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Centos6.0 -- lamp environment construction

1. check whether the environment required to build LAMP has been installed [root @ centos6 ~] # Rpm-qmakegccgcc-c ++ zlib-devellibaio remarks: when installing libpng, zlib-devel is required to install mysql. if it is not installed, yum will install [

Centos6.0 -- lamp Environment Construction

1. Check whether the environment required to build LAMP has been installed.[Root @ centos6 ~] # Rpm-q make gcc-c ++ zlib-devel libaioNote: zlib-devel is required for libpng installation.Libaio is required for mysql installation.2. If not, install

64-bit CentOS 6.0 to build the lamp environment detailed steps _linux

1 . Confirm that the environment required to build the lamp has been installed [ROOT@CENTOS6 ~]# rpm-q make gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel Libaio Note: installation libpng need zlib-devel need Libaio When installing MySQL

Lack of development space Java less than lamp and. NET? __mysql

Does Java have the ability to withstand lamp attacks? or lamp,. NET and Java will be three points in the world? is the former "cool" Java already become obsolete technology? With the rapid development of the Internet open source trend, the global IT

The advantage of counting lamp to see the Web technology regimen _php Tutorial

For the past few years, lamp, representing linux-apache-mysql-php, has been the most popular web development platform, but the new platform is growing and many are dazzling. We can't help but wonder, is lamp still the most popular choice for web

Looking at the advantages of LAMP-how to improve Web technology-PHP Tutorial

The advantages of LAMP depend on how Web technologies are developed. In the past few years, LAMP, which represents Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, has always been the most popular Web development platform, but the number of new platforms has gradually

What is lamp?

Introduction to "lamp": lamp combination Unstoppable Two years after the market share of the highest release time: 2006-9-27 15:52 Author: Shi Zhijun information Source: Phpchina In 1998, Michael Kunze wrote the term "LAMP" for the German computer

LAMP must be the most popular tool for Web development (1)

  Figure-LAMP LAMPRequiredWeb DevelopmentThe most popular tool, LAMP, which represents Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, has been the most popular Web development platform in the past few years, but new platforms such as Ruby on Rails and ASP. NET and J2EE

Install LAMP in source code in CentOS 6.2

Install LAMP in source code in CentOS 6.2 Purpose Install LAMP in source code mode. Major software version information Linux: CentOS 6.2 32 Apache: 2.2.29 MySQL: 5.6.22 PHP: 5.2.17 Instructions for use All source code packages and one-click

UBUNTU Lightweight One-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin

UBUNTU Easy one-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin Wangking wrote This article goes from Afar Blog: ? PHP Development and server

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