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QT New Process working directory settings (working directory is actually inherited by the quilt process, but can also be set)

After a trial, QT initiates a new process, the working directory of the process is inherited from the parent process, either through start or startdetached.In fact, for the Linux system, the QT bottom should also call fork, exec and other functions,

Set the default working path for VIM and do not conflict with the directory where the currently edited file is located for the current working path

Problem:The directory in which vim automatically sets the currently edited file does not conflict with the current working path, but when Vim creates a new file, the working path automatically switches the cache path.How to make a file available

Process working directory in JVM (Java Virtual machine) tutorial

Every time we run our Java program with a Java command, will open a process in the JVM, for each process, there will be a corresponding working directory, the working directory is set up when the virtual machine initialization, by default, the

VS working directory, output directory

By default, the "Output directory" and "Output file" two properties corresponding to the directory is the same, it is convenient (of course, the output file value in the output directory based on the value of the EXE file name is also included). If

Eclipse working directory destroyed, causing Eclipse to open

Since the development tools of Visual Studio have been used before, the eclipse tools of Java are unfamiliar, and in the process of using eclipse, some files of the working directory are mistakenly deleted, resulting in the next time Eclipse is

Gopath and working directory of Go language

This article mainly introduces the Gopath and working directory of Go language, this article explained in detail the Gopath settings, application directory structure, compile applications and other content, the need for friends can refer to the

Configuration and role of Visual Studio 2012 environment variables, working directory, VC + + directories, commands, etc.

When you debug a Visual Studio 212 program, there are often dynamic link libraries (that is, DLL files) that need to be loaded into the project in order to rely on third-party libraries for program debugging.These dynamic-link libraries, which are

SVN path is not a working Copy directory solution

Baidu is a lot of ways to solve the path is not a working copy directory, the only way to find a good solution is B9AFF86D17D6F61CA1CF0FCB this way of saying, Create a folder in another directory, then cheakout out

SVN's understanding of repository, working directory

The server environment is basically well, ready to start the project environment, the successor project will enter the model of team development, must have a version of the management tools. And for version management tools, I do not know much,

Softlink invoke and working directory problems of Linux shell programming

Softlink is also called symbolic link, the equivalent of a "shortcut", by Ln–s sourcefile distinctionfile (ln–s TARGET link_name) created, the existence of the connection file makes the file system simplified, Users are more convenient to operate.

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