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Overview of New features of SharePoint 2016 (2) (What & #39; s New for IT release sionals in SharePoint Server 2016), sharepoint2016

Overview of New features of SharePoint 2016 (2) (What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016), sharepoint2016 Blog: New Features of SharePoint 2016 3. Insights and Data) Real-time dat

Overview of the new features of SharePoint 2016 (ii) (what ' s new to IT professionals in SharePoint Server 2016)

Blog Address: Http:// features for SharePoint 2016Three. Monitoring and data (Insights)Real-time data monitoring, including data analysis of usage, storage, status, etc.An open Document Format (ODF) in a document library that allows you to create ODF documents in a document library.Four. Cloud acceleration experience (accelerated experiences)Compliance review for Cloud and on-premises servers.The new Cloud Search Service applic

New features for SQL Server 2016: Columnstore indexes new features

New features for SQL Server 2016: Columnstore indexes new features A row store table can have an updatable Columnstore index, and the previously nonclustered Columnstore index is read-only. Nonclustered Columnstore indexes support filter criteria. In a memory-optimized table, you can have a Columnstore

SQL Server->> new features of SQL Server 2016--Dynamic Data masking

mask is masked in the backup file. 3) The Add Mask field does not prevent updates by users with Update permissions 4) Compatibility mode must be (SQL SERVER 2016) CREATE TABLEdbo. Dmmtest (Strcol1nvarchar( -) MASKED with(FUNCTION = 'default ()')NULL, Intcol1intMASKED with(FUNCTION = 'default ()')NULL, Dttmcol1datetimeMASKED with(FUNCTION = 'default ()')NULL, Bincol1varbinary( -) MASKED with(FUNCTION = 'de

Windows Server 2016-store new features

This chapter introduces new features for storage in Windows Server 2016, as follows:1. Storage Spaces Direct:Storage Spaces Direct allows you to build high-availability and scalable storage by using servers that have local storage. This feature simplifies the deployment and management of software-defined storage systems and allows new disk devices, such as SATA S

What are the new features of Windows Server 2016

October 13 News, Microsoft officially released Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016, available worldwide, users can access to MSDN, VLSC (Volume Licensing Service center) for download. Windows Server 2016 brings a series of new

SQL Server 2016 new features-built-in temporal Tables

similar to modifying the mechanism, that is, the main table deletes the row records, but the history table retains a deleted action.A simple test can be done here. Here are a few more test instructions1 If you use merge, then the merge operation will correspond to the above increment/delete/change to maintain the version2 After you have used a version-maintained table, you cannot use the TRUNCATE TABLE operation because the operation does not support3 drop TABLE, you cannot use the drop TABLES

New features for Windows Server 2016-winser2016 activedirectory

previous versions of Windows Server, it is no longer supported to carry a duplicate Windows Server 2003 operating system. Therefore, any domain controller running Windows Server 2003 should be removed from the domain. To a domain controller that should raise at least the domain and forest functional levels of Windows Server

SQL Server 2016 new features: DROP IF EXISTS

Original: SQL Server 2016 new feature: DROP IF EXISTS??When we write T-SQL to delete an object (table, stored procedure, etc.), it is customary to use the IF statement to determine whether the object exists and then drop it, for example:Old version:IF object_id (' dbo. Person ', ' U ') was not a nulldrop table personif EXISTS (SELECT * from sys.objects where name = "person") DROP table personSQL

SQL Server 2016 new features Row-level security (worth paying attention) _mssql

Microsoft Research. 2. Flexible database (Stretch) SQL Server users will be able to dynamically extend data to Microsoft Azure to enhance their performance; 3. Real-time business analysis and online transaction processing in memory (real-time operational Analytics In-memory OLTP) The analysis technology was first introduced in 2014 and has now become more advanced (higher real-time performance); 4, built-in advanced analysis (built-in Advanced

Overview of new features for Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft plans to preview the Exchange Server 2016,ignite assembly for the first time in the first week of May at the Ignite conference, which will be held in Chicago in May 4--8 Day.Now you know that the new features of Exchange Server 2016 are as follows:1, a new approach

Summary of key features of SQL Server 2016 CTP2.3 _mssql

SQL Server 2016 brings a new breakthrough in-memory performance and analytics to achieve mission-critical processing. Comprehensive security features-always Encrypted technology can help protect your data Database Enhancements Row level security has supported in-memory OLTP tables. Users can now implement the Row-level security policy on the memory tuning table

SQL Server 2016 new features: Live Query Statistics

SSMs can provide the ability to view the plans that are being executed. Live query plan can view the execution of a query, from one query plan action to another query plan operation. Live query plan provides overall query run progress and operational level execution statistics, such as the number of rows generated, the time of execution, the progress of the operation, and so on. Because the data is real-time and does not need to wait for the query to complete, these statistics are useful for deb

SQL Server 2016 new features: temporal Table

system_time from CONTAINED in ( Sysstarttime >= start_date_time and SysEndTime Returns a table that contains the values of all row versions opened and closed within the time range defined by the two datetime values of the CONTAINED in parameter. Records that are activated at the lower bound time, or rows that stop active at the upper limit, are included. All All rows Returns the union of the rows that belong to the current table and history tabl

Windows Server 2016 software-defined storage: Key features of Storage Spaces Direct

storage applications.Administrators who plan to experiment with storage Spaces direct need to remember some of these considerations and limitations. For example, storage Spaces direct should be deployed through Windows PowerShell rather than through Server Manager or failover Cluster Manager, although Microsoft may be in storage In future versions of Spaces Direct, management through other platforms is supported.In addition, Storage Spaces Direct doe

SQL Server 2016 new features: In-memory OLTP

TSQL statements are not available in SQL Server 2014 and are now available on 2016: Supports UNIQUE constraints and indexes Support for foreign keys between memory-optimized tables A foreign key can only refer to a primary key and cannot be created with a unique Support for CHECK constraints Non-unique indexes support NULL in key Support for triggers on memor

SQL Server 2016 Shared features directory is not modifiable

XThe PC is not installed MSSQL, previously need to link database write SQL, are in {VS->> view->>sql server Object Explorer} Direct link database for access operation ...But it's really inconvenient. It may also be a personal habit ...So, ready to install the MSSQL again today,XIn fact, all kinds of IDE, and so on, we all use more, install less, after all, install it for a long time ...University installation MSSQL was always stupid to install, and no

SQL Server 2016 new features: database-level configuration

The new ALTER Database SCOPED configuration (Transact-SQL) is used to configure the database-level configuration. This statement can configure the configuration of each database: Cleanup process Cache Set the MAXDOP parameter to configure primary and secondary Set the evaluation mode for the query optimizer Starting and shutting down database-level parameter sniffing Start and close database-level query optimization patches To start and close the identity cache at th

What's new in Windows Server 2016-hyper-v 2016

This article explains the new and changed features of Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016.Compatible with connected standby (new)When you install the Hyper-V role on a computer that uses the always on/always connect (AOAC) power model, the connec

Linux Essentials -06,linux Bash features

[Email protected] ~]# ls/tmp/File-2016-11-15-19-10-06.txt ssh-igeaz44692 testcp T.txtLost+found T1.txt Tmp.txt################################################15,bash Supported QuotesAnti-quote ': command substitutionDouble quotation mark "": Weak referenceSingle quote ': Strong reference################################################16, filename wildcard GLOBBISG*: Any character of any length? : Single arbitrary character[]: matches a single characte

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