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Swift-Add a filter effect to a picture (sepia old photo filter, black and white filter)

The Core image is a powerful filter processing framework. In addition to the image can directly add a variety of built-in filters, but also to accurately modify the brightness, color, exposure, and so on, the following two examples show how to add a filter to UIImage.1, Sepia filter-CisepiatoneThis is a bit retro old p

MATLAB Practice Program (Sepia tone Filter)

I have a software on my phone to implement a lot of image filters, very interesting, I intend to try.This filter is mainly for old photo effects.The code is short, and I won't go into it in detail.Original:Post-processing effects:The MATLAB code is as follows:Clear All;close all;clc;img=imread ('lena_rgb.jpg'); [H W K]=size (IMG); Imshow (IMG); R=double (IMG (:,:,1)); G=double (IMG (:,:,2)); B=double (IMG (:,:,3) ); RR=r*0.393+g*0.769+b*0.198; RG=r*0.

Photoshop algorithm implementation Advanced-blur filter-Gaussian filter (23)

Photoshop Algorithm Implementation Advanced-blur filter-Gaussian filter (23)[Email protected]Http:// Blur (Gaus Blur) uses a two-Gaussian template to blur the image, which is used for image blurring (removal of detail and noise), and its processing effect gives a better feeling of softness.One Gaussian:Ivigos:Theoretically, Gaussian

Image Filter art-implement Instagram Amaro filter effects in Photoshop

Image Filter art-implement Instagram Amaro filter effects in Photoshop This article is some of the content I have collected that uses Photoshop to implement the Instagram filter. Here I will share with you that these effects can be fully achieved using a program, if you are

Photoshop Plug-in filter

Filter filter (filter) is added as a Third-party plug-in (Plug-in) to Photoshop, Imagerready, Paintpro, and other picture software to produce special effects. Some filters are available for a variety of image processing software, but this seems to be a plug-in type. (The following is mainly about

Photoshop oil painting effect Filter

. The processing speed of the same parameter for the same test sample (A 1920*1200 pixel RGB image) is reduced from about 35 seconds to about 3 seconds, the processing speed is increased to about 10 ~ About 12 times (rough estimation ). This article mainly publishes Photoshop oil painting effect filter (oilpaint ). The algorithm is not proposed by me. For more information, see references in this article. T

The principle and usage of Photoshop filter

One, what is a filter? The filter is originally a photographic device, as shown in the following picture: The photographer installs them in front of the camera to change the way the photos are taken, to influence the color or to produce special effects. A filter in Photoshop is a plug-in module that can m

PHOTOSHOP 7 Filter description (bottom)

.(1) Custom (custom)This filter allows users to define their own filters. The user can control the brightness values of all filtered pixels. Each computed pixel is represented by an edit box in the center of the edit box group. When working, Photoshop recalculates the brightness values for each pixel in the image or selection area, adding the brightness of the data multiplication in the dialog matrix by div

Taste Photoshop KPT6.0 Filter effect

Filter "Filter" is unique to the image processing software, it is mainly to meet the needs of complex image processing, so that cumbersome steps more simplified, more realistic effect. There are two types of Photoshop filters: An internal filter, a filter to install

Detailed analytical measurement of Photoshop CC-STABILIZED filter

It's been a long time since I brought up this filter for Photoshop, and I remember that it was first heard at the Adobe MAX 2011 Developer Conference More than a year ago. For a variety of reasons, this feature did not appear in the same year's Photoshop CS6, but chose a year later released Photoshop CC (CREATIVE CLOUD

Photoshop External Filter--KPT 7.0

Filters many readers who have touched Photoshop marvel at their dazzling filter effects. Seems to have a kind of let a person "not afraid to do not, will be afraid of unexpected" feeling. But the designer's imagination is also to be admired: In addition to Photoshop itself to provide hundreds of filters, it seems not enough, so many third-party

Photoshop Installation Painting filter Virtualpainter Graphics tutorial

Virtualpainter is a good filter tool. The following small series for everyone to introduce Photoshop installation painting filter Virtualpainter graphics and text tutorials, take a look at it!   Tools/raw Materials Photoshop CS5 Virtualpainter Method/Step 1, the first is the online download this

Using Photoshop filter to design three-dimensional metal words

First to appreciate the final effect: 1, a new document in Photoshop, size set to 900*600, resolution set to 300. Fill the background with a darker color (with #332222, readers can try their favorite hue). White as the foreground color, input text "AWESOME", the reader can according to the size of the canvas, style preferences, choose their favorite font, size and style. 2, first to create a surface of metal reflection: New L

Photoshop rendering filter making braided light-PS tutorial

We have analyzed in detail the method of rendering filters for special effects in Photoshop filters for making simple cloud effects. today we will introduce a specific example-weaving light. 1. create an image in Photoshop, use the default color to execute [filter _ rendering _ cloud], and then use [filter _ pixel _ Mo

Photoshop halftone pattern filter for dot or line effects-PS tutorial

We have analyzed in detail the method of rendering filters for special effects in Photoshop filters for making simple cloud effects. today we will introduce a specific example-colored dizzy glass. 1. in Photoshop, use the default black/white color to execute [filter _ rendering _ cloud]. The effect is shown in. 2. use [filter

Use Photoshop filter to make magic background effect tutorial

The tutorial first uses the Photoshop filter to make the magic background effect, mainly uses the filter, the filter mainly is uses to realize the various special effects of the image. It has a very magical effect in Photoshop. So some P

Use Photoshop filter for three minutes to easily handle puzzles

Filter daughter most like to play jigsaw puzzles, the reason for each time they buy jigsaw puzzle is that they are not the same picture. The family's jigsaw puzzle is piled into a mountain, but her spirits still remain. One day, when I was surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a Photoshop filter--av Bros. company's Puzzle Pro

Use Photoshop custom filter to modify photo Sharpening process Tutorial

"Custom" filter, I believe many people do not know what it is used, it is difficult to find relevant information, the following is the official Adobe Commentary: Custom (Photoshop) allows you to design your own filter effect. Using the custom filter, you can change the brightness values for each pixel in the image, ba

Photoshop filter to blue fantasy Galaxy Cosmic Sky Effect Tutorial

The tutorial introduces the blue Fantasy Galaxy Cosmic Sky effect with Photoshop filter, mainly produced by using PS filter, the filter is very powerful, can create many alternative effects according to the idea of self, Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download |

How the Photoshop detailed resolution displacement filter works

When I first used Photoshop, I went straight to the filter menu and wanted to look at the awesome features that could make a lot of brilliant effects. For the first time in these menus, I saw this name: "Permutation." I tried the filter next to each other and finally came to the "permutation". What the hell is this? After clicking without hesitation,

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