setting property has only getter

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"JS Authoritative Guide Learning Summary--6.6 Property getter and Setter"

Content Highlights:I. Object propertiesObject properties are composed of a name, a value, and a set of attributes. In ES5, a property value can be substituted by one or two methods, both getter and setter. Properties defined by getter and setter are

Setter Getter and properties

I. General wording of setter and getterSetter and getter can be said to be a class of the most basic things, any object-oriented language, there is this concept, C + +, Java and so on. Because setter and getter are the most basic support for

Objective-C setter, the relationship between getter and instance variables, attributes, and point syntax

When setter, Getter, In oC, the method for assigning Zhi to the instance variable is called setter) The method used to read the instance variable value is called getter) The value assignment methods we wrote earlier can be called setter and

Custom class property settings and internal implementations of setter and Getter methods

A property is one embodiment of encapsulation in an object-oriented language, and setting a property in a custom class is equivalent to defining a private variable, a setter method, and an accessor (getter method), where the definition of the

Introduction to setter and getter methods in JavaScript

This article mainly introduces related information about the setter and getter methods in JavaScript, which is very good and has reference value, for more information, see the setter and getter methods in javascript. They are not standard methods,

Introduction to _javascript techniques in JavaScript setter and Getter methods

JavaScript in the setter, getter is the usual method of less contact, which itself is not a standard method, only in non-IE browser support (ie kernel may have other ways to do it?) For the time being, but there are many things you can do with it,

Getter and setter methods for attributes in JavaScript objects __java

The properties of a JavaScript object consist of a name, a value, and a set of attributes (writable, enumerable, configurable, and so on). In ECMAScript 5, property values can be replaced by one or two methods, which are getter and setter. var myobj

Explanation of Objective-c @ property in IOS development (38)

Many netizens have been confused about the use of the Property in my translation tutorial. They do not know when to release or when to use self. xxx = nil; the memory management rules for Objective-c and cocos2d are not clear enough. This article

Give an example to explain the usage of @property attribute in Objective-c _ios

As a friend of C + + has learned, when we define Struct/class, if we set the Access qualifier (public,protected,private) to public, then we can access the data members directly from the. Like what In Test.h class Test {public : int i;

Characteristics of Python (property)

From: (property)An attribute is an interception of a particular property of a class that, when manipulated, performs a specific function to intercept the operation of the

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