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Shell implementation of Iptables management script sharing _linux Shell

The previous script is in save mode, now attach the command to a file, so that it can be easily modified two times or somethingThe script is basically like this, we can change with their situation again ~ add function or something.

Use shell scripts to add or delete the iptables command

Previously, the script used the save mode. Now, the command is appended to a file. In this way, you can easily modify the script for another time, you can change it as needed ~ Add functions or something. #! /Bin/bashwhiletruedoclearecho "-----------

Use shell scripts to add or delete the iptables command

Previously, the script used the save mode. Now, the command is appended to a file. In this way, you can easily modify the file twice. The script is basically like this. You can modify it as needed ~ Add functions or something. #! /Bin/bashwhile

Shell simple iptables script Management

#! /Bin/bashwhile ["1" = "1"] doclearecho "------------------------ menu --------------------" Echo "(1) service iptables restart" Echo "(2) iptables Add "Echo" (3) iptables Delete "Echo" (4) iptables stop "Echo" (5) iptables save (remember to save

Study with me in linux 9

Learn linux with me 9-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Study with me in linux 9 Firewall Configuration and nat address translation 1. [root @ zy root] # iptables-a input-p

Deploy Keepalived + LVS in CentOS to build a highly available WEB environment

Deploy Keepalived + LVS in CentOS to build a highly available WEB environment I. Experiment deployment Software List CentOS 6.4X64 mini Keepalived-1.2.7.tar.gz Ipvsadm 1.2.5-10 Ii. Tutorial Purpose Keepalived is used to implement a cluster

Linux iptable Firewall disable and open port __linux

Linux iptable firewall block and open ports Source: Evaluation: 1, close all the INPUT FORWARD OUTPUT only to some ports open. Here is the command implementation: Iptables-p INPUT

Enable Firewall in centos 5.6

Centos 5.6 can open the firewall normally through the interface, but it is often ineffective when you use commands to open the firewall. Currently, it is always possible that the parameters are incorrect. I reorganized the two methods and wrote down

Rsync file synchronization

Summary from the book "Linux O & M path" by Ding yiming Rsync (Remote Sync) is a magic data image backup software on the UNIX platform. Differential Backup Based on data changes to reduce traffic and improve work efficiency. Rsync uses the tcp873

Firewall iptables settings

A Tomcat is mounted on the server. After specifying the port number, I will start accessing it! The company imposes limits on the RedHat port! Use iptables to view firewall settings: shell code iptables-nl I need a port 8880, it seems that it cannot

Putty Key Verification Login

Configuration method:1. Use Puttygen to generate public and private keys under putty2. Create the. SSH directory under the/root/directory3. Create a Authorized_keys file in the. ssh directory and copy the generated public key into the file;4. Change

Use iptables to configure linux to prohibit all ports from logging on and opening specified ports

1. Disable all input forward output and only open it to some ports.The following is a command implementation: Iptables-P INPUT DROPIptables-P FORWARD DROPIptables-P OUTPUT DROP Run the command iptables-L-n to check whether the settings are

How to disable ports and open ports through iptables

1. disable all INPUTFORWARDOUTPUT to open only some ports. The following is the command implementation: iptables-PINPUTDROPiptables-PFORWARDDROPiptables-POUTPUTDROP and then use the command iptables-L-n to check whether the settings are correct. you

Configure the firewall and nat forwarding service in CentOS

Today, I got a new server, used as a stepping stone, and pasted and copied the previous Code. As a result, there was a problem and I couldn't forward it, Beth was not clear, so I had to find it a little later. First, find the network, No network

Cluster Foundation (IV): Create a RHCS clustered environment, create a highly available Apache service

First, create a RHCS cluster environmentGoal:Prepare four KVM VMS, three as cluster nodes, one for installing Luci and configuring iSCSI storage services for the following functions: Use RHCS to create a cluster named Tarena All nodes

How to Install Apache SOLR 4.5 on CentOS 6.4

by Shay Anderson on October 2013Knowledge Base/Linux/How-to- Install Apache SOLR 4.5 on CentOS 6.4 In this tutorial I explain how to install the Apache SOLR 4.5 on CentOS 6.4. The examples below I am using the root user, if you is not your would

Network Security: Experience Sharing-customized Linux transparent Firewall

Generally, the two network interfaces of the firewall should belong to two different networks. According to the access rules defined by the system administrator, the two interfaces should forward data packets or reject or discard data packets. In

CentOS Firewall with some of its rule settings

Start: Data sources online search, organized into their own notes formI. iptables check of service status:Command: Service iptables statusScenario 1: The Firewall service is installed but not yet running[Email protected] ~]# service iptables

Vagrant Knowledge Base

Copyright notice: When reproduced, please indicate the original source and author information and this statement in the form of hyperlinks. Let virtualization technology come close to the ordinary home. Down-to-earth,

Iptables configuration in centos allows remote MySQL access

Abstract: By default, the iptables information filtering system is installed in centos. Currently, You need to configure the system to allow remote access to MySQL.   Related Knowledge: Iptables Problems 1. iptables service/etc/init.

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