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Questions that should be taken into consideration in advance during the interview with senior developers. net

(To clarify, the purpose of my post is not to specifically evaluate the quality of these questions. In fact, my The company examines these issues. What can be answered can be either of them. If you think these questions are very simple, there is basically no problem in the. NET interview process. More problems. If you

. Net developer interview questions-Multithreading

Recently many people in the garden talked about the recruitment interview, especially the problem of multithreading many times. multithreading is also a question I like to ask during the interview. I would like to share it with you (only. Net) Why do you like to ask this question during the interview? Because th

Some common iOS interview questions to see the difference between iOS beginner and senior engineer at a Glance

property or member variable in a block that needs to reference an external controller, be sure to use weak references, especially member variables like _testid, where many people do not use weak references and cause memory to be freed.For objects that are normally created, because they are now arc projects, remember that the golden rule of memory management can be solved.18, which third-party libraries have been used?If you've ever developed an app and answered that you haven't used a third-par

Summary of interview questions--toward Java senior engineer

picture suffix 2, how to suffix is tampered with, then each file has a magic digital file upload-magic number5, the principle and implementation of Message Queuing Answer: 1, Message Queuing Principle 2, comprehensible message queue ActiveMQVi. Database Aspects1. The MySQL query field area is not case-sensitive?Answer: Do not differentiate, even if the value is not differentiated (I asked at the time, the area of the application of the size of the meaning of what, the interviewer did not say)2,

Android developer interview via--1. Common HR Interview questions

further explain why, the admission company should be accommodating.18. Have you ever thought of starting a business?Answer tip: This question can show you the momentum, but if your answer is "yes", be careful, the next question may be: So why don't you do it?19, how to look at education and ability?Answer tip: Education I think as long as the college diploma, it shows that I have a fundamental learning ability. The rest, whether you are a bachelor or a doctor, for this discussion is not about h

PHP Senior development or architect must know---many questions asked in the interview!

reasonable allocation of server resources Cpu:apache MySQL in high-load environment, disk IO read and write too much, will certainly occupy a lot of resources, it is inevitable that the CPU occupies too high. Memory: Memory library, database software hard disk: file web2.0 architecture Select MongoDB+redis or mysql+Memcached is a better combination, the logic is simple to use NoSQL current main web site architecture LAMP, LNMP, LLMP now there is a lnamp architecture on the network, which is the

Senior Software Developer (. Net), located in Jingan Temple

Help a headhunting company paste recruitment information, Shanghai recruitmentSenior SoftwareDeveloper (. Net ),Work Location Jing 'an Temple, salary10 KUp/down, according to the background Interview Requirements4For more than one year, the English language can be read and written, and the spoken language is not required. The specific description is as follows: Responsibilities: WorkWith other

Java Developer interview questions, 3 years of working experience in Java Programmer interview

. JavaScript Common objects6, commonly used in JavaScript value assignment method, for radio button, check box, such as the value assignment method. (Baidu can, JavaScript common basis)7, jquery value Assignment Basic method.8. Get the value of the radio button, get the value of the check box, get the value of the drop-down list, go to the value of the check box, get the value of the radio button Group, text box, text field assignment.9, the Append of jquery and appendto difference.10, the CSS B

What skills do senior software engineers need from interview questions?

it?Details about how to solve bugs such as third-party component strange problems, 64-bit compatibility, and hardware calls that have never been used before during the project release. 6. MiscellaneousHave you read some books that touched you a lot about object-oriented design? If you have any, I 'd like to briefly introduce the general content of this book and its impressive part. If the promised release date is two weeks later, but you find that the module you are responsible for takes thre

Interview with. NET Senior Software Engineer

, right? I said yes. Then he said, let's do it again, Question 2: Create a new modification and deletion function and draw a picture for me. Create a data table. When I got half of this question, it was time for them to get off work, so he asked me to go back at pm. I also had to come out and have a meal at the snack bar outside, and then finish the unfinished interview questions in the morning. This questi

Software developer Interview Hundred questions answer

1. Software developer Interview Hundred answers-what you need to help you determine whether the project meets the time requirements and work within the budget. 2. Software Developer interview questions-which diagram do you like to track the progress of the project? 3. Soft

. NET Common interview questions,. net questions

. NET Common interview questions,. net questions Interview question 1 What are CTS, CLS, and CLR The Common Language Runtime Library (CLR) is an implementation of CLI, including the. NET

Same Network. net interview questions, Cheng net. net interview

Same Network. net interview questions, Cheng net. net interview (Basic questions for recent graduates) 1. Differences between session and cookie: how to set the location where session a

. NET basic interview questions and. net questions

. NET basic interview questions and. net questions I graduated this year and have some temporary preparations before the interview during my job search this semester. The following answers to the

Baidu developer interview questions (Summary)

My opinion on this question is that I cannot use advanced algorithms, that is, the idea is flexible, there are many ideas, and I have learned a lot from it. If this is the first time you read this article, please first read:Views on Baidu developer interview questions for 85% million interviewees eliminatedI also mentioned optimization. Many of my friends always

Software developer Interview Hundred questions

It's not easy to hire a smart person for software development. If you're careless, you'll get a bunch of low-energy big baboons. I had this kind of thing last year. You certainly don't want to do that. Listen to me, that's right. There are no doors in the trees.Asking a difficult question can help you separate the wise from the baboons. I decided to send out my own software developers interview questions, h

Java Developer written interview 12 questions per day

. Briefly describe the meaning of the viewThe meaning of a view lies in two ways:1) simplify complex queries. If you need to perform a complex query frequently, you can build a view based on this complex query, and then query this view.2) Restrict data access. A view is essentially a SELECT statement, so when you access the view, you can only access the columns that are involved in the corresponding SELECT statement, and the other columns in the Base table act as security and secrecy.11. What ar

Java Developer written interview 12 questions per day (2)

, and future to implement threads with return resultsThe Executorservice, callable, and future three interfaces are actually executor frameworks. The thread that returns the result is a new feature introduced in the JDK1.5, and with this feature it is no longer necessary to get the return value. And it can be flawed if it is achieved.A task that can return a value must implement the callable interface. Similarly, a task without a return value must implement the Runnable interface.After performin

What great. NET developers ought to know (more. Net interview questions)

A while back, I posted a list of Asp. net interview questions . conventional wisdom was split, with about half the folks saying I was nuts and that it was a list of trivia. the others said basically "ya, those are good. I 'd probably have to look a few up. "To me, that's the right response. certainly I wasn' t trying to boil all.

What great. NET developers ought to Know (more. NET interview Questions)

A while back, I posted a list of ASP. Interview Questions. Conventional wisdom was split, with an on half the folks saying I was nuts and that it is a list of trivia. The others said basically "Ya, those is good. The I ' d probably has a few up. To me, that's the right response.Certainly I wasn ' t trying to boil all of the. NET software development down to a few

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