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Send and receive faxes with Windows2000

One said that the computer to send and receive faxes, many people will think of WinFax, BitWare and other software. Yes, these software is powerful, can complete the task very well, but they are more complex operation and the English interface, but let some users to be discouraged. In fact, as long as your computer installed Windows2000, and have a fax function "

How do I send and receive faxes on the Samsung inkjet fax machine? (SF-371P, SF-370)

I. Line connectionBefore sending or receiving a fax, connect the random cables to the telephone outlet on the wall.2. Sending a fax1. Place the original fax text down to the paper dispenser.2. Pick up the microphone or press hands-free dialing ].3. Enter the number of the remote fax machine on the keyboard.4. After hearing the fax, press start fax ].5. Put the microphone back.3. Receive fax1. Use a micropho

The all-in-one machine cannot send and receive faxes and displays "no response ",

Phenomenon: cannot send and receive faxes, screen display " No answer " . Reason: line parallel, affect the stability of fax signal. The solution is as follows: 1. Please confirm that the fax operation is correct, please click here to inquire. 2. Please confirm that the connection between the telephone line and the machine is plugged in, the main

How do I send and receive faxes? (SL-M2876HN, SL-M2676FH)

I. Line connection Before sending or receiving a fax, connect the random cables to the telephone outlets on the wall, connect the household cable to LINE, and connect the extension LINE to EXT ].2. Sending a fax1. Place the single-page document face-down on the document glass plate or the front-up on the paper feed device.2. Press fax on the control panel.3. Press hands-free dialing on the control panel or pick up the microphone.4. Enter a fax number

Fax is not able to send and receive faxes

The telephone of the fax machine can be used normally, but cannot send and receive faxes. If the phone and fax machine are a telephone line, check that the phone line is connected correctly. The telephone line of the telecommunication Bureau is plugged into the linear jack marked by the fax machine and the telephone extension is inserted into the line jac

How do I use email to send and receive emails?

  1 Apply for free email To use e-mail, you must first request a network mailbox. Now the major sites have free mailbox can apply, the following to apply for "NetEase free mailbox" as an example to explain. Step 1 Open the Web page, enter "" in the browser's address bar, and click "163 Mailboxes"

How can I use my computer to send and receive emails in win10 ?, Win10 email sending and receiving

How can I use my computer to send and receive emails in win10 ?, Win10 email sending and receiving It is very convenient to send and receive emails on your computer. Click the Start Menu, click all applications, and locate the email

No email client? Use telnet to send and receive emails!

Telnet to port 25 of the server to send emails using the SMTP service of the server. Below is what I tested at the company Code In bold. Telnet Microsoft ESMTP mail service, version: ready at Fri, 9 May 2008 10:51:50 + 0800 Helo250 Hello [] Mail from: 2.1.0 sender OK Rcpt to:

PHP uses QQ free enterprise mail to send email code

; SMTPDebug;$ Mail-> Host = " ";$ Mail-> SMTPAuth = true;$ Mail-> Port = 25;$ Mail-> Username = " ";$ Mail-> Password = "******"; $ Mail-> AddReplyTo ($ frommail, 'tankzhang ');$ Mail-> AddAddress ($ tomail );$ Mail-> SetFrom ($ frommail, 'tankzhang '); $ Mail-> IsHTML (true );$ Mail-> Subject = $ subject;$ Mail-> MsgHTML ($ body ); If (! $ Mail-> Send ()){Echo "failed to send the

An example of PHP using QQ free email to send mail

PHP Email example, send an email of course need a client mailbox, today This example is to use QQ free enterprise mailbox as email mail, 01 02include "phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"; 03function Send_mail ($frommail, $tomail, $subject, $body, $ccmail, $bccmail) { 04$mail

Use 139 email to send text messages to any mobile phone for free

It has become a common sense for SMS talents to use Feixin to send free text messages. However, sending a text message using Apsara requires two people to be friends with Apsara. This brings about two problems: 1. To send a text message to a friend who has not yet added a friend, you must add him as a friend first. This requires confirmation from both parties. H

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