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Describe the role of cookies and sessions, the differences and their respective ranges of application, how cookies, session work

The difference between a cookie mechanism and a session mechanismIn particular, the cookie mechanism uses a scheme that maintains state on the client, while the session mechanism uses a scenario that maintains state on the server side.At the same

PHP Session control: Session and Cookie details

This article mainly introduces PHP Session control: Session and Cookie Details. This article describes Session and Cookie related knowledge in PHP in detail and covers a wide range of topics, for more information about PHP session control, see the

Full parsing of Java cookies (mechanism and principle of session and cookie)

Http://   Abstract: Although the session mechanism has been adopted in Web applications for a long time, many people still do not know the nature of the session mechanism, and even cannot correctly

Parsing the cookies and session functions in the YII framework of PHP _php tips

Sessions Similar to requests and responses, the default is to access sessions by using the session application component for the Yii\web\session instance. Open and Close Sessions You can use the following code to turn the session on and off.

Some understanding of the session and cookies

The difference between cookie mechanism and session mechanism*************************************************************************************Specifically, the cookie mechanism is a scheme for maintaining state on the client side, and the

[Determine user logon] is the PHP process correct? Query data inventory cookies every time

[Determine user logon] is the PHP process correct? Every time I query the data inventory COOKIE, I make my own PHP to determine whether the user is logged on: [Process] 1. First, determine whether there is a cookie ('uid') & cookie ('uid'). If no

Detailing the difference between cookies and session

Bloggers said : In this article, the main introduction of the cookie mechanism and session mechanism, and focus on the difference between the two, hoping to help you have a more in-depth cookie and session of a better understanding. Body Cookie

PHP Session Control: Session and Cookie Details _php instances

This article introduced the PHP session control, mainly elaborated the following several things: • Background/concept of Session controlMaintenance and life cycle of • Cookies (effective time)Maintenance and life cycle of session (recovery

Cookies and session

Session tracking is a common technique used in Web programs to track a user's entire session . Common session tracking techniques are cookies and sessions. The cookie determines the user's identity by logging information on the client , and

PHP Basic Tutorial 17 Session technology cookies, sessions

Objective We use PHP to develop the background, we need to save some of the data, and we usually do is to save the database, but sometimes we do not need to save in the database, such as when we log on to the Web page, the site to show the last

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