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Postgres sequence problem.

A new table is created as follows: 1 create table hl_14.cells 2 (3 CID integer not null default nextval ('cells _ cid_seq ': regclass), 4 datetime timestamp without time zone not null, 5 cellname character varying (50) not null, -- cell name 6

Postgres Stored Procedure cursor Function

Postgres does not support stored procedures and can only be replaced by functions. 1. The queried data is inserted into the table. Create or replace function addcol ( Schemaname varchar,Tablename varchar,Colname varchar)Returns varcharLanguage

Use the ipvs Array

Postgres array environment: OS: CentOS6.2DB: PostgreSQL9.2.41. the array definition is different. The dimension element length definition is the same in the database. The length and type of the array element must be consistent, it is represented in

Installation configuration and basic use of Centos/rhel 7 on PostgreSQL

Install PostgreSQL 9.6 For example:?InstallationInstall the repository RPMYum Install the client PackagesYum Install postgresql96Install the

PostgreSQL Common Commands

1.createdb database nameGenerate Database2.DROPDB database nameDeleting a database3.CREATE User NameCreate user4.drop User NameDelete User5.SELECT usename from Pg_user;View System User Information\du7.SELECT version ();View version Information8.psql

To create a mongodb copy of the tutorial _ database on the basis of PostgreSQL other

I have a lazy idea. How should this good idea begin? Well, this is an appropriate little madness: Why not build our own MongoDB version directly on the basis of postgres? It sounds far-fetched, but it's simple and real. When the NoSQL movement was

Combined Use of Pureftpd and PostgreSQL

PureftpdIt is an open source code software that is used on multiple types of Unix and complies with the GPL protocol. The following describes how he and PostgreSQL are used in combination. First, we should know what PostgreSQL is? PostgreSQL is an

Building an e-business application with PHP4 and PostgreSQL

E-commerce This paper demonstrates the application of PHP and Postgressql in e-commerce through a simple Web application. Not long ago, if a serious web application was to be structured, it meant buying expensive cold Fusion licenses and a

Tutorial on creating a MongoDB copy based on PostgreSQL, postgresqlmongodb

Tutorial on creating a MongoDB copy based on PostgreSQL, postgresqlmongodb I have an idea of laziness. How can I start with this idea? Well, this is an appropriate little crazy: Why don't we build our own MongoDB version on the basis of ipvs? It

Global ID Generation for shards (sharding)

ObjectiveWhen data is partitioned, it is typical for a sub-database to have a global ID generated problem. Simply generating a global ID is not a challenge, but the generated ID usually satisfies some of the requirements of the Shard:There can be no

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