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Interview with a senior network engineer

This is an interview question for someone in early October. After-sales position: Senior Network Engineer. The interviewer is a three-member CCIE. The interview lasted more than two hours, and he was very impressed. Now this offer is basically determined, and the subject is still considering situations such as treatment and work pressure before deciding whether t

"Top Secret leaked" wind brother Oracle DBA Senior Engineer Training Video tutorial and internal data v0.1

Tags: Wind brother Oracle Oracle Training Oracle Database tutorial Oracle video wind Brother Oracle TutorialsBecause it is a "top secret leaked" information, to prevent the investigation, the need for the small partners to quickly download the attached courseware document.Because the video is too large, has been placed in the Baidu network, has been in the middle of the instructions, so as not to be harmonious.-----------------------------------------

Senior PHP Development Engineer

Ma Cellular Tourism Network is a travel guide to provide services to the website, which provides a variety of destination travel guide Road book, covering local eating and living trips to buy entertainment and other aspects of rich and informative tourist information. Ma Cellular users love outdoor travel, in favor of self-driving tour, with professional photography technology, therefore, MA honeycomb condensed is a high-quality travel enthusiasts gro

What is a senior PHP engineer?

the basic requirementsDistributed systems this generally belongs to additional sub-items, but at least has experience using distributed caches or databases.Network programming part of the company has requirements, but in the interview should be asked, so this also belongs to one of the necessary skillsOptimization of database optimization, code optimization, and so on, this should belong to the interview necessary knowledge points, but this and experience has a greater relationshipIndustry Fame

Java Senior Software engineer interview Exam

Java Senior Software engineer interview Exam If you want to apply for Senior Development engineer job, just know the basic knowledge of Java is not enough, but also must know the common data structure, algorithm, network, operating system and other knowledge. Therefore this

Question succinct--java Senior Software engineer interview Syllabus

If you want to apply for Senior Development engineer job, just know the basic knowledge of Java is not enough, but also must know the common data structure, algorithm, network, operating system and other knowledge. Therefore this article does not explain the concrete technology, the author synthesizes oneself to apply each big company's experience, has collated a

The advice of a senior engineer's career development is deeply shared!

[1] plan your own path and do not follow your feelings! According to the ideal decision-making arrangement of individuals, most people do not expect to become an Academician or professor, but want to live a bit more moist and cool. Therefore, you need to carefully arrange your own trajectory. Starting from which industry, I will gradually gain an in-depth understanding of this industry, and do not change jobs frequently, especially to transfer positio

Senior Java Development Engineer Interview exam

If you want to apply for Senior Development engineer job, just know the basic knowledge of Java is not enough, but also must know the common data structure, algorithm, network, operating system and other knowledge. Therefore this article does not explain the concrete technology, the author synthesizes oneself to apply each big company's experience, has collated a

An iOS senior engineer must have a great knowledge of the skill points (how much do you know?) )

more complex data structures (binary tree, graph, etc.)Complex special algorithms (image recognition algorithms, topological positioning, etc.)14. Security SolutionsLocal data storage security (Keychain)Authorization and authenticationTransport security (symmetric, asymmetric, SSL)App code Security15. Operational capabilitiesAnalysis and implementation of general business function requirementsRequirements analysis and implementation of important business modulesArchitecture, System design and i

I win the workplace C + + senior software Development Engineer

implementation of the Counter information management function535. Library Storage Management Interface implementation of custom edit box class536. Library Storage Management function implementation of message processing function537. Library Storage Management Data warehousing function realization538. The realization of book pricing function539. Library return function Realization540. The realization of the return function of book sale and Sale541. Implementation mechanism of Server and realizat

[Application Implementation engineer's confusion] eager to become a programmer, ask senior people for guidance

After two years of work, I have done some project implementation work, from high-performance HPC implementation, to virtualization implementation, to storage implementation, to database implementation, to middleware implementation, I have done it all over. But I really want to be a software development engineer and a programmer. I have this dream since college. Now, how can I switch to a programmer? Let me analyze it for you. What should I do. I am re

Youku Tudou Senior Engineer: MySQL high-availability maxscale and MHA

, only need to install MHA can. Written in the end, there is little need to change any configuration on the existing MySQL master-slave environment on MHA and Maxscale. You only need to change the configuration in the development framework to overwrite the original IP and port with the IP and port of the Maxscale server. Qa Q1: excuse me, this is the physical IP of deploying Maxscale server, does the server deploying Maxscale need two servers to do ha? In the case of a single se

Go Senior Java Development Engineer Interview exam

At present, there are "Java xx book" Similar books, and the contents of the book are focused on the most basic part of Java, the most serious is that there is a lot of wrong content, very misleading. In addition, there are a variety of Java interview questions on the web, many of which are also focused on the Java language Foundation. In fact, if you want to apply for Senior Development Engineer Job, just u

Interview Summary--java senior Engineer should master the skills __java

Interview Summary--java the skills that senior engineer should master In front of the interview also summed up a and two, the third may be more inclined to the inner monologue and interview skills summed up it ... One, monologue Before interviewing others, now it's their turn to find a job, how to say it, each interviewer's opinion is different, the way the interview is different, such as I interviewed oth

Microsoft Post Internal recommendation-senior software Engineer-news

natural language processing, sorting, clustering and other data mining/machine learning technologies to maximize the user experience of our programs. Depending on your skills and passions, you can choose to be an engineer, scientist or both-we encourage you to explore engineering and science to maximise your impact on our products and your job satisfaction.Skill Requirements:More than 7 years software developmentPractical knowledge of modern programm

High-paying senior Linux software engineer

We are looking for a high-paying senior Linux software engineer-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related major; 2. More than 2 years of Linux-based C/C ++ multi-threaded service programs and network application development experienc

Some common iOS interview questions to see the difference between iOS beginner and senior engineer at a Glance

property or member variable in a block that needs to reference an external controller, be sure to use weak references, especially member variables like _testid, where many people do not use weak references and cause memory to be freed.For objects that are normally created, because they are now arc projects, remember that the golden rule of memory management can be solved.18, which third-party libraries have been used?If you've ever developed an app and answered that you haven't used a third-par

Android Client performance optimization (Meizu Senior engineer without reservation)

This article by the Meizu Technology Limited Company senior Android development Engineer Degao (embedded Penguin Circle Original team member) writes, is Degao in the embedded Penguin Circle published the first original article, unreservedly summarizes to share its in leading Meizu multiple project development The Android client performance optimization experience , very practical value!As we all know, a goo

Cloud Computing Senior Operations engineer

1, familiar with Linux (Redhat/centos, etc.) operating system principles, including process, network and IO subsystem, proficiency in common Linux commands;2, familiar with Docker container technology, understand the container cluster management tools (Kubernetes, Mesos, Marathon, OpenStack at least one of the familiar);3, understanding of virtualization technology, such as Vmware,kvm,xen;4, understand the common database (such as MySQL, Oracle, redis

Senior Backstage Development Engineer

Senior Backstage Development EngineerJob Responsibilities:1, responsible for building platform network architecture and technical framework;2, grasp the platform development direction and technical route, solve the key technical problems;3, responsible for strategic customers, partners of the program discussion, technical exchanges and development management;4, responsible for participation in project initi

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