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Sequence usage in Oracle 10 GB

  The first of the three major paradigms of database design is that the independent table structure must have a unique primary key to identify the table data. in the past, Microsoft's SQL Server (duo version) platform. manually encode the primary

Detailed usage of sequence (SEQUENCE) in Oracle Database

Http:// In the Oracle database , what is a sequence ? What it is used for. A sequence (SEQUENCE) is actually a serial number generator that can automatically generate serial numbers for rows in a table,

An explanation of the use of sequences (SEQUENCE) in Oracle Database

In an Oracle database, the purpose of a sequence is to generate a table's primary key value, to be referenced in an INSERT statement, to check the current value through a query, or to increment the sequence to the next value. In this article we


I. INTRODUCTION of sequenceThe sequence object is the most familiar database object for Oracle users, and this object is finally visible to SQL SERVER2012. Sequence is a new feature introduced by SQL Server2012. This feature allows database-level

Sequence usage explained in Oracle database

A sequence (SEQUENCE) is a sequence number generator that automatically generates a sequence number for a row in a table, producing a set of equal-spaced values (type number). Its main purpose is to generate the table's primary key value, which can

Automatically generated numeric sequence in the DB2 Universal Database __ Database

Two ways to generate a sequence of numbersIn DB2, you can automatically generate a sequence of numbers in two ways: Define a column with an IDENTITY attribute. Creates a SEQUENCE object. IDENTITY Column When you define a table's column with the

Sequence details in Oracle

The first three paradigm of database design is that the independent table structure must have a unique primary key to identify the table data.SQL Server (duoOn the platform. Manually encode the primary key in the table and set it as an

Deep understanding of Oracle sequence

Deep understanding of Oracle sequence Oracle Sequence: Sequence creates, uses, modifies, and deletes data. Sequence is an object used to generate continuous integer data. A sequence is often used as a growth column in the primary key. It can be

SEQUENCE usage in Oracle databases

InOracle DatabaseWhat isSequenceWhat about it? What is its purpose? SEQUENCE is actually a serial number generator. It can automatically generate a serial number for rows in the table and generate a set of values with equal intervals (numbers ). Its

What does Sequence mean?

What does Sequence mean?SQL> select * from v $ version where rownum = 1;BANNER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release the following is an

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