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CentOS SendMail installation and mail domain configuration

Label:Http:// is an excellent mail system under Linux. In the case of no setting, the email source address of SendMail e-mail is like [email protected], which will almost be identified

How to use SendMail under the AIX operating system

First, the basic knowledge:SendMail is the most widely used message transfer agent in a UNIX environment, SendMail mail server features powerful but complex configuration, sendmail version upgrades very frequently, The SendMail version number used by

Linux CentOS6 mail/sendmail command to send email implementation

Because you often work under Linux, so many times you need to send your work reports or other useful stuff to the people involved, so take the time to study how to send mail under Linux. We can usually use the following 3 to send the way: 1. Use She

CentOS SendMail installation and mail domain configuration

Label:Endmail is an excellent mail system under Linux. In the case of no setting, the email source address of SendMail e-mail is like [email protected], which will almost be identified by all the mailboxes as spam (spam) or directly rejected.1,

Install sendmail send mail under Linux

Label:First, SendMail installation Under CentOS, SendMail is typically installed with the operating system by default. If the SendMail service is not installed when the system is installed, manually installing SendMail is also simple: # yum

centos6.6 sending mail using sendmail BACKUP log

Tags: centos6.6 send mail using sendmail backup logI. Description of the Environment[Email protected] ~]# Head-n1/etc/issuecentos release 6.6 (Final) [[email protected] ~]#Second, installation steps1. Installing the SendMail server[[email protected]

Configuring SendMail and Dovecot in the CentOS 6.6 system

Tags: files in DMA 6.2 CentOS 6 EFI CentOS dig CENTOS6 centos6.6Online introduction of SendMail's article thousands of species, rarely followed by a successful one. There are some inaccuracies in the number of words.I'll share with you some of the

Linux SendMail mail system installation operation record

Tags: process send note plain OSS external names error identificationThe composition of the e-mail system:1) Mail user agent (Mail user agent , mua), MUA is a mail system client program that provides a user interface for reading,

Zabbix service is OK, but sendmail email alert is not received

Tags: Zabbix monitoring sendmail not receiving alarmsThe SendMail service on the most recent Zabbix server is functioning correctly, but sending the message failed.The View Log Interception section appears as follows:May 16:58:30 localhost sendmail[3

Installation of the SendMail server

Label:1. Check if SendMail is installed: Rpm-qa | grep sendmail 2, yum-y install SendMail installationYum-y Remove SendMail Uninstall 3. Start SendMail Service System: /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail start-bd-q12h The parameters followed are explained

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