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Hyperledger Fabric (iii)-Fabric-sdk-java

First, the Fabric SDK The latest official document for Hyperledger fabric (V1.1.0-preview), the description of the Fabric SDK is still poor, just a few simple descriptions, plus two GitHub links: Fabric-

Hyperledger Fabric FABRIC-JAVA-SDK test Environment integration

Copyright Notice: Blog Article copyright owners all, without authorization, prohibit reprint, reprint please specify the source installation Environment installation JDK Download URL: Download jdk-8u151-macosx-x64.dmg install to PC install maven Download URL: Extract to/users/fujinliang/documents/environment Open terminal , modify. BASHRC VI ~/.BASHRC Add the following code

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

Software Components for common microservices architectures:Docker (Mature application)Spring Boot% Spring Cloud (technology trends)Service Fabric (behind a rising star is the driver of Microsoft Cloud)The four common microservices architectures are Zeroc Icegrid, Spring Cloud, Message Queuing and Docker Swarm.The actual production is mostly a combination of pattern applications such as best practice Spring

Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK for Go

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK for Go Go get-u Document Https://

Build a RESTful API to use the fabric Node SDK to get to the outset

In Balance-transfer, there are examples of the node SDK being quite complete.The official documentation for the SDK is here: configuration item in the Balance-transfer is ready, and if you need to regenerate the artifacts, make sure to modify the corresponding changes after the bu

Hyperledger/fabric Sdk-java Compilation

Fabric-sdk-java build and compile (this article is based on 1.0.1 version) 1, install jdk1.8 and above version 2, download Fabric-sdk-java GitHub address: Https:// 3. Import into Eclipse to

Fabric-sdk-java source MAVEN Project Environment build

1. Download the source code through git Https:// 2. Extract and import into Eclipse Attention to environmental needs: Jdk1.8,eclipse try to use the latest version If you import, there is a bomb box error: Failed to read the project description file (. Project) for ' Fabric-sdk-java

Using Service Fabric to carry eShop On Containers, eshopcontainers

be too complex, as long as the ServiceManifest of Catalog microserivce is configured. xm and ApplicationManifest. after the xml file, we can configure other services one by one in the same way, and then we can configure the Service Fabric Publish to the Cluster. Service Fabric automatically runs the Pull Image on the

How to install the service Fabric for Windows cluster in the on-premises data center

add the sfadmin to the local Administrators group of the cluster machine Create a machine group (global security Group) in the domain, such as: Sfnodes, add all the cluster machines to this group Although it is possible to run a service fabric installation package on a cluster machine, I recommend using a single machine. Preparation of the operating machine: You can use the following oper

Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric

Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric official blog published a Service Fabric blog on November 3.24. net sdk goes open so

Fabric Source Parsing 13--peer's BCCSP service

Fabric Source Parsing 13--peer's BCCSP service General topics of cryptography Encryption involves the content is very complex, is a highly professional discipline. I have not specifically learned, here is just a little bit about the BCCSP services involved in the fur: RSA-an asymmetric encryption algorithm for encryption. There are several ethnic clusters, such as rsa1024,rsa2048. AES-a block encryption a

Fabric Source parsing 12--peer MSP Service

Fabric Source Parsing 12--peer MSP service MSP is the abbreviation for Membership service Provider , and the personal custom is a member relationship service provider . The role is similar to having a large number of participants in a running fabric system network, in order

Fabric Source Analysis 6--grpc Service __fabric

Fabric Source Analysis 6–GRPC Service GRPC Introduction GRPC is a multilingual open-source RPC technology developed by Google, which is used in fabric to implement remote calls between client and server. For example, the client defines an RPC service and generates the client code and the server-side code, and then ru

Creating service-oriented flexible business solutions with WebSphere Business Services fabric (1)

method of implementing a car loan processing system using static, hard-coded service bindings and process flow control logic, and compare this method with the Business services Fabric approach, in which you will use a generalized process model and a policy-driven dynamic business service assembly. You will also examine the Business services

fabirc1.0 Commercial official version Source resolution 12--peer MSP Service __ block chain Fabric

MSP is the abbreviation of Membership service provider, the personal custom literal translation is the member relation service provider. The role is similar to having a large number of participants in a running fabric system network, which is designed to manage these participants, identify who is qualified, who are ineligible, maintain the rights of one participa

Creating service-oriented flexible business solutions with WebSphere Business Services Fabric (2)

This article supporting source code Introduction Part 2nd of this series describes the requirements that we will build and deploy in the WebSphere Process Server V6.1 to interact with the WebSphere Business Services fabric (hereinafter called fabric). This application simulates a car loan acquisition system that accepts user information and responds with approval or rejection of a loan request. You will l

Kubernetes deployment of Super Ledger fabric block chain is the service (2)

The CLI pod template, each organization with a CLI pod, is designed to provide a command-line interface to unify all peer within the organization, including channel creation, Chaincode installation, and so on. The default value of the CORE_PEER_ADDRESS environment variable for the CLI Pod is the first PEER in Org, which can be connected to different PEER by modifying the environment variable. The command in the Yaml file is to prevent the CLI pod from automatically exiting, and the default wo

Hyperledger Fabric Sorting Service core principle and working process

Hyperledger source code Analysis of Fabric The sorting service plays a very central role in the Super Ledger Fabric network. All transactions need to be sorted globally before they are sent to committer for validation acceptance. In the current architecture, the function of the sorting service is extracted, as a separa

Cluster configuration for Hyperledger fabric sorting service

bringing up a kafka-based ordering Service The sorting service needs to handle all transaction messages in the FABIRC network, which is the key to the whole network. Fabric currently (2018/01) supports two types of sorting: Solo and Kafka. In the generation environment, the Orderer node needs to be sorted by the Kafka cluster to improve its reliability. This art

Unable to apply SQL Server run MSDE Service Pack to MSDE instance installed by the. NET Framework SDK 1.0

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net provides two MSDE installers. One is provided with the regular Visual Studio .Net installer, which creates an instance of SQL called MSSQL$VSdotNET. Another MSDE installer is provided with the .Net Framework SDK, which creates an instance of SQL called MSSQL$NetSDK. This update is intended only for machines that have an instance of MSSQL$NetSDK installed. To check if an MSSQL$NetSDK instance exists on your machine, use Wi

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