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Hyperledger Fabric (iii)-Fabric-sdk-java

Prerequisites JDK 1.8+ Apache Maven idea/eclipse Prerequisites 2.2 Download Project $ git clone Https:// 2.3 Import Project IntelliJ idea: Use MAVEN project to import projects, import dependencies.Eclipse: See fabric-sdk-java/docs/ecl

Hyperledger Fabric FABRIC-JAVA-SDK test Environment integration

Copyright Notice: Blog Article copyright owners all, without authorization, prohibit reprint, reprint please specify the source installation Environment installation JDK Download URL: Download jdk-8u151-macosx-x64.dmg install to PC install maven Download URL: https://maven.apache.

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

Software Components for common microservices architectures:Docker (Mature application)Spring Boot% Spring Cloud (technology trends)Service Fabric (behind a rising star is the driver of Microsoft Cloud)The four common microservices architectures are Zeroc Icegrid, Spring Cloud, Message Queuing and Docker Swarm.The actual production is mostly a combination of pattern applications such as best practice Spring

Hyperledger/fabric Sdk-java Compilation

Fabric-sdk-java build and compile (this article is based on 1.0.1 version) 1, install jdk1.8 and above version 2, download Fabric-sdk-java GitHub address: Https://

How to install the service Fabric for Windows cluster in the on-premises data center

add the sfadmin to the local Administrators group of the cluster machine Create a machine group (global security Group) in the domain, such as: Sfnodes, add all the cluster machines to this group Although it is possible to run a service fabric installation package on a cluster machine, I recommend using a single machine. Preparation of the operating machine: You can use the following oper

Fabric-sdk-java source MAVEN Project Environment build

1. Download the source code through git Https:// 2. Extract and import into Eclipse Attention to environmental needs: Jdk1.8,eclipse try to use the latest version If you import, there is a bomb box error: Failed to read the project description file (. Project) for ' Fabric-

Using Service Fabric to carry eShop On Containers, eshopcontainers

be too complex, as long as the ServiceManifest of Catalog microserivce is configured. xm and ApplicationManifest. after the xml file, we can configure other services one by one in the same way, and then we can configure the Service Fabric Publish to the Cluster. Service Fabric automatically runs the Pull Image on the

Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric

Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric official blog published a Service Fabric blog on November 3.24. net sdk goes open so

Kubernetes deployment of Super Ledger fabric block chain is the service (2)

Pictured in San Francisco Pier 7:coit Tower The last time we introduced the Kubernetes deployment Fabric (clickable) of the overall architecture and network, storage planning, this issue is serialized second, detailing the deployment tool design details, including template customization and configuration settings. A PDF version of this method is attached. 3. Description and use of the source code 3.1 Environment Preparation Assume that the K8s pla

Unable to apply SQL Server run MSDE Service Pack to MSDE instance installed by the. NET Framework SDK 1.0

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net provides two MSDE installers. One is provided with the regular Visual Studio .Net installer, which creates an instance of SQL called MSSQL$VSdotNET. Another MSDE installer is provided with the .Net Framework SDK, which creates an instance of SQL called MSSQL$NetSDK. This update is intended only for machines that have an instance of MSSQL$NetSDK installed. To check if an MSSQL$NetSDK instance exists on your machine, use Wi

Scjp, scwcd, Oca, OCP | download Java ee 5 SDK

wocould you say to them? This is not your father's J2EE! If you were scared off of J2EE because it seemed too complex, it's time to take another look. if you 've been attracted to alternative technologies such as spring and hibernate, you'll find yourself of the good ideas from those technologies in Java ee 5. Take a look at Java ee 5, you'll be amazed at how easy it is. Try it out!Get started with the Java ee 5 Platform Preview:

Android SDK Manager Google Apis Download

The intention is to use Google's GCM to install Android push function, unfortunately,Google seems to have stopped providing services to the domestic, or the domestic want to continue to use GoogleThe service became almost impossible for the time being. After looking for a proxy to download the Google ADT,Open the SDK manager inside and find out how long it has be

What exactly does the SDk manager have to download?

Reprinted from: The tools directory is compile-related, which version you want to use; Then Android M, Android 5.1.1 These are the SDK, you need to use which version, the SDK Platform download it. Documentation for SDK, Samples for

Android SDK Download Slow solution (simple to use proxy)

The students who believe in Android development. The problem that must be met is that Google often collapses, but the beginning of learning. We also have to use the Android SDK, (a few grams in size), usually after we've loaded ADT (assuming you're using eclipse.) Android Studio doesn't need to be. ), we need to open the SDK Manager to download some tools for the

WebOS 2.1 SDK officially provides download and release of many new features

The R D and promotion process after Hp absorbed Palm is on the right track. In the past month, HP has released webOS 2.1 OS updates to users of Palm Plus and Palm 2. However, the SDK for the system is still in the "Early Access program" confidential by NDA and is only available to a few developers. Last weekend, HP finally announced that the webOS 2.1 SDK is open for all developers. Major updates to web

Android-uses the Ring letter SDK to develop instant messaging (with source download) _android

Recently, the integration of real-time chat in the project, pick and choose, the final choice of the Ring Letter SDK for development, the main reason to choose the ring letter is the interface is convenient, concise, explain the document clear and understandable. The documentation has Android, IOS, and backend server, or it's very full. Ring Letter Official Website: The purpose of this article is to explain how the ring lette

ArcGIS runtime SDK for Android development-calling GP Service (asynchronous call)

I. background description By calling the GP service, the android client can also implement professional and complex GIS analysis and processing functions to increase the practical value of applications. The GP Service released by ArcGIS Server is divided into two types: synchronous and asynchronous. Generally, GP services with many execution steps and long elapsed time adopt asynchronous methods, services w

How to build a P2P download service in Linux

Tutorial on how to build a P2P download service in a Linux environment-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. The P2P protocols in Linux mainly include BitTorrent, aMule, and Gnutella. This article describes how to build a P2P service in the Redhat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 environment.

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