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Send email with socket _php Basics

Send an e-mail with a socket in several PHP home pages that the author has requested, there is not much to offer mail functionality, always after the mail () function is called No more. But e-mail plays an increasingly important role in online life.

Send email with socket in PHP

Of the several PHP home pages that the author is applying for, there is not much that can be done to provide mail functionality, and there is no context after the mail () function is always called. But e-mail plays an increasingly important role in

Multi-thread-PHP how to send requests in batches !!!!

For example, a web Background page requires an operation to send emails or push emails to tens of thousands of users ~ What should I do to transfer to php without affecting other operations after this operation? Because php requests are processed in

Oracle SQL statements perform the complete process:

The SQL statement executes the complete process:1. The user process submits an SQL statement: Update temp set A=A*2 to the server process.2. After the server process receives the information from the user process, the process allocates the required

Jquery.ajax report parseerror Invalid json error reason and workaround: Cannot parse

(默认: 自动判断 (xml 或 html)) 请求失败时调用时间。参数有以下三个:XMLHttpRequest 对象、错误信息、(可选)捕获的错误对象。如果发生了错误,错误信息(第二个参数)除了得到null 之外,还可能是 "timeout" , "error" , "notmodified" 和 "parsererror"。The first parameter returned by the error event XMLHttpRequest has some useful

Zabbix Monitoring-Alarm Chapter Actions

Usually, an alarm is generated and is such a process.If a certain condition is met, then the alarm.Abstract into a computer language is:if (Conditiona = = True) {Alet ();}You can also choose who to call the police (which user), how to alarm (alarm

Four: Basic use of network--nsurlconnection

First, the common class of Nsurlconnection(1) Nsurl: Request Address(2) Nsurlrequest: Encapsulates a request to save all data sent to the server, including a Nsurl object, request method, request header, request body ....(3) Subclass of

How to Write use case

What is use case The writing of case description documents is a reflection of the deep understanding of user requirements by system analysts. It is an important basis for later time sequence diagrams and actual development. It can also be used as a

iOS event mechanism (i)

iOS event mechanism (i)DEC 7TH, 2013 The premise of application is to masterThe essence of mastery is understanding This content will be learned and analyzed around iOS events and their delivery mechanisms. In iOS, events fall into

TCL secondary CT tutorial Chinese Version

[Copyright notice]    Copyright (c) 1999      This tutorial is translated by * huluwa * and is modified as needed, so that it can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. However, this [copyright notice] Must be copied during

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