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Selenium-webdriver (Python) (14) Introduction to Webdriver Principle

Before watching ethanol video mentioned that selenium's Ruby implementation has a small back door, add $debug=1 in the code, and then run the script, you can see the client requested information and server-side data returned; Think this is a powerful feature, can help to understand how Webdriver works. After a long search, Python did not provide such a convenient backdoor, but we can obtain these interacti

Selenium's Python source interpretation-webdriver inheritance relationship


Selenium-webdriver (Python) (i) Setting up the environment

Why do you choose Python? Before the rookie series is based on Java, a year did not learn to forget almost, the current product part of the test is also written in Python, and the team is also promoting Python, in fact, for testers, Python is also quite popular. Easy to learn, easy to use. The probability of

Selenium Webdriver +python Explanation

, and core. Where selenium core is embedded in the browser page by Selenium core (a collection of JavaScript functions). Launcher is used to launch the browser, load the selenium core into the browser page, and set the browser proxy to selenium Server's HTTP proxy.2. Selenium

Easy Automation---selenium-webdriver (python) (eight)

(\ "User_name\") The ID of element Q is user_name\ "1px solid red\The style of element Q with a border of 1 pixels red Hide elementsJs.htmlHtml>Head>MetaHttp-equiv= "Content-type"Content= "Text/html;charset=utf-8"/>Title>jsTitle>ScriptType= "Text/javascript"Async=""Src= "Http://">Script>LinkHref= "Http://"Rel= "stylesheet"/>ScriptType= "Tex

"Go" Selenium webdriver + Python Environment

requires networking) "Python for Selenium installation package"The main is to let the integration of Selenium Webdriver API.: Https:// Environment installation (Windows)2.1. Install the Python environme

Selenium-webdriver (Python) (ii) How to print URLs

display problems. (Above the mobile phone mail site is the author tested a product) Manipulating browsers to move forward and back The browser has a backward, forward button, for browsing the Web site is more convenient for the students to do the Web Automation test should be a more difficult to simulate the problem; in fact, it's very simple, look at how Python is implemented #coding =utf-8 from Seleniu

Python + Selenium webdriver using Python to simulate mouse, keyboard operation, to solve swffileupload call system Bottom Popup cannot locate the problem

(Win32con. Mouseeventf_rightup, 0, 0, 0, 0)#left mouse button releaseTime.sleep (1) win32api.keybd_event (13,0,0,0)#Enter keying codeWin32api.keybd_event (13, 0,win32con. keyeventf_keyup,0) win32api.keybd_event (13,0,0,0)#Enter keying codeWin32api.keybd_event (13, 0,win32con. keyeventf_keyup,0) Time.sleep (1)② analog mouse Positioning selection filedef mouse_double_click (x, y): Windll.user32.SetCursorPos (x, y) win32api.mouse_event (Win32con. mouseeventf_leftdown,0,0,0,0) win32api.mouse_event

Python selenium+webdriver three ways to wait time

Article Source: In the process of automating development, sometimes in order to ensure the stability of the script, you need to add the wait time in the script. Sleep (): Sets the fixed hibernation time. The Python time package provides hibernation (), and you can use sleep () to hibernate after the time package is imported. Implicitly_wait (): Is a timeout waiting for Webdirver. Implicitly waiting for an

Easy Automation---selenium-webdriver (python) (iv)

positioning function is different,The first uses the name , the second type of CSS. How to remove the tick:There is also a problem, sometimes we do not want to tick all the page check box (checkbox), you can use the following method to remove the last tick box. As follows:#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-From seleniumImportWebdriverImportTimeImportOSDR =Webdriver. Firefox () File_path =‘file:///' + Os.path.abspath (‘Checkbox.html ") dr.get (file_path) # input[type

Python+selenium: Browser Webdriver Action (1)--Basic object positioning

) Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//div[@id = ' FM ']/form/span/input"). Send_keys ("Selenium")#The id=fm element with a div tag under the/form/span/input Level tabDriver.find_element_by_xpath ("//tr[@id = ' check ']/td[2]"). Click ()#tr with id ' check ', locate the 2nd TD in hisxpath:position (position) Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//input"). Send_keys ("Selenium") Driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//tr[7]/

