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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 Build 8013 Multiple xss defects and repair

========================================================== ====================================Secur-I Research Group Security Advisory [SV-2011-003]========================================================== ====================================Title: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 Build 8013 Multiple Persistence Cross Site Scripting VulnerabilitiesProduct: ServiceDes

Application of ServiceDesk Plus ticket API------Convert mail to service class

Application of ServiceDesk plus ticket APIConvert mail to service classIn event management, SDP can quickly establish incident ticket through the web, mail, etc., but the function of creating work order by mail, cannot use the service catalog template, cannot implement approval process. This article will show you how to convert your received mail ticket to a service ticket in SDP to meet the needs of busine

Does Apple iPhone7 support fast charging? Does iPhone 7 Plus support fast charging?

million + 12 million megapixel camera battery capacity no announcement (claiming 2 hours more than iphone6s) Network format full-netcom (single card, support VoLTE) Operating system IOS 10 official edition fuselage Dimensions 138.3x67.1x7.1mm (138g) body color rose gold, gold, silver, black, bright black reference price 5388 yuan/61

PHP Plus Watermark Code support text and image Watermark _php Tutorial

PHP plus picture watermark, Text watermark Class code, PHP plus watermark class, support the text image watermark Transparency settings, watermark picture background transparent. Write a class of their own, because the development of a set of CMS to use, the total feeling of the internet is not comfortable, I hope you also like this class, followed by the use of

ManageEngine Support Center Plus version 7903 and multiple defects

Title: ManageEngine Support Center Plus Author: Robert 'xistence 'van Hamburg (xistence : Http:// site: Versions: 7903 and earlierTest Syst

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