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Selenium first example with Python (Windows system)

Install python (, download the latest Python version Configure environment variables. (Example), I installed Python under/installation folder with Python 3.5.2. The path set is as follows:d:\installation\python3.5.2;d:\installation\python3.5.2\scrip

Example of using Selenium to implement web screenshot in Python

Selenium is a tool that allows the browser to automate a series of tasks, often used for automated testing. However, it can also be used to give Web pages. Currently, it supports four client languages for Java, C #, Ruby, and Python. If you use Python, you only need to enter "sudo easy_install selenium" on the command

Python Selenium+webdriver Automation Test Example

#coding =utf-8from Selenium Import webdriver #引入selnium模块的webdriver包 #import time #引入time函数 #browser=webdriver. Firefox () #初始化打开Firefox浏览器 #browser.get (") #打开百度网站 # Time.sleep (0.3) #休眠0.3 sec. #browser.find_element_by_id (" kw "). Send_ Keys ("Selenium") #找到百度输入框的ID: KW, then enter the value Selenium search #time.sleep (2) #休眠2秒 #browser.find_element_by_id ("s

The simplest example of Python selenium

Installing Selenium with PipDownload Chromedriver, add in Path#-*-coding:utf-8-*- fromSeleniumImportWebdriver fromSelenium.common.exceptionsImporttimeoutexception since 2.4.0Import Time#Create A new instance of the browser driverDriver = Webdriver. Chrome ()##可以替换为IE (), Firefox () Chrome ( ) #go to the Google home pageDriver.get ("") #find the element that's na

Python crawler Example (ii) grab the live fish platform data using selenium

span >Use Beatuifulsoup to get the element with the following code:# number of spectators numbers = Soup.find_all("span", {"class" :" dy-num fr"})The process is probably the case, here is the complete code:#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-coding:utf-8-*- fromSeleniumImportWebdriver fromBs4ImportBeautifulSoup as BSImportsysreload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding ("Utf-8")classDouyu ():def __init__(self): Self.driver=Webdriver. PHANTOMJS () Self.num=0 Self.count=

Python+selenium Automation Implementation Example-processing paging (pagination)

SceneFor pagination, we are most interested in the following information How many pages are there in total How many pages are you currently on? Can I have a previous page and a next page? CodeThe following code shows how to get the total paging and the current page, jump to a specified number of pages#Coding:utf-8 fromSeleniumImportWebdriverImportTimedriver=Webdriver. Chrome () Driver.get ("")#get the number of all pagination#-2 is because you w

Based on Python DDT, selenium data-driven test Example 1

) self.asserttrue (self.is_content_present ("%s"% Expected_ Value) def is_element_present (self, how, what): "" "Utility method to check presence of an Elem ENT on page:p arams how:by locator type:p arams what:locator value "" "Try:self . Browser.find_element (By=how, value=what) except Nosuchelementexception, _: Return False return T Rue def is_content_present (self, What): "" "Utility method to check presence of a element on page :p arams what:content value "" "Try:self.browser.find_ele

[Selenium+java] Selenium Grid Tutorial:command Line and JSON Example

Address of the remote machine. Test result can be verified on the default TestNG report generatedSummary Selenium Grid is used to run multiple tests simultaneously on different browsers and platforms. Grid uses the Hub-node concept. The hub is the central point wherein you load your tests. Nodes is the Selenium instances that'll execute the tests that's loaded on the hub. To instal

Install selenium in python and python selenium

Install selenium in python and python seleniumInstall python Go to the Python official website, find "Download", and select your own platform (Windows/Mac) from the drop-down menu. Generally, you do not need to install Python on t

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium (1)Preface Selenium GridTests can be distributed on several physical or virtual machines to perform tests in a distributed or parallel manner. This link is an official description. Https://

Python crawler accumulation (i)--------the use of SELENIUM+PYTHON+PHANTOMJS

api: Official example: github: installation of PHANTOMJSI windowns7 the system, the downloaded phantomjs.exe moved to your Python folder under the script can be used. (Download Link: password:2zm4)Small test:1 From

Python+selenium Note (11): Configuring the Selenium Grid

) - Cls.driver.maximize_window () +Cls.driver.get ("") - + defTest_search_by_look (self): ASeach_class = Self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//li/a[@href = "/cate/2/"]') at #Small class Python in the Location programming language -Seach_small =self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//li/a[@href = "/cate/python/"]') - actionchains (self.driver). Move_to_element (Seac

Selenium Ultimate Automated Test Environment Construction (ii) Selenium+eclipse+python

SeleniumThe Ultimate Automated test Environment Setup (II.)Selenium+eclipse+pythonThe previous example of the selenium+eclipse+junit+testng Automated test environment, on the basis of the previous article, the following example Selenium+eclipse+

Python crawler accumulation (1) -------- use of selenium + python + PhantomJS and phantomjspython Crawler

/. Official PhantomJS API: /. Official PhantomJS example: /. PhantomJS GitHub: /.4. Install PhantomJS In the Windows 7 system, move the downloaded phantomjs.exe file to the Script in your python folder. (Download link: password: 2zm4) Small test: 1 from

Python data capture with selenium, and introduction to selenium resources

interpreter,selenium can be downloaded according to my first blog's practice. PHANTOMJS, you can directly through the link I gave to download. When the two are all installed, you can start data capture formally. Of course, the example is my blog ~First on the sample code!#-*-coding:utf-8-*-# fromSeleniumImportWebdriverdefcrawling_webdriver ():#get local session of PHANTOMJSDriver = Webdriver. PHANTOMJS (ex

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (13th): Selenium face Test

of Selenium-webdriver, I found that the principle of webdriver is not inscrutable speculate. Here is an example of the firefox-webdriver implementation of Webdriver Ruby binding, which briefly describes how Webdriver works.When the test script starts Firefox, Selenium-webdriver will start the Firefox browser in the new thread first. If the test script specifies

"Selenium learning Note one" Python + Selenium the way to locate page elements.

through LinkSometimes not an input box is not a button, but a text link, we can#coding =utf-8FromseleniumimportwebdriverImporttimeDF = Webdriver. Firefox () #选择firefox浏览器Df.get ("") #打开百度网页Time.sleep (2) #暂停2秒, not millisecondsDf.find_element_by_link_text ("Paste"). Click () #点击贴吧链接Time.sleep (2)Df.quit () #关闭浏览器Partiallinktext PositioningThrough part of the link location, this is sometimes used, I have not thought of good use. With the above

Python selenium--must be used selenium wait, three kinds of waiting way to interpret

as XX time, whether the bump can keep up with the speed, or has been early, must wait xx time.Look at the code:# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-from selenium import webdriverfrom time import sleepdriver = webdriver.Firefox()driver.get(‘‘)sleep(3) # 强制等待3秒再执行下一步print driver.current_urldriver.quit()This is called forced wait, regardless of whether your browser is loaded, the program will have to wait 3 seconds, 3 seconds to continue t

Selenium (1): selenium installation in Python, seleniumpython

Selenium (1): selenium installation in Python, seleniumpythonAbout selenium Selenium is also a tool for Web application testing. The Selenium test runs directly in the browser, just as the real user is operating. Supported browser

Python + Selenium + pycharm environment deployment details and Selenium Brief introduction

First, Test System: Python + Selenium + pycharm + Jenkins/dockerEnvironment Construction:1. Install python 3.4/3.5 2/3.6/3.72. Configure Environment variables3.pip Install selenium== version number 3.3 (frame with the latest in mature language)4. Install editor Pycharm, Project path cannot contain Chinese, name is mean

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