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Big data analyst with annual salary of 500,000 make a note of "excerpt"

The following is a data analysis in the field after the roll of n years, write down some of the experience, will be able to give some reference to the new place. (summed up good, you can learn from learning OH)What are the requirements of the data analyst?1, the theoretical requirements and sensitivity to the numbers, including statistical knowledge, market research, model principles.2, tool use, including mining tools, databases, common Office softwa

OO system analyst path-case analysis series (3)-stakeholders of Business Modeling

After understanding the system goal, the system analyst should first not understand the business details, but discover people and things related to this goal. This kind of person and thing is called stakeholder in English. In Rose, the type of this kind of model is defined as business actor. Some documents are translated into stakeholders, so I prefer the transla

OO system analyst path-case analysis series (3)-Business modeling stakeholder 1

OO system analyst path-case analysis series (3)-Business modeling stakeholder 1 Starting from this article, I will use a virtual instance to explain how to obtain the use case, and how to determine whether the use case acquisition is complete and whether the granularity is appropriate. In fact, when doing this, we are in the first stage of requirement analysis, namely the

30-Salary Senior Python developer tells you why you should learn python!

python.Cobwebs, in-depth interpretation of Python languageJudging from the above data:If you can only learn one language, there is no other choice but Python.Whether for beginners or developers with other programming experienceSummaryPython is indeed an exciting and powerful language. Python's just-right combination of performance and features makes programming with Python fun and easy.This is my collection of Python learning materials, there are a lot of me not one, need the attention of the i

30 years old, quit the job of 200,000 annual salary, start a business, current monthly salary 2k

the blessing of many entrepreneurs. "Feng," the analyst said. "Go with Appcan."2012: Appcan 1.0, Product demo born, ready to start a business. 2013: Appcan 2.0, based on the AppCan2.0 construction of the easy platform, after 3 months of grinding, in July at the exhibition received the first single 3000 contract business. 2014: Appcan 3.0, the project slowly up,

OO System analyst Path--use Case Analysis Series (3)--stakeholder of business modeling

that the reader has got the book. Of course, the reader is required to pay for the process. Returning a book is basically the same process. Well, through this conversation, we've basically learned about the system goals. Some anxious system analysts are already ready to start asking questions about the process of borrowing books, and even some people have drawn up a Web page in mind with years of development experience to consider how to implement the system. The author wants to say is, pleas

Angela Ahrendts, head of Apple's retail business, is 8 times times the salary of Cook.

set to open 15 Apple stores this year in second-tier cities in China . In January of this year, two Apple stores in Zhengzhou and Hangzhou were opened consecutively. In Burberry, Ahrendts was very bullish on the Chinese market, thinking that Chinese consumption was at the Japanese stage more than 20 years ago and was desperately craving for big names overseas.Ahrendts revealed last year that Apple's first smart watch, Apple Watch, was first launched in March. Angela Ahrendts's experience in the

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