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SEO need to learn to do the website? On the relationship between SEO and code

Recently a lot of people ask to learn friends "SEO need to learn to do the site?", at the same time also have a few friends around to learn the PHP code to go. Sometimes learn to think that they may go into a misunderstanding, today to learn a

Weifang seo: Learning seo to know what language code it?

Weifang seo: Learning seo to know what language code it?Do not understand the code can not do SEO? The answer is in the negative. Understand the site optimization related code, can better engage in SEO related work, can improve the efficiency of the

2012 's experience and suggestions for SEO

Time is always imperceptible in the passage, farewell to university life has been more than a year, recalling the past, as if the campus life is yesterday. Since stepping into the community to contact SEO This industry, the mystery of SEO has a

Seo Panel 2.2.0 SQL injection vulnerability and repair

Ps: 2.1.0 please see here: Seo Panel is a site management and SEO system. The websites. php and index. php In Seo Panel 2.2.0 have the SQL injection vulnerability, which may cause leakage of sensitive

5 abilities that qualified Seo personnel must possess

If you want to become a qualified Seo employee and want to optimize your website with half the effort, Wei Seo believes that you must have the following five capabilities:   1. Inform Seo of the Basic Principles   This is often mentioned in

Seo Panel 2.1.0 local File Inclusion Vulnerability and repair

Vulnerability Type: File InclusionVulnerability Description: Seo Panel is a search optimization console that provides a comprehensive analysis tool for SEO optimization. Vulnerability analysis: the local file inclusion vulnerability exists in Seo

A large network company internal SEO training content of the site three elements

Today as a friendship company representative, fortunate enough to participate in a network company's internal training, feeling very much, special to the pen to express. SEO has been no orthodox norms, everyone is just according to their own

HTML code SEO optimization Best layout examples Explained

The search engine is very optimized for HTML code, so HTML optimization is the first step to a good promotion. A code that complies with the SEO rules is generally shown in the following interface.1, This thing is some page comments, you can add my

How to select a host at the beginning of a novice SEO station

Site optimization of the beginning of the first need to optimize the site is also the choice of host to work hard, good host can make your later SEO effort, poor main opportunity to make you mental haggard, even the impact of the site is disastrous.

The last 40 days of the SEO competition

There are still the last 40 days left for the TIU Valley competition. It's not too late at any time. Come and join us! Fight for interest and search.Currently, this includes sina Technology, sohu Technology channels, and other activities that have

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