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What can be done to make the Java serialization mechanism more secure? Security principles we follow to make Java serialization Safe.__java

Overview Java serialization serialization, we should be not unfamiliar. Its main function is to transform the state of an object into a sequence of bytes to facilitate the persistence of objects or network transmission. The reverse is the reverse process of deserialization. All the developers have to do is implement the Serializable interface and then call the O

Questions about serialization information mapping

The day before yesterday made a moderate error, because the properties of the upper-level mapping is not deleted, directly modified SQL, resulting in data mapping dislocation, and then data anomalies. I think this kind of mistake, it was thought of, but the mistake happened. Then think about it, the original Java has similar things, ORM mapping. At that time did not have a similar problem, and later looked at the client read the CSV, there is a furthe

Static member problems in serialization and deserialization in Java __java

static member problems in serialization and deserialization in Java About the title of the content is the interview written in the more common questions, you follow my blog to learn the next process. Serialization and deserialization in Java are primarily used to: (1) Write

Java serialization -- parse the java. io. Serializable Interface

Since java is used, serialization is everywhere. As to why serialization and serialization are used to solve problems, as a common coders, it is generally not very in-depth research, recently, mina and the company are looking at some of the nio Framework's source code, which involves hession and

Understanding Java serialization and deserialization _java

The article mainly involves the following several questions: How to implement serialization of Java Why the interface is implemented to be serialized What is the role of transient? How to customize serialization policies How the custom serial

Tinking in Java --- NIO of Java and Object serialization

Tinking in Java --- NIO of Java and Object serialization I/O in the previous blog is called classic I/O, because most of them have been created since Java1.0. Today, this blog is about NIO, therefore, NIO is a series of improved input/output processing functions provided by Java starting from JDK 1.4. These New functio

Java learning path-simple basic interview questions, java path-Questions

Java learning path-simple basic interview questions, java path-Questions 1. What are the features of object orientation? A: The object-oriented features mainly include the following: 1) Abstraction: Abstraction refers to the process of summarizing the common features of a class of objects to construct classes, includin

Serialization and deserialization of Java

comparing with the previous second write method, we can find that their implementation principle is very similar, but the implementation of the Externalnalizable interface does not support the first serialization method, it can only be implemented through the interface Writeexternal () and the Readexternal () method to implement the serialization of the object.3. Quest

Parsing of Java object serialization

avoid private construction methods. However, because the Readresolve () method is called after the object is deserialized by ReadObject (), it can be used to replace the read-out stream object. References:[1][2][3] Http://www.ja

Solve the serialization problem of using Java 8 time date API (LocalDate, etc.) in Spring Boot and Feign, feignlocaldate

error will no longer occur when calling the Feign client. Sample Code The related examples in this article can view the Chapter3-1-7 directory in the following warehouse: Github: Gitee: Summary The above section describes how to solve the serialization problem of the Java 8 time date API (LocalDate, etc.) in Spr

Java graphics programming BASICS (serialization 0)

been edited and reviewed in advance, and comments are made to the words with errors or questions, some of them are provided for defecation. I still put these comments in red, but they are not deleted. Readers can refer to them. As a plug-in to Java Graphic programming, I chose Chapter 12 from section 12.1 to section 12.7.Abstract drawing wing Toolkit(AWT) All content is introduced 7 times, as shown in the

Serialversionuid in Java serialization

scenario:Developers think that each time the class is modified to generate a new version number, do not want backward compatibility, the operation is to delete the original SERIALVESIONUID declaration statement, and then automatically generated.personally , the general adoption of the first type on the line, simple. The second can be guaranteed to change the class structure after each change in the version number, but still to be generated manually, not modify the class, you will be prompted to

Android uses WebService to generate java. Lang. classcastexception: org. ksoap2.serialization. soapprimitive error Solution

When developing Android WebService, users generally use the WebService server when they accept the returned values. Soapobject = (soapobject) envelope. getresponse (); this is used to accept the returned value, but this method usually produces Java. lang. classcastexception: Org. ksoap2.serialization. soapprimitive. Based on my actual operations and help from others, I finally solved this problem. Use

Java Developer interview questions, 3 years of working experience in Java Programmer interview

handling, Throws,throw,try catch finally what meaning, can throw an exception in a try block35, a '. Java ' source file can include more than one class, what is the limit.36. There are several types of streams in Java, and the JDK provides some abstract classes for inheritance for each type of flow, stating which classes they are.37. There is a memory leak in Java

Questions on Java basic plane

to implement the comparable interface for comparing the elements, and the second not mandatory to require that the elements in the container be comparable, but that the second argument is required. The parameter is a subtype of the comparator interface (it is necessary to override the Compare method implementation element comparison), which is equivalent to a temporary defined collation, which is actually an algorithm that injects a comparison element size through an interface, and is also an a

Some questions about the Java interview

(throughput) collector? The throughput collector uses a parallel version of the new generation garbage collector, which is used for medium-sized and large-scale data applications. The serial collector is sufficient for most small applications, which require about 100M of memory on modern processors. 41. In Java, when can objects be garbage collected? This object can be recycled when the object becomes inaccessible to applications that currently use t

115 Java face questions and answers--the ultimate list (top)

is used for medium-sized and large-scale data applications. The serial collector is sufficient for most small applications, which require about 100M of memory on modern processors.41. In Java, when can objects be garbage collected?This object can be recycled when the object becomes inaccessible to applications that currently use the object.Is there a garbage collection in the permanent generation of 42.JVM?Garbage collection does not occur in a perma

40 Java Collection interview questions and Answers

The Java Collection framework is the foundation of the Java programming language and is an important knowledge point in the Java interview. Here, I've listed some important questions and answers about the Java collection.What is a 1.Java

Summary of Java face questions

the heap memory. 21. Can you guarantee GC execution? No, hard-coded system.gc () can be executed, but not guaranteed. Look at it in the mood. 22, Java heap and stack differences. The heap is put on shared objects that can be recycled by GC. The stack is the place of the method and local variables, is thread-specific, is freed when exhausted, the heap needs to be recycled by GC itself. 23. java Static final

About Java Set frame face questions (including answers) on _java

implementation should determine how to clone or serialize it, or whether it can be cloned or serialized. Authorizing cloning and serialization in all implementations ultimately leads to less flexibility and more restrictions. A specific implementation should determine whether it can be cloned and serialized. 5. Why does the map interface not inherit the collection interface? Although the map interface and its implementation are also part of the co

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