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Webmaster Circle of the new star SEO industry, "point Stone"

SEO, is the search ENGINE optimization english abbreviation. With the domestic SEO training market more and more popular, I believe that many friends of SEO has no longer feel unfamiliar and confused. Think maybe it's about the Internet, a 08 job fair inadvertently entered the domestic a well-known large-scale network

How to do SEO in the era of internet marketing

Along with the network development, the network marketing this kind of sales channel receives the attention more and more, especially the small and medium-sized Enterprise group. They do not have enough brand advantage, in the traditional sales ranks have been at a disadvantage, but network marketing can give them the advantage of equal opportunities with large enterprises. In the two articles of how to build a station for small and medium sized enterprises and how to do the network promotion b

General website optimization steps

to SEO: What is Seo?Friends who are used to using search engines will naturally enter the keyword "Seo" on Baidu (, Google .cn, and Yahoo ( ", friends who are used to searching in English will search on the relevant English search engines. By using these search engines, they will get the web results related to the

SEO Accelerator prompts web search to speed up the promotion of the principle of

visits come from? The biggest possibility is from the search engine, specifically is Baidu, Google, search, Sogou, Bing, Youdao ... This is the first thing that this thing is interesting.  The second one is a strange thing. The so-called aching need, stationmaster to the traffic demand, is also never-ending, will never satisfy. Get 1000, want 2000, get 2000, want 3000, have 3000, want 10000. Does your site have so much value? Can your website meet the needs of tens of thousands of people f

Hing Xinpeng: Baidu Search Algorithm Summary-keyword segmentation algorithm

and abbreviation in the keywords embodiment, because the page copyright information will generally include the company name and abbreviation. 6. The keyword match degree in the page content: Page content does not do word segmentation calculation, but the word in the label and the snapshot of the archived participle in the page of the column calculation will be included in the page to match the keywords a

Thinking about SEO optimization and the wrong terminology of SEM marketing

In SEM search engine marketing and SEO search engine optimization difference and contact article, we know SEO is search Engine optimization abbreviation, Chinese translation Search engine optimization, SEM is search Engine marketing abbreviation, Chinese translation search engine marketing.

"Seo Practical password" Browse notes

external link building and industry community participation.Chapter II Understanding Search engine1. The search engine and the site directory are different, the site directory is a set of manual editing directory, such as good 123.2. Search advertising in the network marketing industry is often referred to as PPC, by advertisers bidding for keywords, advertising shows advertisers do not have to pay, only search users click on the ads, advertisers pay the price of the ad at the spot prices.Exclu

SEO tutorial _ why SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of SearchEngineOptimization ". If you already know the meaning of SEO on the success of the website, it makes no sense to see this .. What is SEO? SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization ". Si

What does SEO mean?

net odd seo actual combat: seo is what meaning? About SEO is the abbreviation of English, English full name is (search Engine optimization) is search engine optimization. Net Qi seo actual combat training is also in 03, understand SEO

On the importance of mastering some SEO details

SEO workers, the author of the previous assumption that should be as long as the general direction of Mastery, the details do not really need to spend too much time to study it. And with the accumulation of work experience, more and more found in fact about SEO details of things, the more in-depth harvest of things more, do not only stay on the surface, only to do surface Kung fu. I remember just e

Thinking about SEO theory and use

who really do big things don't get into the Hing, they do the market, the Times, the direction, the goal. Yang said: "The article is tricks ears, strong husband not for!" SEO is the same truth, the real marketing experts, operators, real entrepreneurs are just SEO as a method and means, SEO just for the website to promote a service only. Do not forget the meani

Analysis of domestic SEO status: Do seo why are people annoying?

Ant online today in the know to see a post: How to look at the "xxx is what kind of site" problem. Most of the viewers who answered the question scoffed at the behavior, dubbed the soft text of the advertisement. A: Most of the feeling is soft advertising; B: Do not like this SEO is not just outside the chain AH see the major forums and everything is left on the web site; C: The promotion of the nature of a more serious; D: In fact, both sides look,

What is SEM? What do you mean by SEM?

SEM is the English abbreviation of Search Engine marketing, in which the text means search engine marketing. Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao, also known as search and sale, mean the same thing. SEM more emphasis on the comprehensive means in search engines on the corporate communication and promotion and sales, and SEO more inclined to a Web site quality and welcome to improve the difference, SEM more emphas

seo What have seo what not

Often in Baidu know can see everyone ask such a question: SEO is what? What is the focus of SEO? Whether novice or old webmaster, the problem is very confusing. Want me to say SEO, also that sentence: SEO what all have, seo what not? Share your experience with you today. On

HAO123 's myth--Talk about SEO

said that low level people like, but the low level of people where? HAO123 is a site that has grown up with search engines. Search engines have coined a generation of internet habits. Think of our own, suddenly remembered anything, or encountered a word that does not understand, will immediately use Google or Baidu to search. In the search process, we often "strayed into" a similar HAO123 site: you have to download software, the search is a bunch of the software link page. Of course this is use

SEO technology foundation 1

serious. I have not noticed too many details.2. There are few practices, and there are not many practices and summariesSEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, that is, "Search Engine Optimization ". Search Engine Optimizer is the "Search Engine Optimizer ".SEO is a technology dedicated to the ranking of various search engines. It is one of the most common and long-term ef

Emmet: Tools to significantly improve front-end development efficiency

programming languages. Use examples: Enter the abbreviation code in the editor:Ul>li*5, and then press the expand key (the default is tab) to get the code fragment: Download and install Emmet provides installation plug-ins for most popular editors, and the following are their download links: Sublime Text Eclipse/aptana TextMate Coda Espresso Chocolat Komodo Edit notepad++ PSPad TextAr

What is SEO? What does SEO mean?

SEO is "search Engine optimization" abbreviation, translated for search engine optimization, also called website optimization. Seo sometimes refers to search engine optimizer, that is, search engine optimizer. SEO this industry in the United States formally formed in 98, the end of 2001 in the banner of advertising and

Why SEO can help enterprise marketing

SEO can not only help enterprise marketing, but also can effectively improve corporate visibility, reduce corporate advertising costs and other aspects of the role. SEO is the English abbreviation of Search engine optimization, all called "Search Engine optimization". The main thing is to improve the business engaged in the search engine exposure, so as to enable

SEO service provider selection for search engine optimization

SEO is the abbreviation of "Search engine Optimization service provider". Many SEO offers site owners a number of useful services, including writing manuscripts, advising on the structure of the site, and helping to find the relevant directories that the site can submit to. However, there are a few unethical SEO use ex

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