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ASP. 2 Lesson Nineth-Self-hosted web API

ObjectiveBefore reading this article, you can also go to the ASP. NET Web API 2 series navigation to view ASP. NET Web API can require IIS. You can host a Web API on your own console.This tutorial

A method of traffic flow scheduling in Edge machine room based on network traffic statistics and feedback

Currently serving the Web and mobile live streaming media systems, generally due to the backbone of the core computer Room network quality assurance, while the media stream publishing client if the network to the server appears to be a card, will

ASP. NET Web API: Host (Hosting)


SIP's most popular communication protocols are mature

Introduction Communication providers and their partners and users are increasingly eager for a new generation of IP-based services. Now we have the SIP Session Initiation Protocol. SIP was born less than a decade ago in the computer science

Understanding sip-the most popular communication protocol today

Address: Introduction Next-generation services Historical Review Advantages of SIP: Web-like scalable open communication SIP session Composition Introduction Communication providers and

Demonstration virtualization through enhanced Terminal Services

Virtualization is a hot topic nowadays, but most people only associate it with virtual machines and operating system virtualization. However, since the launch of Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Services have been abstracted as the presentation layer of

CDN acceleration in China

What is CDN CDN stands for content delivery network (CDN. Is a network application located between the network layer and the application layer. The purpose is to add a new network architecture to the existing Internet, publish the website content to

Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions vs. VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions

deliver virtual desktops for a variety of scenarios through XenDesktop and Flexcast problems with Enterprise desktops Providing a secure and efficient desktop environment for each user is a basic requirement for

Learning-responsive design (learning responsive WEB design) full version pdf

Want the best user experience for tablets, phones, notebooks, big-screen devices, and even wearable devices? Then learn the responsive design. This is a very comprehensive, very thorough introductory book. In particular, this book will not only

Connection management of Frontend learning HTTP

Previous wordsAn HTTP connection is a critical channel for HTTP message transmission. To master HTTP, you need to understand the ins and outs of HTTP connections and how to use those connectionsIf you want to view a Web page, the browser will follow

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