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Abbr tag and acronym tag _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

The abbr and acronym mark indicate the abbreviations and abbreviations displayed on the webpage. The full names of abbreviations are given through the title attribute. And Mark indicates the abbreviation and abbreviation of the text displayed on the webpage. The full name of the abbreviation is given through the title attribute. The difference between the two is that the marker is used to indicate the first letter of the acronyms, And the abbreviati

References, references, and terminology definitions <ABBR><ACRONYM><ADDRESS><BDO><BLOCKQUOTE><Q><CITE><DFN >

-abbreviation-First letter abbreviation-Address-Text Direction--Long references-Short cited terms-citations, citations-Defining items tagsDefinition and Usage: tags indicate abbreviations or abbreviations, such as "WWW" or "NATO".By tagging

Funny recursive abbreviation (recursive acronym)

The number of recursive abbreviations is as follows: Recursive abbreviation is an abbreviation that recursively references itself in the full name. Because it is recursive, it cannot be accurately interpreted. The earliest example may be visa: Visa

You are for SEO and seo or for the site rankings do SEO

It seems that the two sentences have the same meaning. However, this contains two aspects of the content. One is to SEO and SEO is just to do SEO only. For the ranking of the site to do SEO that is a kind of thinking. Below, useless SEO and everyone to discuss these two topi

SEO Diagnostic Goal: Find the right SEO direction to develop SEO strategy

The site's SEO diagnosis is a branch of SEO services, before the special proposed, but in fact already exist, such as SEO consultants to provide advice to the site when the SEO will be diagnosed, SEO diagnosis for the diagnosis of professional knowledge reserve requirements

What is SEO | The History of SEO | The development foreground of SEO

1. What is SEO SEO is known as Search Engine optimization, Chinese is search engine optimization, it is for the search engine site collection and evaluation rules, the structure of the site to make reasonable adjustments to the content of the page and the page to do some more adapted to the principle of the search engine, mainly including the title of the Web page, Description and so on, so that each page

SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

The seoer who have had some experience are clear, SEO can be divided into two kinds of strategy: white Hat and black hat, these two different strategies to use the ratio is probably 6:4, that is to say, most seoer or will be more fond of white hat seo, because they think that Black hat seo is by cheating means to get ranked, Do not have any technical value, not w

Do not jump out of the SEO cycle to SEO and SEO title Chapter

In today's hot market for SEO, more and more SEO practitioners to get rid of the title to meet the search engine's appetite, as the saying goes, extremes, in the next few years, the search engine will be more and more intelligent, All for SEO and to change the title of the situation believe will let search engine feel disgusted, then,

What is SEO? Seo How to do? SEO New Must See

SEO (Search Engine optimization, SEO) is a way to use search engines to improve the purpose of the site in the search engine rankings. Deep understanding is: Through SEO such a set of marketing ideas based on search engines for the site to provide eco-style marketing solutions, so that the site in the industry leading position, so as to gain brand revenue. Resear

SEO is defective art appropriate SEO flaws to tolerate

ZAC "SEO actual password" in the final combat example, in his analysis of rival website SEO found that at that time the "smart point" optimization is very professional norms, but its home optimization there is a small omission: according to the industry's usual practice home H1 tags inside the anchor text should be placed on the site target keyword "online shopping", Can be smart

SEO Diagnosis: Advocate "White hat seo" refused "Black Hat seo"

At present, many enterprises recruit network optimization personnel are anxious to see the next second results, do three days after the boss will see the real effect, that is the site keywords and rankings, and as the seoer pressure that is self-evident, the boss every day in the back to urge you to effect, and SEO is not three days can be effective, This is a long-term adherence to the process, the effect is not likely to immediately appear, this is

Fall Maple SEO: Billion bang power Zac SEO interview record

Fall Maple Loven Tracking and finishing the Zac in billion Power SEO interview, in this share with you:   SEO Question one: Little brother has three questions to ask Brother One, micro-blog marketing has no impact on Baidu? Second, the role of 301 steering is what, if the site is K, and then 301 to turn, is not Baidu will be reproduced site? When does the Chinese version of the elder brother come o

SEO space is constantly compressed SEO enterprises and practitioners how to deal with

From several years June we can see Baidu's algorithm is in constant updates, and constantly out of the site is K, there is the site of innocent is implicated, the author as a member of the SEO industry this year also feel that the space of SEO industries are constantly compressed. Before have heard Zac in Lin Xi Pavilion on the interview, he proposed at this stage to do

White hat seo and black hat seo how do we choose

Some seoer only white hat seo interest, black hat SEO is to sneer at. These people think that Black hat seo use of the means are the next three abuses, is immoral. In fact, I think the Black Hat seo and white hat seo is just different SE

SEO training is really webmaster learn the first choice of SEO?

Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Just contact the time of SEO, a lot of novice webmaster will face such difficulties, this time I believe we all want to find a teacher to help guide their own guidance, I hope that there is a beacon ahead of the road, so the birth of an industry: SEO training. SEO training is Hing Hing Rong, inseparable from the popularity of

Do not do SEO migrant workers how to optimize from the perspective of SEO strategy

What is the difference between doing SEO and SEO strategy? Recently Gufang contacted a lot of City SEO staff, most of them are playing an own SEO blog, and the ranking of the blog in the first page, but the income is very unsatisfactory, some friends do a good job some income 23,100 months, Also has the website domain

Recommended to beginners to learn the basics of SEO 10 SEO Books

From 2011 onwards, the network has a number of SEO optimization training institutions, have taibaodalan to set up a hall enrollment. Training courses for more than one months time, students learn is called "actual combat" of the colloquial course. Mainly teach you how to operate the site SEO optimization, such as how to write the site's label, how the site layout, where to do outside the chain and so on. Ma

Play said SEO different SEO job key points

First of all, we must first SEO job positioning well, to know each of the different SEO positions, what to do, the following author probably write a different content, only for reference, not to do the final answer! If you want to subdivide, then can be divided into: SEO supervisor, seo site editor,

Gaopeng: SEO industry born an evil god-East evil Wolf rain SEO

at the beginning of the July 2011, in the Internet SEO industry to change, in the SEO industry appeared a "demon", SEO this in Baidu index of 10000 or so, do this word is to show their own in the SEO aspects of the cattle, in the past, In the SEO industry famous seowhy stabl

Corporate website seo optimization cheats: refused to be SEO fooled

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. Recently a period of time has been down, not only because more and more feel their ability to lack, more and more feel that they have to learn too much, but also because they really need to reflect on their next how to break the bottleneck, better to carry out the next step of development, here, whether a person to do things, Or simply seo this one aspect. In front of the article I and you have said a lot

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