steps to make the conversion successful. Here I use a simple selenium test small demon as an example. Move all associated libraries in a project Convert a selenium project into a MAVEN project Add

[Selenium+java] Selenium Grid Tutorial:command Line and JSON Example

Original url: is Selenium Grid?Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite this specializes in running multiple tests across different browsers, Operat ing systems, and machines in parallel.The Selenium grid has

"ui Test Automation selenium" Rollup

Java implementation of the Selenium FoundationSelenium RC Environment ConfigurationNovice Automation Test (i)----Selenium IDENovice Automation Test (ii)----Selenium IDE feature extensionRookie Learning Automation Test (iii)----Selenium commandNovice Automation Test (iv)----The validation page element of the

Selenium 2.0 Webdriver User Guide

use Htmlunitdriver.4. Configure Selenium-webdriver EngineeringInstallation of selenium refers to theDevelopment EnvironmentA project can then be programmed in this project using selenium. How you configure it depends on the development language and programming environment you use.Using MAVEN is the simplest way to con

Selenium Automated test environment Construction ECLIPSE+SELENIUM+JUNIT+TESTNG

1. Installing the JDKJDK1.7Download path: ' Next ', OK. Configure environment variables when installation is complete:Java_home = E:\Java\Java\jdk1.7.0_15PATH =%java_home%\binCLASSPATH =.; %java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\lib\tools.jarCMD command-line input:java-version, returns the following result, indicating that the installation was successful2. Download Eclipse: the

Selenium detailed introduction to the Java Selenium Tutorial _java

Selenium is the most extensive web UI Automation testing framework currently in use. This series of articles will go into the brief to explain the usage of selenium. Reading Table of Contents The name of the selenium Selenium means selenium (a bit QTP the killer's meaning

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