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Simulate the SMTP Relay service to build the most powerful and fastest virtual SMTP in history

Open relay are generally not open on many servers However, some servers support open. But the above services are based on the hardware environment! I think the people think, I thought of a way to use virtual relay! Intercepts the string that the user will send at the end of the @, spelling it into a mailserver, The mailserver that the sender is sending is the mailserver I intercepted. In this way, Mailsmtps

Sendmail configuration with SMTP authentication

configuration) after the compilation is successful, run./Build install to install the software. 3. Next, rewrite the configuration file of Sendmail. Go back to the upper-level directory, go to the cf/cf directory, and find the appropriate. mc file (specific practices See other articles, which are not covered in this article ). Add the following lines as required:    Trust_auth_mtech ('login PLAIN DIGEST-MD5 ') Define ('confauth _ MECHANISMS ', 'login

Send e-mail directly without SMTP server relay

Objective You must be familiar with the "SpeedPost" in Foxmail, it can send e-mail directly to each other's mail server, without the need to go through the SMTP server relay, so what is the benefit? First: Send faster, do not need to wait for the SMTP server to the mail for drug search, distribution, verification; second: You can keep abreast of whether the mess

How to configure the Sendmail mail server with SMTP and POP3 Authentication

Http:// Reprinted Note:> after a lot of days of Sendmail and SMTP, I finally found this article is good. Article , Corresponding to my sendmail8.13 version, operating system redflag 2.6.18. Although I cannot find the original version, I am very grateful to the author of this article !!========================================== ================

Configuring the remote domain for the SMTP mail relay server in WIN 2003

Profile This article describes how to configure a remote domain for the Internet Information Services (IIS) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail relay server. IIS in Windows Server 2003 includes a full-featured SMTP virtual server that you can use to deliver messages on your internal network. The SMTP virtual serv

Send emails via external SMTP in LINUX (directly discard sendmail and postfix)

In LINUX, sending emails via external SMTP (directly abandoning sendmail and postfix). as for how troublesome the sentmail and postfix configurations are, the old man will not talk nonsense here... it takes N hours for the old man to complete the configuration... the following method can completely get rid of this... In LINUX, sending emails via external SMTP (di

Sendmail set the local SMTP server to send mail to the client

Recently encountered a problem, that is, there is an IDC room server does not allow the connection of the external network, where the set of services to run using Zabbix monitoring, which causes the Zabbix server can not send alarm messages, the solution to this problem is much more natural, but for one reason or another, I have used the following method to solve. Find a machine that can connect to an external network, build an SMTP service on this ma

Nagios monitoring using SendMail to send mail alerts using a third-party SMTP service

Use the SendMail service that comes with the CentOS system as a client to send mail alerts using a third-party SMTP service.This feature is implemented on the basis of the normal installation and operation of the Nagios service, so the basic Nagios operating environment should be installed first, this can refer to my related blog post.1. Software Inspection and Installation#rpm-Q SendMailDoes not exist how

Linux SendMail sending mail using external SMTP service

ObjectiveNow SendMail service is the Linux system comes with service, default may not boot.This article does not explain how to build a local mail server, but only as a client, using the external SMTP service to send mail, so there is no need to start the SendMail service.Study notes for review.1.Sendmail Configuration

Configure an SMTP relay server with an Office 365 account

Microsoft offers 3 ways to set up a multifunction device (printer, scanner, etc.) or an application in your enterprise to send e-mail using Office 365: SMTP Client Submission Send directly SMTP Relay The above 3 ways of introduction, we can refer to Techent link: (v=exchg.150). aspxI'm foc

Linux SendMail sending mail using external SMTP service

This is just the right day to test it. It's OK. Because the Python module is possible, the shell script is made with the shell, or the point of co-productions. SendMail ConfigurationConfigure mailbox authentication information for sending messagesVi/etc/mail.rc---Add the following content---Set [email protected]domain.comset SMTP=mail.your-domain.comset

Configure the SMTP server for Sendmail

Due to restrictions on the company's intranet firewall, the following error occurs when gitlab sends an email to Gmail or another Internet mailbox via Sendmail: Jul 14 06:48:14 gitlab Sm-MTA [12379]: r6c7hncz024915: To = The solution is to configure Sendmail so that it can use the company's internal SMTP server to send an email. The configuration is simple.

Set SMTP mail sending server for Sharepoint (use relay server)

box is displayed: enter the domain name, which must be the domain name of the mailbox on the Internet, or the part after the @ you sent the email. 5. Right-click "SMTP virtual server" and select "properties ", here, "access"-"relay restrictions" and "pass"-"advanced" Settings (the domain name is set to your own domain name, PS: Fully Qualified Domain Name, I used the local prefix, you can also skip this

PHP sends messages using SMTP error cannot connenct to relay host

Using DEDECMS to customize a Send mail php file, using the dedecms comes with mail.class.php, can be sent locally, after uploading to the server, prompted cannot connenct to relay host Error: () error:cannot send email to [email protected] online to find a lot of articles, finally solved, the problem is in the server environment configuration. Find php.ini, see two places, one is Allow_url_fopen, this place is to be set to on, and the othe

Eventlet SMTP relay server

, v): self.user = v return locals() @local_property def passwd(): def fget(self): return self.pwd def fset(self, v): self.pwd = v return locals() def run(self): """main loop of the relay server""" self.server_sock = eventlet.listen(self.address) while True: new_sock, address = self.server_sock.accept() print 'incomming: ', address

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