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Sencha Touch 2 Official document translation Intro to applications with Sencha Touch 2 (Introduction to ST2 applications)

Original address: Objective: It is always difficult to read English documents, and the non-native and professional speeches are easily discouraged and impetuous, which leads to inefficient learning. Translation is a good way to translate the learning needs into the task of translation, forcing oneself not only to see, to understand, but also to carve, and then clear expression, the results of this study in translation is undoubtedl

Sencha Touch Introduction Series (ix) Sencha Touch Layout layout

The layout is used to describe the size and location of the components in your application, and in the Sencha touch we provide the following layouts: 1.HBox: Hbox and horizontal box layout, which we call the horizontal layout, here is a demo code: Ext.create (' Ext.container ', { Fullscreen:true, layout: ' Hbox ', items: [ { xtype: ' Panel ', HTML: ' Messag

Sencha Touch OA System Development | Sencha Touch Project Tutorial

Download: Http:// Password: dy8n1th. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 Technology-introduction of system demonstration and related technology2nd. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 technology _ related software installation and use Sencha write the first HTML5 program3rd. Development of Mobile OA using HTML5 technology _ Learn Sencha Touch

[Phonegap + Sencha Touch] Question about the name of the program packaged by phonegap in mobile development 18 Sencha Touch

Previously said Sencha phonegap init com. pushsoft. myapp MyApp The package installation package is named "“myapp.apk". The program name displayed on the mobile phone desktop (text under the icon) is also "MyApp" If you want to change to another name, modify the MyApp \ config. xml file and set" MyApp "Change the name of MyApp in the middle to the desired name. Note: If the xml content contains Chinese characters, it should be changed to UTF-8 enco

[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile development Sencha Touch Project by Phonegap after packaging the program name problem

Said beforeSencha phonegap Init com.pushsoft.myapp MyAppAfter the packaged program install package APK name is "myapp.apk", the program name displayed on the phone desktop (the text below the icon) is also "MyApp"If you want to change to a different name, change the Myapp\config.xml file, and change the top "Note that the assumption of XML content in Chinese, to be changed to UTF-8 encoding, note that the text file encoding, not the top "1.0 ' encoding= ' utf-8 '"?>. It is recommended to change

Open source plugins and examples of Sencha touch

Wrote for a long time Sencha touch, did not expect to change work unexpectedly more than a year did not engage. Because of the project to collect a lot of components, due to laziness, no finishing, now think a little regret, plus if this discard, feel some regret, today collated a bit on GitHub, can help sencha-touch f

Create a custom Layout in Ext JS and Sencha Touch, extsencha

Create a custom Layout in Ext JS and Sencha Touch, extsencha Original article: Creating Custom Layouts in Ext JS and Sencha Touch The layout system is the most powerful and unique part of the Sencha framework. The layout processes the size and location of each component in

Sencha Touch 2 Getting Started: creating one of the practical weather applications

Original title: Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2:build a Weather Utility App (Part 1) Original address: Author:Lee BoonstraLee is a technical trainer at Sencha. She ' s loca

Comparison of Sencha Touch and JQuery Mobile

Comparison of Sencha Touch and jquery Mobile in English: Sencha Touch vs jquery MobileTags:Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile 103 People collection This article, I want to collect Oschina recommended 2 years ago (total 7 paragraphs, translated 08-02) (23 reviews) participation in Tr

"Translation" explore the layout system of Ext JS 5 and Sencha Touch

Original: Exploring the Layout System in Ext JS 5 and Sencha TouchThe layout system is one of the most powerful and distinctive parts of the Sencha framework.The layout handles the size and position of each component in the application. There are a lot of similarities between Ext JS and Sencha touch directly. Especiall

How to Use sencha touch 2 sass custom icons

The default icons provided by sencha touch are limited, so there are only a few APIs. However, to facilitate expansion, sencha touch has already prepared several Icon files and sass code for us to facilitate later CSS customization. The icon file is under \ resources \ themes \ images \ Default \ pictos. If not, you c

Application monitoring (App Inspector) prepared for Ext JS and Sencha Touch developers)

as part of the nonprofit foundation and Sencha lab so that anyone could contribute to him. Sencha-based application monitoring 2.0 supports both Ext JS (4.x) and Sencha Touch (2.x) applications, and is now ready for use. Note: Search for App Inspector in the Chrome App market to find this extension. Function The mo

"Translation" Create custom layouts in Ext JS and Sencha Touch

Original: Creating Custom Layouts in Ext JS and Sencha TouchThe layout system is the most powerful and unique part of the Sencha framework. The layout handles the size and position of each component in the application, so there is no need to manually manage those fragments. There are many similarities between Ext JS and Sencha Touch's layout class, which was rece

Comparison of Sencha touch and jquery Mobile

First group-Marketing and platform supportSencha Touch and jquery Mobile are known as the HTML5 framework. JQuery Mobile is modestly saying that it is built on all popular mobile device platforms, while Sencha Touch says it is the only one that makes it possible for developers to Ios,android,blachberry,windows Phone and more on the OS to develop beautiful applica

How to Use eclipse to develop the sencha touch framework

UseEclipseDevelopmentSencha touch frameworkIs the content of this article, mainly to understandSencha touch frameworkDevelopment quick start learning. For details about the implementation of specific content, see this article. First, it is the same as many other frameworks.Sencha touchWe provide a series of controls that allow us to easily build HTML5 pages comparable to iPhone apps. The perfect support for

Learning one of sencha touch MVC applications from scratch

Learning one of sencha touch MVC applications from scratch Introduction: Sencha touch is an Object-Oriented Java framework that allows developers to build mobile apps on iPhone, andriod, BlackBerry, and other Touch devices. If you need further information, go to

Sencha Touch 2 Official document translation using views in your applications (using view)

Original address: Objective: The view is the face of an MVC application, and no matter how your application is designed, the user can see only the view that is in front of you, so your evaluation can only be achieved by viewing the image. So anyway, be sure to design your view with your heart. The English site of this article is Http://!/guide/views The origina

Sencha Touch 2 Official document translation Controllers (Controller Learning Guide)

Original address: Objective: Controller [controllers] play a role in Sencha Touch MVC, which controls the presentation logic of the view and is responsible for data processing logic (including loading, displaying, updating, adding and deleting data) based on the data model. The controller is like glue, and with it it's able to glue together th

Sencha Touch Learning Notes (ii) Preparation before development

1. Choose a browser that can be compatible and debug Sencha touch Sencha Touch was designed for the WebKit kernel, so chrome or Safari is a great place to show webapp based on Sencha touch. I prefer chrome developer tools, n

Sencha Touch Development Environment Construction (i.)

Recently learning Android + HTML +css +js build Android App development mode. Through the Internet access to information, selected Sencha Touch to learn, because the middle has traveled a lot of detours, so specially recorded to download their own learning process for later learning to use.The first step: Install JDK+JRE, there is not much to say, there is a problem please Baidu.Step Two: Install Tomcat, no

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