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SQL Server Maintenance Plans Maintenance plan

Server Maintenance plans that are automatically performed on a regular basis: Rebuilds the index with the new fill (duty) factor to reorganize the data on the data and index pages. This ensures that database pages contain equally distributed data

SQL Server maintenance plan

Scheduled maintenance plans: Use the New fill (empty) factor to rebuild the index to restructure the data and the data on the index page. This ensures that the database page contains equally distributed data and available space, which allows for

Use SQL Server maintenance plan to implement scheduled automatic backups of the database

In SQL Server, for data security reasons, you need to back up the database on a regular basis. While the backup database is usually in the early hours of the basic no database operation, so we can not ask the administrator every day to the night 1 o'

24th/24 weeks Database maintenance (DB maintenance)

Wow, it's a fleeting! Welcome back to the last issue of performance Tuning training . Today I'll talk more about database maintenance in SQL Server, especially index maintenance operations, and how to do database maintenance.Index MaintenanceAs a

SQL Server 2005 Database Maintenance plan

Starting this week to ease work pressure. Start using Database maintenance plans (SQL Server Maintenance plan Wizard) to maintain the database, since it has not previously been used, in the personal use of the free version (Express) does not have

The essential interview essence of Linux operation and maintenance job

1. What is operation and maintenance? What is Game ops?1) operation and maintenance refers to the large-scale organization has established a good network hardware and software to maintain, is to ensure that the business of the line and operation of

Spring Consolidated JMS (message middleware)

First, the message asynchronous processingSimilar to remote method calls such as RMI, Hessian, burlap, and so on, they are all synchronous, so-called synchronous calls that the client must wait for the operation to complete, and if the remote

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-30. Microsoft SQL Server Management

30. Microsoft SQL Server ManagementAutomatic Setting of SQL ServerDatabase Maintenance PlanSummaryUsing appropriate settings and performing routine maintenance tasks in the database is the key to optimizing the server. This chapter describes the

Open Source Message middleware DOTNETMQ

Since this open source project is very helpful for my middleware rookie, I translate the official documentation as follows:IntroductionIn this article, I'll introduce a new and independent Open Source Message Queue system that is entirely built I N

The essence of Message Queuing design is basically hidden in this article.

Today there are many mainstream information middleware, such as veteran activemq, RabbitMQ, Hot Kafka, Alibaba Self-developed notify, Metaq, ROCKETMQ and so on. This article does not cover all of these Message Queuing features, but rather explores

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