Selenium with Python 008-webdriver element waits

class is a wait method provided by the Webdriver, which detects the presence of the current page element at intervals over a set time. Specific formats such as: Webdriverwait (Driver,timeout,poll_frequency=0.5,ignored_exceptions=none)#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-coding:utf-8-*- fromSeleniumImportWebdriver fromSelenium.webdriver.common.byImport by fromSeleniu

Use the Python selenium-webdriver Demo Blog Park Login

beginner Python, recently in the Python+selenium automated book with the Worm master, also try to write a login function verification 2333Code###########################using Python selenium-webdriver#simulate the login process of

Easy Automation---selenium-webdriver (python) (vi)

elementFind_element_by_partial_link_text (Link_text) find_elements_by_partial_link_text (Link_text)#Find part of a link to an element of textFind_element_by_tag_name (name) find_elements_by_tag_name (name)#Find the label name of an elementFind_element_by_xpath (XPath)#Find XPath for an element Find_elements_by_xpath (XPath) # find child elements within an element Xpath Find_element_by_class_name (name) # Find the class name of an element find_elements_by_ Class_name (name) # Find the class na

Selenium-webdriver Series Python Tutorials (3) ———— How to perform a section of JS

Sometimes you need to execute a JS script on the page when you are automating the test.Execute_script method.From selenium import WebdriverBrowserobj_dirver = Webdriver. Ie ()Browserobj_dirver.get ("")Browserobj_dirver.implicitly_wait (5)Browserobj_dirver.execute_script ("q = document.getelementbyidx_x_x (' TB ');" + " = ' 1px solid red ';")The above code opens the first pag

Selenium-webdriver (Python) (15) Introduction to mouse events

This section focuses on: Actionchains class Context_click () Right-click Double_click () Double-click Drag_and_drop () drag The test of the product is a right click on the file list will pop up a shortcut menu, you can easily select the shortcut menu to select the file to operate (delete, move, rename), before learning elements of the Click is very simple: driver.find_element_by_id ("xxx"). Click () Then the mouse double-click, right click, drag, etc. is this the way it is written? For ex

Easy Automation---selenium-webdriver (python) (vii)

ifrome1 (id = f1) browser.switch_to_frame ("F1 ") # Then find the ifrome2 below it (ID =f2) browser.switch_to_frame ( "f2) # Below you can manipulate elements browser.find_element_by_id (" kw" selenium ") browser.find_element _by_id ( "su" ). Click () time.sleep (3 Browser.quit () Driver.switch_to_window ()It is possible to nest not frames, but windows, and true-to-window methods: Switch_to_windowUsage is the same as Switch_to_frame:Driver.swit

Python Selenium+webdriver Automation Test Example

#coding =utf-8from Selenium Import webdriver #引入selnium模块的webdriver包 #import time #引入time函数 #browser=webdriver. Firefox () #初始化打开Firefox浏览器 #browser.get (") #打开百度网站 # Time.sleep (0.3) #休眠0.3 sec. #browser.find_element_by_id (" kw "). Send_ Keys ("Selenium") #找到百度输入框的ID: KW,

Python + Selenium notes (7): WebDriver and WebElement,

Python + Selenium notes (7): WebDriver and WebElement, (1)WebDriver WebDriver provides many functions and settings for interacting with browsers. Through WebDriver functions and some methods, it can interact with browser windows,

Selenium Webdriver Python Action browser

New Driver Driver=webdriver. Firefox () Driver=webdriver. Ie () Driver=webdriver. Chrome () Change browser Maximize browser Driver.maximize_window () Set Browser size driver.set_window_size (480,800) browser forward, back Driver.forward () Driver.back () Sets the browser location driver. Set_window_position (0,0) Close the browser driver.quit () Close the curre

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