setting up mail on android

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Android uses JavaMail to send mail

Javamail-android Configuration steps: Download Android version JavaMail packs, Additional.jar, Mail.jar and Activation.jar, download address javamail-android Under the same directory level as SRC, create a new folder Lib to put the downloaded 3

Several ways to send Android mail

Send mail in Android I've probably found 3 of them, the code is as followsPackage Src.icetest; Import org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException; Import Org.apache.commons.mail.HtmlEmail; Import; Import android.content.Intent;

How to send mail using the Java Mail API in Android

Recently, considering adding a user feedback function to an existing application, users can feedback the user's opinions and suggestions and the problems of the program in a way that is more in line with the user's habit. There are also some

Android Open source Tools project collection

Recently, because of going to the outside, 工欲善其事, its prerequisite! So it's also a review of the items on GitHub that I've collected, so I know it's a bit warm.The most popular Android components encyclopediaHttp://

More beautiful and better use the full interpretation of the android 2.0 System (set chart)

Mobile China:In October 28, it was another day worth the android mystery. Google officially launched the android 2.0 system SDK (software development kit, used by developers to debug the system ), this will be the increasingly popular gphone, and

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Android security recommendations

Original address: security policies built into the Android system can effectively reduce the security problems of the application. So the application created by default already

Intent idiom _android in Android

Intent in Android is a very important class, and if you're not particularly knowledgeable about intent, see "How to use intent in Android." If you are not particularly familiar with intent filter, see "Detailed Android Intent object and Intent

Detailed explanation of Android Network Development Technology

Details on Android Network Development TechnologyBasic InformationAuthor: Zhu GuiyingSeries name: Android mobile Development Technology seriesPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121173493Mounting time:Published on: February 1, August 2012Start:

Android version History major changes (version1.5-->4.0) Comprehensive collation

Android1.5  (cupcake)    based on Linux Kernel 2.6.27         2009 April 30, Official 1.5 version (cupcake) of Android released. [14] [15] Major updates are as follows:         shoot/play videos, and support for uploading to YouTube        support

Android component communication-Intent

1. Overview One applicationProgramThree core components --Activities,Services,Broadcast ReceiversAll are activated through messages called intents. Intent messages are a mechanism for delayed runtime binding between components in the same or

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