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What are the essential differences between <acronym> and <abbr>? -

0 reply content: I simply drew a picture, not sure whether my understanding is accurate. I simply drew a picture, not sure whether my understanding is accurate. Abbreviation is a broad concept in a broad sense. It can be used to describe abbreviations in daily life. Initialism refers to the most easy-to-understand abbreviation. people read the letters one by one when reading them. Acronym is also the abbreviation at first, but people graduall

Acronym and abbr

Sometimes, to facilitate reading or memorizing, for example, if a sentence is too long, we will shorten it. Or a simple sentence, or a special shortening, such as taking the first letter. How can we identify these acronyms in HTML? Generally, we will use two tags: Acronym and abbr. Acronym is defined as the first letter abbreviation, and abbr defines an abbreviation. At present, some advanced browsers

[HTML Basics] What is the difference between & lt; acronym & gt; and & lt; abbr & gt; acronymabbr?

[HTML Basics] the difference between Differences between abbreviated tag We all know the HTML definition.AbbreviationsYes Two tags, but they are often unclear. Both labels are defined.Abbreviations,But the twoAbbreviationsThe meaning is different. But this does not affect our use, because the two labels have almost the same effect, and there are not many people in charge. Believe it or not, you can see: ====================================================================== ====================

[Seo] Top 15 Seo blogs to follow if you want to brush up your SEO knowledge

Following are someSeo blogsThat I consider in the top 15 of my list. And after you go through with them, the more you will appreciate about seos. Seomoz Seomoz is a website that offer tons of SEO tools and information. some of the tools are free, and some of them require premium submodules. their Seo blog is updated frequently and you will always find quality articles over there. Seobook

References, references, and terminology definitions <ABBR><ACRONYM><ADDRESS><BDO><BLOCKQUOTE><Q><CITE><DFN >

-abbreviation-First letter abbreviation-Address-Text Direction--Long references-Short cited terms-citations, citations-Defining items tagsDefinition and Usage: tags indicate abbreviations or abbreviations, such as "WWW" or "NATO".By tagging

Funny recursive abbreviation (recursive acronym)

The number of recursive abbreviations is as follows: Recursive abbreviation is an abbreviation that recursively references itself in the full name. Because it is recursive, it cannot be accurately interpreted. The earliest example may be visa: Visa

SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

The seoer who have had some experience are clear, SEO can be divided into two kinds of strategy: white Hat and black hat, these two different strategies to use the ratio is probably 6:4, that is to say, most seoer or will be more fond of white hat seo, because they think that Black hat seo is by cheating means to get ranked, Do not have any technical value, not w

What is SEO? Seo How to do? SEO New Must See

SEO (Search Engine optimization, SEO) is a way to use search engines to improve the purpose of the site in the search engine rankings. Deep understanding is: Through SEO such a set of marketing ideas based on search engines for the site to provide eco-style marketing solutions, so that the site in the industry leading position, so as to gain brand revenue. Resear

SEO Diagnostic Goal: Find the right SEO direction to develop SEO strategy

The site's SEO diagnosis is a branch of SEO services, before the special proposed, but in fact already exist, such as SEO consultants to provide advice to the site when the SEO will be diagnosed, SEO diagnosis for the diagnosis of professional knowledge reserve requirements

You are for SEO and seo or for the site rankings do SEO

It seems that the two sentences have the same meaning. However, this contains two aspects of the content. One is to SEO and SEO is just to do SEO only. For the ranking of the site to do SEO that is a kind of thinking. Below, useless SEO and everyone to discuss these two topi

What is SEO | The History of SEO | The development foreground of SEO

1. What is SEO SEO is known as Search Engine optimization, Chinese is search engine optimization, it is for the search engine site collection and evaluation rules, the structure of the site to make reasonable adjustments to the content of the page and the page to do some more adapted to the principle of the search engine, mainly including the title of the Web page, Description and so on, so that each page

SEO Diagnosis: Advocate "White hat seo" refused "Black Hat seo"

At present, many enterprises recruit network optimization personnel are anxious to see the next second results, do three days after the boss will see the real effect, that is the site keywords and rankings, and as the seoer pressure that is self-evident, the boss every day in the back to urge you to effect, and SEO is not three days can be effective, This is a long-term adherence to the process, the effect is not likely to immediately appear, this is

Mouchangqing: SEO does not equal to the network to promote non-SEO experience to share

About SEO is not equal to the point of network promotion, I have some Bovenri also occasionally mentioned, but never discussed this topic alone. Today will write this article, is I in 28 push to see a post feeling. Cause is a member in 28 push Post asked "in the network promotion, SEO is the only means of promotion, do you agree?", I read the reply in the post. Did not expect many members agree that

Do not jump out of the SEO cycle to SEO and SEO title Chapter

In today's hot market for SEO, more and more SEO practitioners to get rid of the title to meet the search engine's appetite, as the saying goes, extremes, in the next few years, the search engine will be more and more intelligent, All for SEO and to change the title of the situation believe will let search engine feel disgusted, then,

Novice SEO Talk about the next two months to learn SEO experience

I am May 9, 2013 official and a teacher to learn seo. It is nearly two months until today June 28, 2013. Below is simple to say oneself is how to contact SEO of bar. When I was in October 2010, I bought a computer myself. I have a strange sense of the computer, I feel it is very magical, must also be able to make money online, because I have heard a lot of online Taobao to make money. I have been longing f

A SEO growth experience and the challenges of SEO

The recent hundred fan "SEO" The word, make me go around the forum, look at the blog, to find the promotion of the significance of the site to promote methods; The reason is very simple, I was sales, originally sold 3721 network real name, 3721 "married" and then "remarried" after, turn to do the website, with "Go single" Do Baidu bid, who knows Baidu hung up, All the agents to kill; The web site does not bring customers to customers, so continue to d

Jump out of SEO circle to see the pros and cons of SEO optimization

With more and more stationmaster, seo this noun also is mentioned more and more. I think, there is no SEO webmaster, seo to our small stationmaster brought a lot of benefits, of course, there is no denying the existence of drawbacks. I am engaged in SEO will be nearly 2 years, thinking has been in the

Fall Maple SEO: Billion bang power Zac SEO interview record

Fall Maple Loven Tracking and finishing the Zac in billion Power SEO interview, in this share with you:   SEO Question one: Little brother has three questions to ask Brother One, micro-blog marketing has no impact on Baidu? Second, the role of 301 steering is what, if the site is K, and then 301 to turn, is not Baidu will be reproduced site? When does the Chinese version of the elder brother come o

Follow SEO common sense and the flood of SEO craft

With SEO common sense and the spread of technology, SEO industry hole need a more meaningful communication platform or style, SEO forum has almost become annoyed, like the popularity of the altar is now also a sea of outside the chain, fortunately the altar launched a SEO quiz, and the real-name registration.

Seo In my eyes-after reading some SEO books

I have been reading some SEO books in recent days. People are somewhat impetuous, and Seo cannot read much nutrition. Apart from the first book, the subsequent books are constantly turning pages. I have never had a very specific practice. Now I want to write about Seo In my eyes. I hope you will give me more advice. 1. Basic Concepts

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